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COMEDK UGET Preparation Tips by Shreyansh Bhatter

Last Updated - October 20, 2016

Shreyansh Bhatter got 160 marks in COMEDK-UGET 2014 Engineering Exam. With this he was able to take admission in BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. He says that candidates those who are preparing for JEE, their preparation is enough for the COMEDK UGET 2017. He has shared some of the points for the preparation of COMEDK with us.


Here is the interview we had with him

Ques. Did you take Coaching Classes? If yes, how did they help in your story?

Ans. Not specifically for COMEDK. Strictly speaking, the preparation for Class 12 Boards and JEE Mains is enough for writing COMEDK exam as both have more or less the same syllabus. So preparation for JEE Mains is enough and if anyone is giving JEE Advanced then its preparation is more than enough to write COMEDK UGET.

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

Coaching ClassesNCERT Text BooksCoaching study materialOnline study materialSubject wise classesSelf-Study
ModerateHighVery HighVery HighModerateVery High

Ques. Rate the role of Coaching Institutes in cracking COMEDK-UGET Engineering

Ans. 5  

Ques. How did you manage COMEDK-UGET Engineering along with your Class 12th exam?    

Ans. COMEDK-UGET Exams are basically held in the month of April after the Class 12 Board Exams and with dates near to JEE-Mains Examination. So after the Class 12 Exams we have sufficient time to prepare for COMEDK. Also, as the dates counteract with JEE-Mains so preparation for anyone will help in both of them.

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Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?  

Ans. Personally, my strong areas were Chemistry and Mathematics. I was a bit low in my Physics portion. So I worked hard on Physics. Chemistry was damn easy in the exam and Mathematics was also pretty easy. If someone prepares very well for JEE-Mains, then he/she would find it easy to prepare for COMEDK-UGET.

Ques. What mock papers did you take?

Ans. I had prepared from MTG Previous Years Question Papers for COMEDK UGET and also used some JEE Mains Mock Papers. They were enough for the extra preparation for the COMEDK-UGET exam.

Ques. Write some of the Preparation tips for someone who is starting 4 months before the exam?   

Ans. Study the Class 12 Boards Portions of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics well. If you are of CBSE Board it is very helpful. Revise your 11th portion in-between with important portions. Try to solve Previous Years Question Papers for COMEDK UGET and JEE Mains as much as you can. Concentrate on those areas where you are weak.     

Ques. Physics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

Ans. I was a bit weak in Physics. So I used to spend more time on Physics. For Physics section, I used the MTG Previous Years Question Papers for COMEDK UGET and it helped me a lot in the exam. Keep practicing Numerical Problems in Physics. Be strong in Optics portion for Physics as most it takes up 50% of the portion in MTG Previous Years Question Papers for COMEDK UGET Physics Part.

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Ques. Chemistry: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section

Ans. One of my strongest area was my Chemistry portion. I used to practice problems in Organic and do up the theory part of Inorganic. Multiple Choice questions in Chemistry were easy and were more or less same as the Class 12 Boards syllabus. If you are well prepared for Class 12 Boards and JEE Mains then that preparation is more than enough for Chemistry.  

Ques. Mathematics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.

Ans. Mathematics portion in COMEDK UGET holds the same syllabus as that for JEE Main. Keep solving problems in Integration and Differentiation. Be thorough with the Calculus part. Use MTG Previous Years Question Papers for COMEDK UGET for its preparation. Solve NCERT exercises. It is quite helpful.    

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

Ans. If I was given chance to back in time I would have worked harder on my Physics portion as I lost my maximum marks in that portion. I would have scored well and could have achieved a better rank and get admission in better college.



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