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VITEEE Cut Off 2018, Closing Rank for VIT University


VITEEE Cut off is the closing rank for admission to various undergraduate engineering programs in the Chennai and Vellore campuses of VIT University. It must be noted that the University does not declare any official VITEEE Cutoff. However, it is just the closing rank considered for admission on the basis of VITEEE

viteee 2017 cutoff

  • VITEEE 2018 will be conducted from in April 2018 in online mode.
  • VITEEE Result is expected to be out in April 2018 at the official website.
  • Examinees in the top merit (from 1 to 20,000) will be called for participating in VITEEE Counselling.
  • The counselling for VITEEE is conducted on the basis of Rank Lists which are prepared as per the candidate’s percentile score in the examination.
  • Therefore, the closing rank for a particular B.Tech branch in the first phase can be termed as the VITEEE Cut off for that particular branch.

Candidates can check the expected rank range on the basis of their percentile scores as well as previous years’ closing rank for admission to various branches of UG engineering programs.

Check  Branch-wise seat matrix of Vellore Campus

VITEEE Cut off 2018

  • The first 20,000 rank holders will be called for Phase-1 of counselling starting from May 2018. 
  • VIT University uses equating methodology for calculating candidate’s marks.
  • Candidates who score 118 and above marks will expectantly fall between 1-250 rank range.
  • Candidates with less than 31 marks will have an expected rank of 20,000 or below.
  • Refer to the below graph and table to know about VITEEE Cutoff 2017. This will help give you a fair idea about the expected VITEEE Cut off 2018.


Marks Obtained in VITEEE 2017Expected Rank Range
118 +250-1
113 — 117500 -250
90 — 1132,500 - 501
81 — 905,000 -2,501
72 — 815,001 - 6,500
60 — 726,501 - 8,500
43 — 608,501 - 11,000
31 — 4315,001 -20,000
Less than 3120,000

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How is VITEEE Cut off Calculated?

  • An equating method is used to calculate the rank of the candidates in the entrance exam for VITEEE 2018.
  • It will be based on percentile method which is that the students obtaining equal percentile in the different test forms will be considered at the same rank.
  • The score obtained in different slots with the same percentile will be considered to be same.
  • Students need to know that the VITEEE cut off will not be applicable to the requirement of qualifying marks which you need, to be able to clear the entrance exam.
  • VIT appoints a panel which decides the admission and counselling of students.
  • This is a panel of experts, who will decide VITEEE cut off on the basis of the number of received applications, the number of students who actually appeared for the exam and the number of seats which will be available for each course and the average performance given by the students in the entrance exam.

Check VITEEE Cutoff 2016 

VITEEE Previous Years Branch-Wise and Campus-Wise Closing Rank

  • VIT University will calculate the percentile rank of the candidate based on the application form the candidates.
  • For different application forms, same percentile score will equivalent for all branch of the engineering.
  • Below is the VITEEE 2016 Branch and Campus Wise Closing Rank for the Engineering Branch candidates.

VIT University, Vellore

  • Candidates securing a rank between 7500- 27500 will be eligible for admissions in Vellore campus.
  • The closing rank for Computer Science and Engineering (with Bioinformatics as specialization) went up till 7500 while for Computer Science and Engineering, it went up till 15000.
  • Candidates can refer to the below table to know more about the closing ranks in Vellore campus of VIT. 
CampusEngineering BranchClosing Rank
VIT University, VelloreComputer Science and Engg. (Specialization in Bioinformatics)7500
VIT University, VelloreBio Medical Engineering13000
VIT University, VelloreBiotechnology13500
VIT University, VelloreCivil Engineering14300
VIT University, VelloreComputer Science and Engineering15000
VIT University, VelloreElectronics and Communication Engineering15500
VIT University, VelloreElectrical and Electronics Engineering16000
VIT University, VelloreElectronics and Instrumentation Engineering16500
VIT University, VelloreInformation technology17000
VIT University, VelloreMechanical Engineering19000
VIT University, VelloreMechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engineering)20000
VIT University, VelloreMechanical (Spec. in Chemical process Engineering)23000
VIT University, VelloreMechanical (Spec. in Energy Engineering)25000
VIT University, VelloreProduction and Industrial Engg.27500
VIT University, VelloreECE (Spec.Internet of Things and Sensor)14800
VIT University, VelloreComp.Science Engg.( Information Security)7500

VIT University, Chennai

  • Candidates securing a rank between 29000-39500 will be eligible for admissions in Chennai campus.
  • The closing rank for Civil Engineering will be near 29000 while for Mechanical, it will be around 39500. 
  • Candidates can refer to the below table to know more about the closing ranks in Chennai campus of VIT. 
CampusEngineering BranchClosing rank
VIT University, ChennaiCivil Engineering29000
VIT University, ChennaiComputer Science and Engineering33000
VIT University, ChennaiElectronics and Communication Engineering39000
VIT University, ChennaiElectrical and Electronics Engineering39000
VIT University, ChennaiMechanical Engineering39500
VIT University, ChennaiFashion Technology55000
VIT University, ChennaiElectronics and Computer Engineering42000

VITEEE Cutoff 2016 Campus-wise Closing Rank

  • In 2016, the closing rank for Bioinformatics was 7500 and 27500 for Production and Industrial Engg. in VIT’s Vellore campus.
  • As for the Chennai campus, the closing rank for Civil Engg. was 29000 and 39500 for Mechanical Engg.
  • Check the below images for all closing ranks in VIT Vellore and VIT Chennai Campus in the year 2016. 

VITEEE Cutoff 2017

Read about Branch Wise Seat Matrix of Vellore Campus

VITEEE 2015 Cut Off 

Mentioned below is the branch wise cut off for VITEEE 2015. It will give you a fair idea about the cut off ranks corresponding to a particular branch. Last year for Vellore Campus, Computer Science & Engineering was the most preferred one.

Vellore Campus

BranchCut off Rank
Computer Science and Engineering8,100
Electrical and Electronics Engineering6,600
Electronics and Communication Engineering5,600
Mechanical Engineering7,100
Civil Engineering9,000
Chemical Engineering11,200
Information Technology10,000
Biomedical Engineering15,000
Production and Industrial Engineering8,000
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering18500
Mechanical (Spec. in Automotive Engineering)12300
Mechanical (Spec. in Energy Engineering)20000

Chennai Campus

Computer Science and Engineering10,500
Electrical and Electronics Engineering6,500
Electronics and Communication Engineering6,500
Mechanical Engineering9,000
Civil Engineering11,000

The above table shows the closing rank of the various branches. The most competitive branch is Electronics and Communication Engineering. Candidates who want to take admission into this branch have to work hard to grab the seat. The least competitive branch can be seen as Biomedical Engineering. The above table will help you in fetching the idea about the competition in the different various branches of engineering.

VITEEE 2015 Seat Intake

Number of Seats in VITEEE Phase-1 Counselling

In the year 2015, the seats available in Vellore campus were 466 for Mechanical Engineering course. Seats available in Chennai campus were also for Mechanical Engg i.e. 292.

 Branch NameVellore Campus SeatsChennai Campus Seats
Group ABiomedical Engineering77-
Chemical Engineering84-
Civil Engineering 269 220269220
Comp.Science Engg.( Bioinfo.)117-
Electrical and Electronics Engg. 224 297224229
Electronics and nstrumentation Engg.76-
Information Technology169-
Mechanical( Chemical Process Engg.)75-
Mechanical( Energy Engg.)128-
Production and Industrial Engg.74-
Group BComputer Science and EngineeringNil208
Electronics and Communication Engg.443290
Mechanical ( Automotive Engg.)43-
VITEEE 2017VITEEE Participating colleges

VITEEE Phase 2 Round of Counselling

In round 2 of VITEEE Counselling 2015, 256 seats were available in Vellore campus for Civil Engg. course. The maximum number of available seats in Chennai campus were 295 for Electrlcal and Electronics Engg.

 Branch NameVellore Campus SeatsChennai Campus Seats
GROUP ABlomedlcalEngineering71-
Chemical Engineering76-
Civil Engineering256219
Comp.Science Engg.(Spec.ln Blo nfo.)104-
Electrlcal and Electronics Engg.191295
Electronlcs and Instrumentation Engg.74-
Mechan cal(Spec.ln Chemlcal Process Engg.)75-
Mechanlcal(Spec.ln Energy Engg.)126-
Production and ndustr al Engg.74-
Computer Science and EngineeringNil-
GROUP BElectronics and Communication Engg.122286
Mechan cal (Spec.In Automotive Engg.)14-
Mechan cal Engineering205285

Number of Seats in VITEEE Phase 2 Counselling

 Branch NameVellore CampusChennai Campus
Group ABiotechnology6AVLAVLAVL----
Chemical EngineeringNilNil35----
Civil EngineeringNil16AVLAVL213AVLAVLAVL
Comp.Science Engg.( Bioinfo.)NilNil9AVL----
Electrical and1 Electronics Engg.NilNilNil38179AVLAVLAVL
Electronics and nstrumentation Engg.NilNil4AVL----
Information TechnologyNilNilNilNil----
Mechanical( Chemical Process Engg.)12--AVL----
Mechanical( Energy Engg.)--8AVL----
Production and ndustrial Engg.52-------
Group BComputer Science and Engineering-------16
Electronics and Communication Engg.---145--49AVL
Mechanical (Spec.inAutomotive Engg.)--------
Mechanical Engineering---154-31AVLAVL


VITEEE General Cut Off 2015

B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore5600
B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringVIT University - Chennai6500
B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringVIT University - Chennai6500
B.Tech Electrical and Electronics EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore6600
B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore7100
B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringVIT University - Chennai9000
B.Tech Industrial & Production EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore8000
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore8100
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringVIT University - Chennai10500
B.Tech Civil EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore9000
B.Tech Civil EngineeringVIT University - Chennai11000
B.Tech Information TechnologyVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore10000
B.Tech BiotechnologyVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore11000
B.Tech Chemical EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore11200
B.Tech BioinformaticsVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore13000
B.Tech Biomedical EngineeringVellore Institute of Technology - [VIT University] - Vellore15000

Note: AI - All India Rank , HS - Home State Rank , OS - Other State Rank ,OR - Opening Rank, CR - Closing Rank

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Sathyam katna

My son got 18484 rank in vit entrance can he get the seat in compueter science vellore campus.he was given counselling date on 12-5-2017

28 Apr, 2017 00:20

Hi Satyam, you may find the details on the colleges based on VITEEE score, please find the link for same

01 May, 2017 16:56


26 Apr, 2017 00:20

Hi Biswajit, to know your result, you need to visit the official website. To catch details on VITEEE Result, please visit the link

28 Apr, 2017 12:39
krishna kumar

i got 12400 rank in VIT examination,,cn i get CSE or IT branch in Velore or chennai

25 Apr, 2017 00:20

Hi Krishna, to get details on the colleges based on your VITEEE score, please find the link

25 Apr, 2017 13:33
snehargho mukherjee

rank 11845 holder can get admission in BTECH-Biotechnology in VIT Vellore?

25 Apr, 2017 00:20

Hi Snehargho, to get details on the colleges based on your VITEEE score, please find the link

25 Apr, 2017 14:18
Boini Shivani

I got 13k rank in vit entrance exam ....What will be the fee structure according to my rank

25 Apr, 2017 00:20

Hi Boini, the fee structure depends on the college. You may get details on the colleges based on your VITEEE score by visiting the link

25 Apr, 2017 14:21

Hello sir I have got 200039 rank in viteee sir can I get admission in vit irrespective of any branch.??

25 Apr, 2017 00:20

H Shika, you may check the details on the colleges based on your VITEEE score, please find the link

25 Apr, 2017 14:23

what does it means CAT.1*, CAT.2*, CAT.3*

24 Apr, 2017 14:28

Hi Sanjay, in VITEEE exam, CAT stands for Category which means Category 1, Category 2 and Category 3.

26 Apr, 2017 14:35
Rohan Kumar

What branch can I get in any vit with a rank of 67234? Please help

24 Apr, 2017 10:28

Hi Rohan,  you may check the details on the colleges based on your VITEEE score by visiting the link

25 Apr, 2017 14:59
Ashish Ratnawat

What will be the expected cut-off rank for CSE in Bhopal campus. Seat Matrix According to seat calculation will help. Please help.

24 Apr, 2017 01:04

Hi Ashish, to get details on the colleges based on your VITEEE score, please find the link

25 Apr, 2017 14:57
Ashutosh Jindal

sir i am not qualified for viteee is their any way to take admission in vit university i am from haryana.

24 Apr, 2017 00:20

Hi Ashutosh, for direct admission, you may contact the admission office of the University on 91-416-220 2157 and Email - 

25 Apr, 2017 14:53
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