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GATE 2016 Preparation Tips and Detailed Pattern Analysis

Last Updated - August 01, 2016

GATE 2016 Question Paper Pattern

CIVIL Engineering
Structural Analysis32093.5
Geo Technical1715151415.25
FM & Hydraulic Machine77496.75
Irrigation & Hydrology571187.75
RCC & Pre stressed concrete58856.5
Design of Steel Structures45354.25
Highway & Surveying1112121312
Environment Engg991089
Engg Math151313812.25
Reasoning & Aptitude1515151515

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Computer Science and Information Technology
Theory of Computation79687.5
Digital Logic78335.25
Computer  Organization & Architecture997119
Programming & Data Structures137121010.5
Compiler Design33432.75
Operating System789129
Computer Networks86977.5
Engg Math's1614161314.75
Soft. Engg/WebTechnology3031.5
Reasoning & Aptitude1515151515

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Electrical Engineering
Network Theory111117811.75
Signal & System1061088.5
Electrical machines109778.25
Power Systems1411779.75
Control Systems899109
Electrical & Electronics Measurements45544.5
Analog & Digital Electronics1111101311.25
Power Electronic288127.5
Engg Maths1311101311.75
Reasoning & Aptitude1515151515

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Electronics and Communication Engineering
YEAR2010201120122013 Avg
Network Theory99121511.25
Electronics Devices & Circuits109737.25
Analog Circuits151081411.75
Digital Circuits67656
Signal & Systems7118109
Control Systems99999
Communication Systems1110101210.75
Micro Processors32011.5
Engg Maths138111010.5
Reasoning & Aptitude1515151515

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Mechanical Engineering
Engg Maths913131412.25
Engg Mechanics05502.5
Theory of Mechanics137799
Machine Design42273.75
Heat Transfer266106
Manufacturing Engg1114141814.25
Industrial Engg156658
Reasoning & Aptitude1515151515

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GATE 2016 Preparation Books-

Electronics Engineering
SubjectBook NameAuthor
Measurement and Instrumentation Electrical & Electronic Measurement and InstrumentationK. Sawhney
 Electronic Instrumentation H.S. Kalsi
Network Theory Network & SystemsRoy Chaudhury
 Engineering Circuit Analysis William H. Hayt
Digital Electronics Digital DesignMorris Mano
 Digital Systems Tocci & Widmer
 Modern Digital Electronics R.P. Jain
Electro Magnetic Theory Elements of Electromagnetics Sadiku
 Engineering of Electromagnetics W.H. Hayt
 Antenna & Wave Propagation K.D. Prasad
 Elements of Engineering ElectromagneticsN. Rao
Control Systems Control System EngineeringJ. Nagrath & M. Gopal
 Automatic Control SystemsC. Kuo
 Linear Control SystemS. Manke
Signals and Systems Signals and Systems Alan V Oppenheim,
Alan S. Willsky And
S. Hamid Nawab
Communication Systems Communication Systems Simon Haykins
 An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications Simon Haykins
 Communication: Analog & Digital Singh and Sapre
 Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems B.P. Lathi
 Electronic Communication Systems Kennedy and Davis
Electronic Devices and Circuits & Analog Electronics Integrated Electronics: Analog & Digital Circuit & Systems Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias
 Microelectronic Circuits Sedra & Smith
 Electronic Devices & Circuits J.B. Gupta
 OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit Ramakant A Gayakwad
 Solid State electronic Devices Streetman and Banerjee
 Semiconductor devicesM. Sze
 Analog Circuits A text book on Analog Circuits A.Rajkumar

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Electrical Engineering
SubjectBook Name Author
 Power Electronics Power Electronics P.S. Bhimbra
 Micro Processors Micro Processors for theory portion Gaonkar
 Micro Processors for Programming examplesB.Ram
 Analog & Digital Electronics Analog & Digital Electronics Millman&Halkias
 Analog & Digital Electronics Gayakwad
 Analog & Digital Electronics Morris Mano
 Analog & Digital Electronics for Digital Logic Families Taub&Shielling
 Power Systems Power Systems Nagrath& Kothari
 Power Systems C.L. Wadhwa
 Power SystemsHussain
 Electrical Machines and Power Transformers Electrical Machines and Power Transformers P.S. Bhimbra
 Electrical Machines and Power Transformers Nagrath& Kothari
 Control Systems Control System Engg. I.J. Nagrath& M. Gopal
 Automatic Control Systems B.C. Kuo
 Linear Control Systems B.S. Manke
 Measurement & Instrumentation Measurement & InstrumentationK. Sawhney
 Measurement & Instrumentation Cooper
 Electrical Circuits Electrical Circuits for Resonant Circuits, elements of two element network synthesis, etc D-Roy Chaudhary
 Electrical Circuits for transfer function of n/w in terms of poles and zeros SudhakarShyam Mohan
 Electrical Circuits for Circuit elements, Kirchhoff’ Law, Mesh and Nodial Analysis, Network Theorem & Applications Chakrabarthy
M. TheoryM. Theory for coulombs law, Gauss’s Law, Conductors etc.B. HaytM. Theory for Magneto statics, Amperes law, Magnetic materials  
M. Theory for Numerical examplesSchaum Series
 Signal and System Signal and System Oppenheim and Willsky
 Analog Circuits A text book on Analog CircuitsA.Rajkumar

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Mechanical Engineering
SubjectBook NameAuthor
 Strength of Materials Strength of Materials B.C. Punamia
 Strength of Materials Timoshenko
 Strength of Materials Rama Murtham
 Operations Research Operations Research KantiSwarup
 Industrial Engg. Industrial Engg. Buffa&Sarin
 Production Engg. Production Engg. Kalpika Jain, Amitabh Ghosh  &  A.K. Malik
 Material Science Material ScienceJindal,W.D. Callister, I.P. Singh
 Machine Design Machine Design Shigley, V.B. Bhandari
 Mechanical Vibration Mechanical Vibration Grover
 Theory of Machines Theory of Machines R.S. Khurmi, Malik &Ghosh
 Fluid Machinery Fluid Machinery D.S. Kumar, R.K. Bansal
 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Air Conditioning C.P. Arora, Domkundwar
 Heat & Mass Transfer Heat & Mass Transfer J.P. Hollman& R.C. Sachdeva
 Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics Modi& Seth, R.K. Bansal
 Engg. Thermodynamics Engg. Thermodynamics P.K. Nag
 I.C. Engine I.C. Engine M.L. Mathur, R.P. Sharma
 Production Engineering A text book on Production                                    Engineering Dr. Swadesh Singh
 Engineering Mechanics A text book on Engineering Mechanics Dr. U.C.Jindal
 Engineering Materials Material Science &MetallurgyDr. U.C.Jindal
 Strength of Materials A text book on Strength of MaterialsDr. U.C.Jindal

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Civil Engineering
SubjectBook NameAuthor
 Strength of Materials Strength of Materials/Mechanics of Structure for properties of metals, Principal Axis, etc. Gere & Timoshenko
 Strength of Materials for transformation of stresses, Properties of MetalsPopov
 Strength of Materials for unsolved problemsSinger
 Strength of Materials for Solved problems, Theory of average reading B.C. Punamia
 Theory of Structures/Analysis of Structure Theory of Structures/Analysis of Structure S Ramamrutham
 Theory of Structures/Analysis of Structure L.S. Negi&Jangid
 Theory of Structures/Analysis of Structure Gupta &Pandit
 Theory of Structures/Analysis of Structure S Ramamrutham
C. C. DesignC. C. DesignC. PunamiaC. C. DesignK. Jain


C. C. Design

  IS: 456-2000
 Steel Design Steel Design S.K. Duggal
 Steel DesignS. Negi
 Steel Design IS: 800-1984
 Environmental Engg. Environmental Engg.C. Punamia Part I & Part II
 Environmental Engg.K. Garg Part I & Part II
 Environmental Engg. Peavy& Rowe
 Environmental Engg. Metcalf & Eddy
 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg. Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg. GopalRanjan&Rao
 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg. VenkatRamaiha
 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg.K. Garg
 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg.C. Punamia
 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines Modi& Seth
 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid MachinesK. Bansal
 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid MachinesSubramanya
 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid MachinesK. Jain
 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines JagdishLal
 Highway Engg. Highway Engg. Khanna& Justo
 Highway Engg. Kadiyali
 Surveying Surveying B.C.Punamia I, II, III
 Hydrology Engg. Hydrology Engg. K.Subramanyam
 Irrigation Engg. Water Resources S.K. Garg
 Strength of Materials A text book on Strength of Materials Dr.U.C.Jindal

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Computer Science/IT Engineering
SubjectBook NameAuthor
 Calculus CalculusA. Maron
 Algorithm Analysis Algorithm Analysis Cormen
 Programming Methodologies Programming Methodologies Pratt
 Programming Methodologies Yashwant Kanetkar
 Compiler Design Compiler Design Ravi Sethi & Ullman
 Computer Network Computer Network Tennenbaum
 Computer Network William Stallings
 Database Systems Database Systems Navathe, Korth
 Operating Systems Operating Systems Galvin & Silberchatz
 Operating Systems William Stallings
 Programming & Data Structures Programming & Data Structures Tennenbaum
 Computer Hardware Computer Hardware Hamcher & Zeki
 Computer Hardware Morris Mano
 Computer HardwareP. Hayes
 Theory of Computation Theory of Computation Hop Craft & Ullman
 Theory of Computation Horwitz & Sahaney
 Theory of Computation Horwitz & Sahaney
 Theory of Computation Peter Linz
 Graph Theory Graph TheoryDeo
 Basic Mathematics Basic Mathematics Kolman Busby
 Basic MathematicsL. Lieu
 Basic Mathematics Tremblay & Manohar
 Basic Mathematics Kenneth Rosen



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