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NEET 2017 Analysis

Last Updated - May 08, 2017

NEET 2017 was successfully conducted on May 07, 2017. A total of 11,35,104 candidates who have registered for NEET 2017 has appeared for exams in 104 cities across India. Last year, 8,02,594 candidates appeared for the NEET 2016 exams. Unlike the previous year, NEET 2017 was held in only one phase covering all the topics.

  • NEET 2017 exam was of three hours duration and contained 45 questions from each section – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.
  • There was a total of 180 questions of total 720 marks in NEET 2017.
  • Each question carried 4 marks, while one mark will be deducted from the total score for every wrong answer.

NEET 2017 Answer Key for all the codes has been released by leading coaching institutes including Allen Kota, Bansal Classes, Career Point, Pathfinder, Aakash Institute, Resonance, etc.  NEET 2017 Official Answer key is expected to be released by the last week of May 2017. Candidates are advised to keep track on the release of NEET 2017 official Answer Keys as it will help them in being able to estimate the marks they will score in the NEET 2017 Result.

Given below is the highlights of the NEET Paper Analysis as claimed by the students appearing in the exam and the experts or teachers of various institutes:

  • Some of the candidates who appeared for NEET 2017 said that the overall paper was average except for the Physics section, which many candidates said was tough and lengthy.
  • Some of the experts told that physics paper is bound to look like tough one, as medical student focuses more on Biology and Chemistry like engineering student who focuses more on Math and Physics.

In this article, we will provide you with NEET 2017 Paper analysis based on different topics & their difficulty levels.

NEET 2017 Overall Analysis

As per the analysis of NEET Exam by the experts, the overall exam was found to be easy to moderate. Questions in NEET 2017 were time consuming and lengthy. Here is the overall analysis as well the subject wise analysis for NEET 2017:

  • Physics section was the most difficult section for the candidates in NEET 2017. Physics section contained a large number of numerical questions, which were tricky and lengthy to solve. 
  • Many candidates had already anticipated that Physics would be tough as per previous year’s NEET/AIPMT tests. 
  • While Physics section was tough, Biology section came out as a relief for most of the candidates and Chemistry section showed mixed reactions from different NEET 2017 aspirants. 
  • On addition to this, Physics section also had some surprising conceptual questions in the question paper which turned out to be tricky for the aspirants while most of the questions in Chemistry and Biology sections were from NCERT Syllabus.

NEET 2017 Physics Analysis

Check below the NEET 2017 Paper Analysis for Physics section:

  • The physics section mainly contained questions from topics of Mechanics, Heat & Thermodynamics, Properties of Matter, Electrodynamics, SHM & Waves, Modern Physics and Optics.
  • Candidates found certain topics harder than others and overall rated this section as the most difficult section in NEET 2017.
  • The maximum questions were from Class XI syllabus. Unlike other entrance exams, NEET focused on Class XI topics than the topics from Class XII.
  • The ratio of number of questions from Class XI to number of questions from Class XII is 4:3.
  • As inferred from the table below, the important topics in physics section this year were- Kinematics, oscillations and waves, physical world and measurements, current electricity, Dual Nature of Matter and Optics.
  • The questions from the topics of Class XII were comparatively difficult than the topics from Class XI syllabus.

The questions asked from each topic of Physics and the relative difficulty levels are as given in the below table.

TopicSyllabusNo. of questionsOverall Difficulty
Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic TheoryClass XI3Easy
GravitationClass XI4Average
KinematicsClass XI5Difficult
Laws of MotionClass XI3Average
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid BodyClass XI4Difficult
Oscillations and WavesClass XI5Easy
Physical world and measurementClass XI5Difficult
Properties of Bulk MatterClass XI4Average
ThermodynamicsClass XI3Difficult
Work, Energy and PowerClass XI3Easy
Atoms and NucleiClass XII4Difficult
Current ElectricityClass XII5Difficult
Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationClass XII5Average
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentsClass XII4Difficult
Electromagnetic WavesClass XII3Difficult
Electronic DevicesClass XII2Difficult
ElectrostaticsClass XII3Difficult
Magnetic Effects of Current and MagnetismClass XII4Easy
OpticsClass XII5Average

NEET 2017 Chemistry Analysis

Given below is the NEET Paper Analysis 2017 for Chemistry section:

  • Chemistry was less tricky than usual.
  • Questions were asked from Organic chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry with the latter two being relatively easier.
  • Unlike the physics section, the chemistry section in NEET 2017 focused more on Class XII syllabus than Class XI syllabus.
  • The ratio of number of questions from Class XII to number of questions from Class XI is 2:3.
  • The questions from Class XI topics were from easy to moderate
  • The difficulty level of the questions from Class XII was from moderate.
  • As per NEET 2017 Question Paper, the important chemistry topics were- Equilibrium, p-block elements, solid state, coordination compounds and aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids.

The questions asked from each topic of Chemistry and the relative difficulty levels are as given in the below table.

TopicSyllabusNo. of questionsOverall Difficulty
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureClass XI2Easy
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesClass XI3Average
Environmental ChemistryClass XI3Difficult
EquilibriumClass XI4Difficult
HydrocarbonsClass XI2Average
HydrogenClass XI3Easy
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and TechniquesClass XI3Easy
Redox ReactionsClass XI2Average
s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)Class XI1Difficult
Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryClass XI3Difficult
Some p-Block ElementsClass XI4Average
States of Matter: Gases and LiquidsClass XI2Easy
Structure of AtomClass XI3Easy
ThermodynamicsClass XI2Average
Alcohols, Phenols and EthersClass XII1Easy
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsClass XII4Average
BiomoleculesClass XII2Difficult
Chemical KineticsClass XII3Difficult
Chemistry in Everyday LifeClass XII1Average
Coordination CompoundsClass XII4Easy
d and f Block ElementsClass XII2Easy
ElectrochemistryClass XII3Average
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsClass XII2Difficult
Haloalkanes and HaloarenesClass XII2Easy
Organic Compounds Containing NitrogenClass XII3Average
p-Block ElementsClass XII3Difficult
PolymersClass XII3Difficult
Solid StateClass XII4Average
SolutionsClass XII2Easy
Surface ChemistryClass XII3Easy

NEET 2017 Biology Analysis

Given below is the NEET Paper Analysis for Biology section:

  • The Biology subject, one of the essential components of NEET as it comprises two sections in Botany and Zoology, was as expected easiest to negotiate for students.
  • The major questions asked in Biology were from topics including Living world, Structural Organization in Plants and Animals, Cell: Structure and Function, Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology & Reproduction, Reproduction in Plants, Genetics & Evolution, Biology in Human Welfare, Biotechnology and Ecology.
  • There were more questions from topics of Class XI than topics from Class XII. The ratio of questions from Class XI to questions from Class XII is 4:3.
  • The important topics from Biology as inferred from the question paper this year were- Human Physiology and Plant Physiology.

The questions asked across different topics of Botany and Zoology and the relative difficulty levels are as given in the below table.

TopicSyllabusNo. of questionsOverall Difficulty
Cell Structure and FunctionClass XI2Average
Diversity in Living WorldClass XI3Difficult
Human physiologyClass XI4Easy
Plant PhysiologyClass XI4Average
Structural Organization in Animals and PlantsClass XI3Difficult
Biology and Human WelfareClass XII2Difficult
Biotechnology and Its ApplicationsClass XII3Average
Ecology and environmentClass XII2Easy
Genetics and EvolutionClass XII3Difficult
ReproductionClass XII3Average

NEET 2017 Official Answer Keys

NEET 2017 official answer key will be released in the last week of May 2017, tentatively by the CBSE. Candidates who will appear in NEET 2017, can check the official website for NEET official answer key 2017. The answer key will be available for three days. NEET 2017 OMR answer sheets will also be available for candidates along with the official answer key. Therefore, candidates are recommended to download their NEET 2017 OMR answer sheet as soon as they are released so that they won’t face any problem in matching their responses with official NEET answer key 2017 and analyze their performance in the entrance exam. Candidates will have to enter their registration number and password order to download official NEET 2017 Answer key.

After NEET 2017 conducted, many coaching experts have released their answer keys on the evening of the day of the exam. With the help of answer keys by coaching experts, candidates can calculate their expected marks on the basis of correct and wrong responses.

NEET 2017 Expected Cutoff

NEET 2017 Cut Off is the lowest possible marks a candidate must obtain in order to qualify NEET 2017. Based on NEET 2017 Results, the exam conducting authority, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will declare the NEET 2017 Cut Off. Candidates who will be among top 15% scorers of the qualified candidates will be directly eligible to participate in NEET counselling process under All India Quota seats.

The expected cut off for NEET 2017 is mentioned below:

CategoryNEET 2017 Expected Cut Off Range
Unreserved & PH320-350
OBC & PH250-270
SC & PH230-250
ST & PH220-240



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