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CMC Vellore MBBS entrance exam Syllabus and Marking Scheme

Last Updated - September 13, 2016

The syllabus for the CMC Vellore entrance tests usually contains mixture of class 12th syllabus that is recognized by the TN Dr. MGR University.

CMC VELLORE Application ProcessCMC VELLORE Admit CardCMC VELLORE Eligibility

The test will contain the following four sections:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • General Ability
  • Issues of current topical interest

Chemistry Syllabus

Alcohol Phenol EtherGeneral Organic Chemistry
Aldehyde KetoneIonic Equilibrium
Alkanes, Alkenes and AlkynesMole Concepts
Amines and Diazonium Salts (Compounds containing Nitrogen)Nuclear Chemistry
Atomic Structurep-block Elements
BiomoleculesPeriodic Classification Of Elements
Carboxylic Acid and its DerivativesPolymers
Chemical BondingPrinciples and Processes of Extraction (Metallurgy)
Chemical EquilibriumPurification Characterization Organic Compounds
Chemical KineticsRedox Reactions
Chemical Thermodynamicss-block Elements
Coordination CompoundsSolid State
Environmental ChemistrySurface Chemistry
Gaseous StateTransition elements(d and f block elements)

Physics Syllabus

CMC VELLORE Exam CentersCMC VELLORE Importent Dates
Alternating CurrentModern Physics: (Atomic Models)
CapacitanceMotion in One Dimension
Center of Mass, Impulse and MomentumMotions In 2D
Circular MotionPhysics of Nucleus
Current ElectricityPrinciples of Communication
Electromagnetic InductionRay Optics
ElectrostaticsRotational Motion
EM WavesSimple Harmonic Motion
FluidsSolids and Semiconductor Devices
GravitationUnits Dimensions Errors
Heat and ThermodynamicsVectors Motions
Heating and Chemical Effects of CurrentWave Motion
Kinetic Theory of GasesWave Optics
Laws of MotionWork Energy Power

Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism


Biology Syllabus

CMC VELLORE Admission ProcedureCMC VELLORE Online Application Form
Anatomy of Flowering PlantsFood production-Plant Breeding
Animal MorphoFungi
Animal NutritionGenetics
Animal Reproduction and DevelopmentGenetics-Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Animal RespirationGrowth, Repair and Regeneration
Animal TissuesHuman Health Diseases
Animalia – Porifera to EchinodermataMicrobes in Human Welfare
Application of BiotechnologyMineral Nutrients
Biomedical TechnologiesMovement and Locomotion
Biotechnology Principles and ProcessesNervous Coordination
CellOrigin of Life
Cell DivisionPhotosynthesis
Cell RespirationPlant Growth
Chemical CoordinationPlant Morpho
ChordataPlant Water Relations
Circulation of Body FluidsPlantae
Environmental IssuesReproduction in Higher Plants
ExcretionSensory System
Food production-Animal HusbandrySystematics

General Ability Syllabus

Analogy (Verbal)Mathematical Operations
Awards and RecognitionsNumber and Ranking
Blood RelationsSeries (Verbal)
Calendar, Time and ClockSports
 Coding DecodingVenn Diagrams
IndiaWord Problems
Logical DeductionsWorld

Marking scheme for CMC Vellore 2015

SubjectTotal questionsNegative MarksDuration
Chemistry60No120 minutes
Numerical ability120No70 minutes
(section 1)60No
(section 2)60No

Reference Books For CMC Vellore 2015 Entrance test

  • Golden Excel with AIIMS Previous Years solved Papers by  J.P.Sharma, S. Jawa, Dr. J.K.Juneja
  • Oswaal Mock test Papers for AIIMS Delhi (Medical)
  • Mtg AIIMS Explorer
  • Target AIIMS
  • Medical Entrance guide by Raizada
  • Universal Self Scorer Biology for AIPMT,
  • AIIMS, AFMC & Various Medical Entrance Exams
  • Edusys Advanced Explorer AIIMS 2008
  • Arihant AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination (Solved Papers 1997-2011)
  • Medical Entrance guide by Raizada
  • Medical Entrance reference book by rph editorials board
  • PGMEE for various  medical entrance examination volume II



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