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MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis – Phase II

Last Updated - November 21, 2016

MICAT commonly known as MICA is conducted by Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad across many cities for admission in MBA course. This is a descriptive MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis article focusing primarily on analyzing the MICAT Exam Pattern, type, number, and difficulty level of questions asked in the MICAT 2015 Question Papers.

MICA conducts MICAT in two phases. MICAT 2017 Phase I is scheduled on December 11, 2016. MICAT 2017 Phase II is scheduled on February 12, 2017.

MICAT Question Papers are formulated to check the candidate’s logical ability, reasoning skill, general awareness and command of the language.

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MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Phase II

MICAT 2015 Phase II was comparatively difficult than Phase I. The detailed section-wise MICAT paper analysis of part II is provided below.

Section No.Type of questionsNo. of Questions
4General Awareness25
5Verbal Ability25
6Quantitative Aptitude25

MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Section - A (Descriptive)

This section of MICAT assesses the various writing skills of the candidates along with their analytical abilities.

The total duration to attempt this section is 35 minutes. The initial 3 questions were based on argument writing. The test takers have to elucidate 5 points in favor of or against a particular given topic. The topic was “whether people could be happy if they are too much concerned about others’ opinions.”

In the third question, the candidates have to write a 300 word answer either in favor of or against the topic as a part of a letter to the editor. No marks have been rewarded for a neutral viewpoint.

The fourth question was based on pictorial description. From a drop down menu the candidates have to select a combination of 4 pictures and write a story on it. The pictures consisted of trees, owls, vendor in a flea market and cyclists on an expedition over snow-capped mountains. A notable point in this section was that certain candidates faced a problematic glitch due to which the texts of the first three questions were erased on clicking the “save” button.

The test had the option of auto saving the answers around every three minutes. Nevertheless, the students should click on the ‘Save’ button to avoid loss of any data in case of server breakdown or technical problems.

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MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Section I (Psychometric)

This section of part II is psychometry based and is one of the easiest and a less time-consuming section of part II. This section has 37 questions in total and has basically three types of questions.

  1. The first question of this section has multiple statements and candidate is required to select 10 best suitable statements, not a single extra statement, not a single less statement is allowed exact 10 statements are required. The statements need not be arranged in a sequence, the candidate has to select 10 statements and click on “Save &Next” button to navigate to the next question.
  2. The second type of questions has two arguments and candidate has selected any one out of two. The two arguments are present on the left and right side of the screen. There are six statements provided to make the selection candidate need to select any on statement to choose either argument here are the six statements
  • Strongly agreed with the statement at the right
  • Moderately agreed with the statement at the right
  • Somewhat agreed with the statement at the right
  • Strongly agreed with the statement at the left
  • Moderately agreed with the statement at the left
  • Somewhat agreed with the statement at the left

25-26 questions are based on this pattern.

  1. The third type is totally different from the previous two, candidate has to prioritize the statements based on the response in the mentioned case. Students have to arrange the statements on the scale of 1 to 6 where 1 has the highest priority and 6 means the lowest priority. Nearly 10 -11 questions are of this type.

MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Section II (Reasoning)

This is the reasoning section of part II and has a question based on word relationship, statement-conclusion, statement assumption and verbal reasoning all these types of questions contribute to a total of 30 questions.

Type of question No. of questionsLevel of difficulty
Visual Reasoning5Medium-Difficult
Statement- Assumption5Difficult
Word Relationship15Medium-Difficult

In order to attempt 20-21 questions correctly, candidates have attempted the questions very carefully with full attention and focus. It is often observed that options for statement-assumption type questions changes, for example, suppose option 1 for a statement is “Statement 1 and 2”, for the next statement option 1 will be “All of the statements”, therefore candidates are advised to mark the answer very carefully after reading the question attentively. Carelessness will pay you very badly though you are very well versed with each type of questions.

Check exclusive MICAT 2017 Preparation Tips and download MICAT Sample Papers, Click Here.

MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Section III (Verbal Ability)

This section has questions related to reading comprehension, jumbled paragraphs, idioms, phrase replacement and double blanks. It has 5 questions of reading comprehension out of which three questions are easy to attempt while two questions are at higher level of difficulty. Candidates are required to attempt 18-20 correct questions out of 25 to stand out of the crowd. Proper division of this section into different topics is depicted below.

Type of questionsNo. of questions Level of Difficulty
Jumbled paragraphs5Medium-Difficult
Reading Comprehensions5Easy-Moderate
Double blanks5Easy-Moderate
Phrase replacement5Easy

MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Section IV (General Awareness)

This section has covered questions on current national and international events, politics, sports, committees, cooperate world, company’s taglines, events related to big cooperate names. There were few questions on “Match the correct answer “pattern which were easy to attempt by simply eliminating all the incorrect answers to get the correct answer. In order to successfully attempt 18-20 questions correctly one needs to update himself/herself with all the current happenings around the world. Candidates have to incorporate the habit of reading the newspaper daily in their routine, watch news channel and could take the help of social media as well.

This section is easy, scoring and less time consuming only in the case if any candidate has good command on general awareness.

MICAT 2015 Paper Analysis Section V (Quantitative Aptitude)

This section requires strong fundamental knowledge and speed. There were total 25 questions in this section with 8 questions on data interpretation of four sets (2 questions each sets). DI is one of the most calculative topics of quantitative aptitude. Other than that there were 7 questions on Arithmetic including topics such as time and work, profit and loss, etc. Next, come in the list is Number System, questions based on it are basically from topics like surd, divisibility, and indices.

TopicNo. of questionsLevel of difficulty
Modern Math3Medium
Numbers System5Medium
Data interpretation8Difficult

It is estimated that any candidate could easily attempt 20-21 questions accurately in 40 minutes, if practiced very hard and very versed with time management. Candidates are suggested to brush up their basic knowledge of quantitative aptitude and focus on practicing mock test paper as much as possible to able to do time management properly.

MICAT 2017 Exam Pattern

MICAT test has two papers to clear viz. MICAT Paper I and MICAT Paper II and both papers are conducted in online mode. The Paper I has 4 descriptive type questions and Paper II is divided into six sections collectively contributing to 90 objective type questions. 

There is no negative marking in Paper I and in section I and II of Paper II, whereas in section III, IV, V, and VI of Paper II 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Candidates have 2 hours and 5 minutes of time duration to complete the test. Time allotted for Paper I is 35 minutes and Paper II has to be completed in 90 minutes. The division of number of questions per section is listed below

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