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NMAT 2017 Exam Centers

NMAT  is a national level entrance exam for the candidates who aspire to get admission in MBA and other PG level courses. NMAT 2017 is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Aptitude Council). The NMAT 2017 exam is scheduled to be conducted from October 7, 2017. NMAT Registration  has begun from July 4, 2017 and will continue till October 3, 2017.

NMAT 2017 will be conducted in several cities across the nation. Candidates will be asked to fill in their preference for the NMAT 2017 exam center. GMAC, the conducting authority of NMAT 2017 will set up nearly 30 NMAT 2017 exam centers for the convenience of the aspiring candidates.

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Exam Centers For NMAT 2017

NMAT will be conducting from October 7, 2017 to December 20, 2017. GMAC has set up the exam centers in 23 cities with nearly 32 NMAT 2017 exam centers. Candidates can fill in his/her choice for exam center and city while filling the NMAT Application Form. The exam centers for NMAT 2017 will be allotted according to the preference of the candidate. In case of non-allotment of the preferable exam center, GMAC shall allot the center at a nearby center.

Following is the list of NMAT 2017 exam centers that are given for the candidates to choose their preference:

NMAT Exam RegionNMAT Exam Cities
Northern RegionChandigarh
Western RegionAhmedabad
Southern RegionBengaluru
Central RegionBhillai
Eastern RegionBhubaneswar

Candidates have to fill the choices of exam centers in the stipulated time frame. After passing the deadline, candidates cannot edit the application form.


Dos and Don’ts at the NMAT 2017 Exam Center

Candidates should keep the following points in mind while going for NMAT 2017:

  • Candidate must carry his/her NMAT Admit Card along with himself/herself.
  • Candidate must also carry valid ID proof to the examination hall along with his/her photographs.
  • It is important to produce a valid ID proof and admit card on demand of the invigilating authority. If candidate disobeys and refuses to show his/her documents, he/she might get dismissed from the examination and strict action shall be taken against him/her.
  • Candidate must not involve into any kind of objectionable activities such as talking, cheating, etc. It may result in cancellation of examination and subsequent punishment.
  • It is important to note that the time mentioned in the admit card is time of commencement of the examination. Candidates must reach the examination hall 45 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  • In case candidate fails to locate his/her examination center, he/she should contact the allotted center’s authority and ask for directions.

Documents to be carried at the NMAT 2017 Exam Center

Here are the list of documents that a candidate need to keep with him/her while going for NMAT 2017 examination.

  • Along with the print out of the confirmation e-mail, candidate must carry his/her admit card.Two valid photo ID proof (primary and secondary ID). Here is the list of Primary IDs, out of which candidate must carry any one:
  1. Passport issued by the Government of India
  2. PAN Card issued by the Government of India
  3. Voter's ID Card         
  4. UID/Aadhaar Card

Following is the list of secondary IDs, out of which candidate must carry any one:

  1. Passport issued by the Government of India
  2. PAN Card issued by the Government of India
  3. Debit/Credit Card     
  4. Driving license
  • Candidate must carry his/her class 10th certificate with himself/herself to the NMAT 2017 examination center.
  • Candidate must carry photocopy of all the mentioned documents along with him/her to NMAT 2017 examination center

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Candidate must take the print out of the confirmation e-mail along with him/her. What is it and how should the candidate get it?

Ans.  Candidate is informed about the schedule of the test on the e-mail ID that the candidate has mentioned in his/her registration form. The print out of the confirmation e-mail will describe details such as- date of examination, time of examination and center allocated to the candidate along with its address.

Ques. Why is it important to get admit card on the day of examination at the NMAT 2017 exam center?

Ans.  Candidate must carry the admit card along with himself/herself to the exam center. The admit card holds the registration details and photographs. It is pre-requisite to be eligible to sit in the examination. Along with the admit card, candidate must have confirmation e-mail printout, valid ID proof and his/her photograph.

Ques. When should a candidate report at the allotted NMAT 2017 exam center?

Ans.  Candidate must reach at the NMAT 2017 exam center 45 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

Ques. What if the candidate enters late into the NMAT 2017 examination hall?

Ans.  Candidate will only be allowed to sit for the exam if he/she is late with maximum limit of 15 minutes after the commencement of examination.

Ques. What if candidate does not appear for NMAT 2017?

Ans.  If a candidate fails to appear for the examination in first attempt and subsequently in second and third attempt, he will be declared as a “no show”. It will be treated as an attempt. The candidate will be given 3 attempts at NMAT as per GMAC policy and “no show” will be treated as an attempt.

Ques.  How will a candidate be identified on the day of NMAT 2017 examination?

Ans.  Candidate will be made to submit his/her digital photograph and digital signatures. These will be kept for further records. Candidate who refuses to get his/her identity processed digitally will not be allowed to sit for the examination and it is important to note that the candidate will be under video surveillance while he/she will be appearing for the NMAT 2017 examination.

Ques. Should name of the candidate on ID proof match with name of the candidate appearing for the test?

Ans.  Name of the candidate should match to the name on the ID proof. It is necessary to bring to the notice of candidate that in case of change of name, candidate must carry documents of verification with him/her in the NMAT 2017 examination hall.

Ques. Should candidate appearing for NMAT 2017 carry his/her own rough sheet for calculations?

Ans.  Candidate should abide by the rules as strictly and not carry any paper except the required documents at the time of examination. If a candidate is found to be using unfair means within the premises of examination hall, his/her examination paper shall stand cancelled.

Ques. Is there any break during the NMAT 2017 examination?

Ans.  There are no breaks scheduled while the examination goes on but the candidate can go on unscheduled break while the clock will keep ticking.

Ques. Can candidate use his/her personal belongings while on an unscheduled break?

Ans.  No, candidate shall not be allowed to access any of his/her personal belongings. In case of an emergency, he/she can have access to food and medicines only.

Ques. What happens if a test taker clicks “NO, I do not Accept” on Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) screen by mistake?

Ans.  If a candidate clicks on “NO, I do not Accept” option by mistake he/she will be made to confirm the decision on the next page but if he/she deliberately chooses the same option, he/she will not be able to take the examination. The examination shall end then and there only for the day.

Ques. While reviewing the questions, if candidate selects “End Review” button unintentionally, will he/she be able to rectify the mistake?

Ans.  If the candidate chooses “End Review” option unintentionally, he she will be proceeded to the confirmation page where he/she can decline the “End Review” option and resume to the reviewing procedure.

Ques. What if the computer malfunctions during the examination?

Ans. If during the examination, candidate faces computer malfunctioning he/she should inform the examination administrator and bring it to his notice. No answers entered earlier will be gone. Examination administrator will reboot the computer system and the time will stop till the malfunction is fixed. When the candidate will start with the examination again the answers entered earlier will appear again and the time will start automatically.

Ques. What if the candidate faces any problem with the content of the questions?

Ans.  If candidate faces any challenge with the content of the question, he/she should inform the examination administrator and continue with other questions.



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