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IES 2017: Books to Prepare for Mechanical Engineering

Last Updated - September 14, 2017

IES (Indian Engineering Services) is conducted every year for aspirants willing to make their career in engineering field. ESE is conducted to recruit candidates in Indian Navy, Indian Defense, Indian Railways, etc., as an Officer engineer. IES is held to select candidates from four different branches viz. Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. We have mentioned here the list of books that can be helpful while preparing for ESE Mechanical Engineering.

Subject-wise books for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Paper I

  1. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid machinery
  • A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines by: Dr. R.K. Bansal
  • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics including Hydraulics Machines by: P.N. Modi
  • Description: These books cover each topic related to Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machines, Fluid Machinery, and Steam Generators. The concepts are explained well with appropriate examples and exercises.
  1. Thermodynamics
  • Engineering Thermodynamics by: PK Nag
  • Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach by: Yunus A Cengel, and Michael A. Boles
  • Description: Both books are accurate for preparing Thermodynamics. These books cover the complete syllabus and have practice units at the end.
  1. IC Engines
  • Internal Combustion Engines by: Ganesan
  • Description: This books explain the complex concept of IC Engines in very easy language and with simple examples including solved examples.
  1. Power Plant
  • Fundamentals of Compressible Flow by: S. M. Yahya
  • Gas Turbines And Propulsive Systems by: P R Khajuria, S P Dubey
  • Description: The books focus on the main topics of Power Plant and have unsolved exercises for practice.
  1. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by: C P Arora
  • Description: This book has very easy examples with solved and unsolved exercises. It is written to explain each topic with ease and could be easily understood by any student.
  1. Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Introduction to Renewable Energy by: Vaughn C. Nelson
  • Description: This book by Vaughn C. Nelson is best suitable for preparing Renewable Sources of Energy. Every topic is well explained and have enough exercises for practice.
  1. Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer (In SI Units) by: JP Hollman
  • Description: This book has solved and unsolved questions for practice and each concept is explained with proper examples.
  1. Theory of Machines
  • Theory of Machines by: S.S.Rattan
  • Theory of Machines by: R.S. Khurmi
  • Description: Both the books are well written, covering the complete syllabus. Each topic is elaborated and explained with appropriate examples.

Mechanical Paper II

  1. Mechanics of Materials
  • Mechanics of Materials by: Punamia
  • Description: This book by Punamia explains each topic of Mechanics of Material very well using easy and simple diagrams, examples and exercises.
  1. Strength of Materials
  • Elements of Strength of Materials  by: S.P. Timoshenko, and D.H. Young
  • Strength of Materials by: S. Ramamrutham
  • Description: These books cover each topic of Strength of Materials and include exercises and examples to explain the concepts well.
  1. Theory of Machines
  • Theory of Machines by: RS Khurmi and GK Gupta
  • Description: This book has a good number of examples and exercises which will help to hold a good grip over the concept of Theory of Machines.
  1. Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Modern Production and Operation Management by: Sarin Buffa
  • Industrial Engineering and Management by: O P Khann
  • Description: Both the books aim to cover each concept of Industrial Engineering and Management with appropriate examples and exercises.
  1. Machine Design
  • Design of Machine Elements: by V B Bhandari
  • Description: This book covers each topic of Machine Design with solved and unsolved questions.
  1. Materials Science And Engineering
  • Materials Science And Engineering by: I P Singh
  • Description: This book includes all the concept of Material Science and Engineering with accuracy. There are unsolved exercises provided to make the concept stronger.
  1. Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Mechatronics : Principles and Applications by: Godfrey Onwubolu
  • Description: Mechatronics and Robotics are well explained in this book. Each principle and applications are mentioned with simple examples.
  1. Vibrations
  • Mechanical Vibrations by: G K Grover
  • Description: This book cover each topic of Vibration with examples and exercises.
  1. Manufacturing Science
  • Manufacturing Science by: Amitabha Ghosh
  • Description: This book by Amitabha Ghosh explains each concept of Manufacturing Science by easy and simple examples. There are unsolved exercises provided to brush up the concept.

Books for ESE Mechanical Engineering Preliminary Examination

These books are meant for the preparation of preliminary examination and include exercises with objective type questions.

  • ESE 2017: Preliminary Exam: Mechanical Engineering Objective Paper: Volume 1 by: M.E. Team
  • ESE 2017: Preliminary Exam: Mechanical Engineering Objective Paper: Volume 2 by: M.E. Team

Books for ESE Mechanical Engineering Mains Examination

The below-mentioned books are meant for the preparation of Mains examination and include exercises and unsolved questions for practice.

  • ESE 2017: Mains Exam: Mechanical Engineering Conventional Paper 1 by: M.E. Team
  • ESE 2017: Mains Exam: Mechanical Engineering Conventional Paper 2 by: M.E. Team



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