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NEET Paper Analysis of Last 10 years for Chemistry

Last Updated - February 09, 2017

NEET is organized by CBSE in pen and paper format. It was introduced to replace various state level and national level medical entrance exams in the year 2013. NEET was discontinued in the next year of its introduction but it will be conducted for MBBS/BDS courses this year.

Initially, AIPMT was the national level medical conducted for admissions to all the known medical colleges. This trend continued till 2012, then AIPMT was replaced by NEET in 2013. But the authorities discontinued NEET and AIPMT was conducted again in 2014 and 2015. After the final approvals, NEET was conducted again in 2016.

NEET will now be conducted for admissions to MBBS and BDS courses as stated by CBSE. The level of difficulty varies between easy, moderate and difficult for each topic in Chemistry section. The article provides you with the chemistry chapter wise weightage for NEET 2017 for 10 years.

Chemistry Trend Analysis for NEET

Chemistry, mostly considered easy by many students, holds an equal weightage in NEET along with Physics and Biology. Candidates who find it easier must invest in quick preparation strategies so that they can concentrate on weaker sections.

As per the analysis of 10 years, the maximum number of questions in chemistry sections were from Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (39 questions) followed by Hydrocarbons (37 questions). Apart from the topics mentioned before, all topics are important in their own terms, while Equilibrium, p-block elements are one of the important topics with 35 and 34 questions respectively.

The preparation strategy must include quick revision of these from the NCERT Books or the reference books considered. Candidates are advised to consider the books with good explanations of basic concepts of the chapters. Candidates can prepare for these topics by solving the online mock tests and study material. The graph below gives the total number of Chemistry questions asked in NEET from 10 years:

Percentage Distribution of Questions

Candidates are questioned from chapters and topics studied in class XI and XII. If we study and compare the weightage of questions from topics of Class XI and Class XII, the topics from Class XI have lesser weightage than the topics of Class XII. Thus, the preparation of topics from Class XII CBSE syllabus must be the priority of the candidates. There are a large number of High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions from various important topics of class XII such as p-block elements, solutions, aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids. The graphs given below give the percentage wise distribution of questions asked from topics studied in class XI and XII:

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Chemistry Important Topics in NEET

The basis of selection of the important topics for chemistry section is the total number of questions over 10 years. The various conceptual and numerical questions are asked from these topics. Post analyzing the number of questions from each topic in the past 10 years, we conclude the important topics that require more hard work and consideration apart from all other topics are:

TopicsNumber of Questions in 10 years
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure39
p-Block Elements34
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids33
d and f Block Elements32

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Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

The number of questions decreased in NEET Exam from this section over the years. Though the number of questions decreased but the level of difficulty increased over these years. There are various questions on Dipole moment, VSEPR theory, Hybridization and Valence Bond Theory. The graph below gives the number of questions from this topic in the last 10 years:


This is a topic from organic chemistry which includes a large number of conceptual questions in the NEET exam. Candidates must have complete knowledge of the basic concepts of this chapter to score well from this section. The preparation of this topic must include study of various concept based questions. Study the graph given below to know the number of questions asked from this chapter over 10 years:


It is another important topic in Chemistry paper of NEET from Class XI CBSE syllabus. There are a large number of numerical questions from this topic. As per the analysis, the questions from this topic are of medium difficulty. The number of questions remain almost constant from this topic from the last 10 years. Consider the graph given for exact information about the number of questions per year:

P-Block Elements

The analysis of 10 years infers that the topics have similar weightage or number of questions in Chemistry section of NEET. There have been a total of 34 questions from this chapter in the exam. Since it is a topic from inorganic chemistry, there are questions based on the concepts of the chapter. Candidates have to memorize the reactions given in the NCERT Books as questions are based on the same. The graph below gives the analysis of number of questions in the past 10 years from these chapters:


Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

The number of questions from this chapter has also been analyzed to be same over 10 years. After analyzing the chapter wise weightage of this chapter of organic chemistry, we conclude that it is one of the most important chapters of Class XII CBSE syllabus. The important topics from this chapter include their nomenclature, their preparation and reactions of carboxylic acids with other compounds. The questions asked are of moderate level or sometimes difficult. The number of questions from these chapters in the past 10 years are given below:




Manish Kumar

Hello I m Manish Kumar I had not attempt ant intrence or neet exam is like that but I want to take admission in any good MBBS collage my Msc percentage is 96.27% on Chemistry by Mumbai University please some body say me what I do and how to take admission in any good collage please call me or whats app me 9833431044

11 Sep, 2017 08:48
Kalpana Sharma Expert

Hi Manish, The NEET Entrance Exam is a national level entrance test for MBBS/BDS admissions after class 12. if you want to get admission in best college for MBBS, you need to appear for this exam and Admission to medical courses will now be done through NEET, as directed by the Supreme Court. 

11 Sep, 2017 16:42
Josephine William

Will foreign(Canada) student need to write NEET in order to get an admission in to a medical college in Chennai.

16 Aug, 2017 00:20
Kalpana Sharma Expert

Hi Josephine, For getting admission in medical college, you have to give NEET entrance exam.

24 Aug, 2017 15:42
mainak khan


19 Jul, 2017 00:20
sangeeta rawat

Hello Mainak, To know about the VMMC cut off details find this link and check NEET Cut Off

19 Jul, 2017 11:21
nitish kumar

need help in counselling

12 Jul, 2017 00:20
sangeeta rawat

Hi Nitish, Please find the link and check counselling

12 Jul, 2017 15:05


10 Jul, 2017 00:20
sangeeta rawat

Hello Akhila, Please find the link and check Neet Rank Predictor

13 Jul, 2017 16:57
Sathish kumar

I am pass for neet my mark is130 my catagory is OBC so iam who eligible the MBBS

29 Jun, 2017 00:20
jomy joseph

sir i have passed NEET 2017 entrance exam. i have acquired rank 589412 and i am included in OBC category . i wou;d like know about the chance to get vetenary.

29 Jun, 2017 00:20
sangeeta rawat

Hello Joseph, Please find the link and check NEET Cut Off

15 Jul, 2017 15:52

my son has got 416 marks in NEET 2017 He belongs to SC category and appearing for All India Quota Will he get a seat in any of the government college

29 Jun, 2017 00:20
sangeeta rawat

Hello Kakuli, Please go through this link, it helps you to select best colleges of MBBS/BDS NEET Rank Predictor

15 Jul, 2017 15:47
Hrishabh Raj Das

Sir/Madam One of my friend obtained 324 marks in NEET 2017 exam. His CML Rank is 172130 and OBC Rank is 61548. Can he able to get any seat in MBBS under govt. medical colleges ???

26 Jun, 2017 00:20
Kalpana Sharma Expert

Hi Hrishabh, I am giving you the link, please check this for find Medical College according to your rank Rank Predictor

01 Sep, 2017 14:52
Pothuganti ashifa

I had qualified NEET 2017 & got All India Rank 218355 Catagery- OBC [Female], I like to do MBBS course. Hence i request you to please give me information about addmission in eligible colleges list

26 Jun, 2017 00:20
sangeeta rawat

Hello Pothuganti , To know about the college allotment for MBBS course according to your rank go through this link NEET Rank Predictor

26 Jul, 2017 18:37
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