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IIT Madras M.Tech. Selection Procedure and GATE Cutoff

Last Updated - September 14, 2017

IIT Madras will declare minimum qualifying marks for the admission in various MTech programs. It is one of the most reputed IITs and the candidates satisfying GATE Cut off for IIT Madras are eligible for M.Tech. admissions. There are around 470 seats for course in the institute.

  • For admission, GATE qualifying candidates must register at COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal) and the official IIT Madras website. 
  • A candidate will be able to access all available offers made by participating institutes at COAP after the counselling process. 
  • Selected candidates must exercise abundant caution in selecting "Accept and Freeze" because once accepted, it cannot be changed. 
  • Also, one must register themselves on the official institute’s website. 
  • Application fee (per application): INR 100 for SC/ ST/ PWD candidates and INR 200 for others.
  • The application fee should be paid in the online mode only.
  • Admission of the candidates (who are not required to take Suitability Test/ Interview) will be decided strictly as per GATE Score
  • For others, the selection process will include written test and/or the interview round. 
  • The result of the final selection will be announced on COAP through the offers in 5 rounds. 

IIT Madras GATE Cutoff

GATE Cutoff 2017 for IIT Madras (with Y code)

M.Tech ProgrammeProgramme CodesEligible Discipline CodesGeneralOBCSCSTGen-PwDOBC-PwD
Aerospace EngineeringAE1YAE641614438493 -466
AE1YME768 -750412 -- -
AE1YPR, NA, MM, MF, AU,CH,EN, CE681644 - - - -
AE1YZS, EC, ZE, CS, EE, IN - -634 - - -
Engineering Mechanics (Fluid Mechanics/ Solid Mechanics)AM1YNA, MM, AE, ZE, AU, CE, CH, ME766743572405 - -
Biomedical EngineeringAM2YBM357 - - - - -
AM2YMM, AE, ZE, ME, CE,CH,CS,EC,EE760656 - - - -
Catalysis TechnologyCA1YZE, CH577508362246 - -
CA1YZS, CY381 - - - - -
Building Technology and Construction ManagementCE1YCE754723 -527321 -
CE1YAR734606 - - - -
CE1YZE -294 - - - -
Environmental EngineeringCE2YCE730643603448 - -
CE2YZE, AG, BT, CH, EV, ME814676 - -380
Geotechnical EngineeringCE3YCE768651499397 - -
CE3YZE - - - -
Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringCE4YCE700666478362 - --
CE4YAG630517 - - - -
CE4YZE, EV, ME - - -500 -
Structural EngineeringCE5YCE730 -507454282
CE5YZE - - - - -
Transportation EngineeringCE6YCE714637475382 - -
CE6YZE, AR835 - - - - -
Chemical EngineeringCH1YZE, ZS, BI, CH, EV582573384242 -199
Clinical EngineeringCL1YNA, PE, ZE, MR, AE, AG, AR, AU, BI, BM, BT, CE, CH, CR, CS, EC, EE, EN, EP, EV, IE, IN, IT, ME, MF, ML, MM, PI, PR649502409197 - -
Computer Science and EngineeringCS1YCY, GG, MA, MC, MP, MS, NT, AE, AG, AR, AU, BI, BM, BT, CE, CH,CR, CS, EC, EE, EN, EP, EV, IE, IN, IT, ME, MF, ML, MM, MR, NA, PE, PI, PR, ZE, OR, PH, ST, ZL, ZS799658537345266 -
Communication and Signal ProcessingEE1YZE, EC, EE, EP, IN740691593308597290
Power Systems and Power ElectronicsEE2YEE, EN, EP, IN, ZE, EC771719549490264 -
Microelectronics and VLSI DesignEE3YEC, EE, EP, IN, ZE838717606423727410
Control and InstrumentationEE4YIN788700523398339 --
EE4YEP, BM, EC, EE, ZE779706550 - -430
Microelectronics and PhotonicsEE5YPH, EP429 -213 - - -
EE5YIN, EC, EE, ZE736678600472 - -
EE6YEE, EC, EP, IN, ZE773693554404566 -
Industrial Mathematics and Scientific ComputingMA1YMA396318315 - -
MA1YPH712340 -
MA1YNA, AE, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, ME, MM858 -676387 - -
Thermal EngineeringME1YME777739569419476401
ME1YZS, AE, AU, CH, EN, MR, PE, ZE - - - -
Design (Mechanical Engineering)ME2YME835803558458402317
Manufacturing EngineeringME3YME772747576437 -
ME3YZE, PR, AE, AU, CS, EC, EE, IE, IN, MF, ML, NA, Pl805796638529257 -
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMM1YMM526423249206 -
MM1YMF, MS, NT, BT, CH, CR, CY, ME, PH, PR, ZE, ZS772739514402 -
Ocean Engineering0E1YCE, ME, MR, ZE, AE, NA655560427268 -
Ocean Technology0E2YME, MR, NA, AE, CE, ZE677572392294 - -
PE1YAE, AG, AR, AU, BI, BM, BT, CE, CH, CR, CS, EC, EE, EN, EP, EV, IE, IN, IT, ME, MF, ML, MM, MR, NA, PE, PI, PR, ZE, CY, GG, MA, MC, MP, MS, NT, OR, PH, ST, ZL, ZS67758926756 - -
Functional Materials and NanotechnologyPH1YPH349301236316 -
PH1YNT, EP197 - - - - -
PH1YZE, CY, EE, MM, MS659603325 - -

Note: This indicates that courses with “Y” provide financial assistance in the form of Half-Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA).

GATE 2017 Cutoff for IIT Madras (with N code)

M.Tech ProgrammProgramme CodesEligible Discipline CodesGeneralOBCSCSTGen-PwD
Aerospace EngineeringAE1NAE592 -- -
AE1NME691 - - - -
AE1NMF, MM, NA, PR, AU, CE, CH, EN599 - - - -
Engineering Mechanics (Fluid Mechanics/Solid Mechanics)AM1NCE, CH, ME, MM, AE, AU, NA, ZE719 - - - -
Biomedical EngineeringAM2NBM387 - - -
Building Technology an d Construction ManagementCE1NCE711 - - - -
Environmental EngineeringCE2NCE616 - - - -
Geotechnical EngineeringCE3NCE696 - - - -
Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringCE4NCE603 - - - -
Structural EngineeringCE5NCE772 - - - -
Transportation EngineeringCE6NCE712 -289
Chemical EngineeringCH1NEV, ZE, ZS, CH, BI569 - - - -
PhotonicsEE3NEC, EE, EP, IN, ZE733 - - -352
EE5NPH, EP331 -
EE5NEC, EE, IN, ZE723 -- - - -
EE6NEE, EC, EP, IN, ZE774 - - - -
Industrial Mathematics and Scientific ComputingMA1NMA358 - - - -
Thermal EngineeringME1NME768 - - -356
ME1NCH, MR, PE, ZE, ZS, AE, AU, EN  - - - -
Mechanical Engineering - DesignME2NME796 - - - -
ME2NZE, ZS, AU, AE  - - - --
Manufacturing EngineeringME3NME761 - - -253
ME3NPl, PR,ZE, AE, AU, CS, EC, EE, IE, IN, MF, ML, NA812 - - - -
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMM INMM454 - - - -
MM1NPR, ZE, ZS, BT, CH, CR, CY, ME, MF, MS, NT, PH761 - - - -
Ocean Engineering0E1NMR, NA, ZE, AE, CE, ME655 - - - -
Solid State TechnologyPH1NPH259 - - - -

Note: This indicates that courses with “N” do not provide financial assistance in the form of Half-Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA).

Subject Wise GATE Cutoff 2017

Candidates can check the subject wise cut off for GATE 2017 in the given table below:

IIT Madras GATE Cutoff 2016

Mentioned below is the streamwise M.Tech cutoff for IIT Madras. Note that GATE cutoff varies according to the category of the candidates:-

Discipline/Course CodeProg. CodesQualifying DisciplineGeneralOBCSCST
Aerospace EngineeringAE1YAE585551352411
Aerospace EngineeringAE1YME772732647309
Aerospace Engineering AE1YAU,CE,CH,EN,MF,MM,NA,PR664---
Applied Mechanics - Fluid Mechanics and Solid MechanicsAM1YAE,AU,CE,CH,ME,MM,NA,ZE750695491472
Applied Mechanics - Biomedical EngineeringAM2NBM508449--
Applied Mechanics - Biomedical EngineeringAM2YIN708---
Applied Mechanics - Biomedical EngineeringAM2YAE,CE,CH,CS,EC,EE,ME,MM760-465-
Catalysis TechnologyCA1YCH,ZE398390337253
Catalysis TechnologyCA1YCY, ZS578530--
Civil Engineering - Building Technology and Construction ManagementCE1YCE810708522643
Civil Engineering - Building Technology and Construction ManagementCE1YAR860---
Civil Engineering - Environmental EngineeringCE2YCE689548516-
Civil Engineering - Environmental EngineeringCE2YAG,BT,CH,EV,ME,ZE704619--
Civil Engineering - Geotechnical EngineeringCE3YCE690653501-
Civil Engineering - Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringCE4YCE671542-363
Civil Engineering - Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringCE4YAG625-290-
Civil Engineering - Hydraulic and Water Resources EngineeringCE4YEV,ME,ZE---443
Civil Engineering - Structural EngineeringCE5YCE828798445-
Civil Engineering - Transportation EngineeringCE6YCE743693544364
Civil Engineering - Transportation EngineeringCE6YAR,ZE860---
Chemical EngineeringCH1YB1,CH;EV,ZE,ZS592472373425
Clinical EngineeringCL1YAE,AG,AR,AU,BI,BM,BT,CE694592438393
Computer Science Engineeriing-AE,AG,AR,AU,BI,BM,BT,CE748718520479
Electrical Engineering - Communication SystemsEE1YEC,EE,EP,IN,ZE777710589412
Electrical Engineering - Power Systems and Power ElectronicsEE2YEC,EE,EN,EP,IN,ZE759661505510
Electrical Engineering - Micro Electronics and VLSI DesignEE3YEC,EE,EP,IN,ZE819745717455
Electrical Engineering - Control and InstrumentationEE4YIN771637499277
Electrical Engineering - Control and InstrumentationEE4YBM,EC,EE,EP,ZE768714--
Electrical Engineering - PhotonicsEE5YPH,EP451359256-
Electrical Engineering - PhotonicsEE5YEC,EE,IN,ZE748-501434
M.Tech. in Industrial Mathematics and Scientific ComputingMA1NMA452352291225
Industrial Mathematics and Scientific ComputingMA1YAE,CE,CH,CS,EC,EE,ME,MM865-468501
Mechanical Engineering - Thermal StreamME1NME798770581424
Mechanical Engineering - Design StreamME2NME865781554443
Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing Engineering StreamME3YME769743617380
Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing Engineering StreamME3YAE,AU,CS,EC,EE,IE,IN,MF,ML839-698


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IIT Madras M.Tech. Admission Dates

IIT Madras has released important dates for the candidates seeking admission into M.Tech. course starting from August 1, 2018. You can check the important dates mentioned below in the table:

Application form startsMarch 7, 2018
Application form clossesApril 15, 2018

IIT Madras M.Tech Eligibility Criteria 2018

The following group of candidates are eligible for taking admission in IIT Madras M. Tech programs:

  • All those candidates who have qualified GATE 2016/GATE 2017/GATE 2018.
  • Candidates who are graduating/graduated from IITs with B. Tech degree but without GATE score. CGPA should be 7.5 and above for SC/ST and 8.0  for all others.
  • Candidates sponsored by various organizations recognized by DST as Research and Development units.
  • Candidates sponsored by NIOT or from educational institutions approved by AICTE/UGC/Government and from Government/Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Quality Improvement Program (QIP) candidates.
  • User Oriented Programs (UOP) candidates of various organizations/industries as per the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the institute.
  • Defense Sponsored Candidates

IIT Madras M.Tech. Application Form 2018

For GATE Qualified Candidates and IIT B.Tech. Graduates:

Those candidates who want to apply with a valid GATE Score ( GATE 2016 to GATE 2018) or as IIT B.Tech graduate should register on COAP and the official website first.
In case they want to apply with more than one of the above, register separately using the same email and mobile number but with different credentials on the institute’s website. 

How to Apply Online?

  • The online portal for M.Tech. application is expected to open on March 7, 2018.
  • GATE 2018 qualified candidates should apply after the declaration of GATE Results.
  • Application fee (per application): INR 100 for SC/ ST/ PWD Candidates and INR 200 for others.
  • For Sponsored Candidates: The application form can be downloaded fromIIT Madras website, under notices.
  • For Foreign Nationals who obtained a qualification in India/Abroad: Application procedure is similar to GATE qualified candidates.
  • However, Foreign Nationals are not eligible for HTTA and therefore can choose program codes ending with (F) only.

Documents to be submitted with Application Form

Candidates should upload the following documents (if applicable) during online application:

  • SC/ ST/ OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) certificate: 
  • Certificate of Disability (for PWD Candidates) from the authorized medical board 
  • IIT B. Tech. Graduates or those who are graduating in 2018 should enclose a copy of the latest CGPA statement from the concerned IIT.
  • If the discipline of your qualifying degree is ZE or ZS, you must upload the list of courses along with their syllabi.

Read About PSU through GATE

IIT Madras M.Tech. Admission Process 2018

Admission of the candidates (who are not required to take Suitability Test/ Interview) will be decided strictly in the order of merit as per the GATE Score (CGPA & Department Review for IIT Graduates) and on the basis of choices given by them in the application.
Applicants who are required to appear for Suitability Test/ Interview should report at the office of the Head of the respective Department on the stipulated date.

PwD Candidates:

  • For PwD candidates with any category of disability (viz., blindness or low vision, hearing impairment, locomotor disability or cerebral palsy), the benefit will be given to only those who have at least 40% permanent physical impairment in relation to a body part/ system/ extremity/ whole body, etc.
  • These candidates must upload the certificate of disability from the authorized medical board attached to one of the following: Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) for Physically Handicapped persons /Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped/ Government Hospital (District and State level).


  • The first round of offers for HTTA and N-HTTA seats are likely to be sent after May 15, 2018.
  • Candidates, who accept the offer, will be required to make online payment within the stipulated date.
  • Second and subsequent offers would depend on the availability of the seats.
  • In the final round, if there are vacant seats within a department offering multiple programs, it will be re-distributed to other programs within the department.

Reporting for Admission:

  • GATE qualified candidates and IIT B.Tech. graduates who accept the offer of admission should produce completion certificate of their qualifying degree examination and join the college by July 27, 2018.
  • Sponsored candidates also will have to report for admission on July 27, 2018 (afternoon)
  • Selected candidates should pay all the fees and deposits as applicable.
  • They should produce a medical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner in appropriate format along with the letter of offer of admission.

GATE Qualified Foreign Nationals:
Admission to Foreign Nationals follows a similar procedure with General Category candidates.

IIT Madras M.Tech Admission 2018: FAQs

Q.1 What is HTTA? What is N-HTTA?

Ans: Financial assistance in the form of Half-Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA) at the rate of  INR 12400 per month (tenable for a maximum period of 24 months) is available for Indian nationals taking admission in M. Tech. programs. Students taking admission through HTTA category are required to assist the department for 8 hours of work per week related to academic activities of the department such as laboratory demonstration, tutorials, assessment of assignments, test papers, seminars, research projects, etc.

Some seats are also available without HTTA (N-HTTA, i.e., without any financial assistance) in some M. Tech. Programs. There is a provision for the candidates (Indian Nationals) who have joined M. Tech. Streams under N- HTTA category to convert to HTTA at the end of the first semester depending on the vacancies in HTTA category and on the basis of their performance in the first semester examinations.

Q.2 Is there any limit on the number of programs one can apply to?

Ans: Candidates can apply for a maximum of 8 programs as per the application form.

Q.3 What are the steps to be taken/ documents required when I accept an offer of admission?

Ans: Candidates will have to pay the institute’s fee online. Please note that you may have to additionally bear the charges pertaining to the use of payment portal. The charges may vary depending on the use of Net banking or Credit/ Debit cards. After paying the fee candidates should:

  • Download the offer documents
  • Sign the letter of acceptance and send it along with original GATE Score card and attested copy of Category Certificate (SC/ ST/ OBC-NCL) within the stipulated date to the address below. Use only speed post for sending these documents. The Chairman, M. Tech. Admission Committee, GATE Office, IIT Madras, Chennai – 600036.

Q.4 I am a Foreign national who graduated in India/ abroad, and I do not have a GATE Score. How can I apply for M.Tech programs?

Ans: Please contact the following people for details:  Deputy Registrar (Academic Courses), IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036, Tamil Nadu, India Email:, The advertisement and application form for M. Tech. programs for Foreign Nationals (who don’t have a GATE Score) can be found on IIT Madras website ( under notices.



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