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MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Phase I

Last Updated - November 22, 2016

MICAT is conducted in two phases. The article provides MICAT 2015 paper analysis for phase I. Paper analysis means examining and evaluating the structure and content of the paper according to the difficulty level of the exam, number of questions asked from each topic and comparing it to the previous year’s MICAT question paper.

The MICAT exam is divided into two papers i.e. paper I and paper II. Paper I contains descriptive type questions and paper II contains objective type questions.   MICAT 2015 paper consisted six sections i.e. Descriptive (4 Questions), Psychometric (37 Questions), Reasoning (30 Questions), General Awareness (25 Questions), Verbal Ability (25 Questions) and Quantitative Analysis (25 Questions). The difficulty level of questions asked was easy to moderate. Descriptive section has no negative marking but 0.25 marks will be deducted in other five sections for wrong responses.

The overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate as compared to the previous year paper. The psychometric section was simple and less time consuming. Reasoning section was moderately difficult. General awareness section was easier to attempt for candidates familiar with current affairs.

MICATMICAT Exam PatternMICAT ResultsMICAT Syllabus

MICAT 2015 exam was conducted on December 13 2015. A total of 94 questions are asked in the MICAT exam. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours and 5 minutes. The first 35 minutes are allotted to descriptive section and rest of the sections are supposed to be completed in remaining.

MICAT Paper Analysis- Descriptive

The Descriptive section tests the analytical and writing skills of the candidates. The candidate has to show his creative ability to answer questions in this section. It consists of four questions. The first three questions of the section are related to each other. The theme of the topic was environment and development for the first three questions. The candidates had to write their opinion on the topic for the first two questions. The candidates are required to take for and against position on the given topic. In the third question, the candidates are supposed to write a letter to the editor and give a viewpoint in favor of or against the topic. Special instruction was mentioned in the question warning students that no marks will be awarded on giving neutral views on the topic.

The fourth question of this section was pictorial and needed creative imagination. The candidates were provided with four pictures. The pictures consisted scenes of wildlife and elephants, a train journey, women decorating a tree and leaves scattered across the path possibly indicating the festive season and autumn respectively. The candidates were supposed to make pictorial combinations (a, b, c, d etc.) from the option provided and weave a story out of their chosen combination.

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MICAT Paper Analysis- Psychometric

This test evaluated the candidate’s thinking and mental ability. The total no. of questions in this section was 37. Attempting all the questions was made compulsory in this section. Candidate’s failure to do so might lead to his/her disqualification. The answers to these questions were neither correct nor incorrect.

The examinees were provided with 30 statements in the initial set of questions and they were asked to select 10 statements that best described their personality traits. Candidates were strictly restricted to choose more than or less than 10 statements. On disobeying this condition they were unable to access the next question.

Next set of questions in this section asked the candidates to pick one argument from a set of two and to rate them in accordance with one’s personality traits. The statements were presented on two sides i.e. right and left of the screen. Around 25- 26 questions were based on this type. The six options from which the students were supposed to select their answers are listed here:

  • Strongly agree with the statement on the right
  • Moderately agree with the statement on the right
  • Somewhat agree with the statement on the right
  • Strongly agree with the statement on the left
  • Moderately agree with the statement on the left
  • Somewhat agree with the statement on the left  

In third set of questions the candidates were supposed to rank various action responses on the given scale ranging from 1-6 in a given situation. The priority decreased from 1-6 on the scale i.e. rating of 1 means highest priority and 6 means lowest. No. of questions based on this section were 10-11. This section was an easy task for candidates proficient in solving these questions.

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MICAT Paper Analysis- Reasoning

MICAT paper reasoning section provides 30 exclusive questions based on word-combination, statement-assumption, statement-conclusion and visual reasoning questions. These questions are arranged in moderate to difficult level of difficulty. Each set of questions have a few difficult questions and rest moderate level questions. Students had the option of attempting 20-22 questions if they left difficult questions. An analysis of the arrangements of question in this section is tabulated here:

TopicNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Word Relationship15483
Statement Assumption4211
Visual Reasoning - Find the missing figure7232

To add to the difficulty of the students the options of the statement-assumption and statement-conclusion type questions were shuffling in every question. Students are expected to be very careful while attempting them. They should check their options every time before marking them.

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MICAT Paper Analysis- General Awareness

This section involves good basic knowledge and current events and familiarization with international happenings as well. Total no. of questions asked in this section is 25. The questions were based on business taglines, brands and sub-brands, corporate heads, mergers and acquisitions, financial abbreviations and other corporate topics such as brand and marketing campaigns. Few questions were asked from the difficult area of international and national current affairs. Some questions were asked in ‘match the following’ format that was helpful for the candidates while answering. The candidates could easily arrive at the right answers by eliminating the wrong options. Those candidates who possess good knowledge in the fields of business logos, taglines, advertising campaigns, head honchos and social media platforms were able to answer a lot of questions. An estimation of about 20-22 questions in this section were easy to answer for students with decent knowledge.

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MICAT Paper Analysis- Verbal Ability

Verbal ability section tests the candidate’s vocabulary and language skills. The questions are asked in the form of phrase replacements, jumbled paragraphs, double blanks, synonyms and one Reading Comprehension passage. The reading comprehension was complex, lengthy and with difficult vocabulary. The questions based on the comprehension were moderate to difficult level. An average candidate should have attempted all 25 questions with good accuracy. Information regarding the analysis of questions in this section is mentioned below:

TopicNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
-- -- EasyModerateDifficult
Double FIB532-- 
Jumbled Paragraph - 4 sentences5221
Replace the phrase with its meaning541-- 
Synonyms of the highlighted word used in the sentence532-- 
Reading Comprehension5221

MICAT Paper Analysis- Quantitative Analysis

A quantitative aptitude test is used for testing the problem solving ability and numeric ability of candidate. A total of 25 questions were asked in this section. Out of this 10 were easy, 10 moderate and 5 difficult in the difficulty level. Students proficient in this section were expected to attempt 20-25 questions in 40-45 minutes. Topic wise question distribution is mentioned in the table below:

TopicNumber of questions
Data Interpretation6
Modern Math3
Miscellaneous topics3



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