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JEE Advanced 2016 Topper Interview

Last Updated - February 23, 2017

JEE Advanced 2016 Topper Aman Jain was knocked down with feather when he secured the 32nd rank in JEE Advanced 2016 (Joint Entrance Examination Advanced). As soon as he saw his JEE Advanced result, he stood rooted to the spot. He scored a striking 300 in JEE Mains and 258 in JEE Advanced 2016. He is now studying in IIT-Mumbai, pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science – his dream course.

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In this article, we have shared Aman Jain’s experience, preparation tips, and useful advices to his fellow aspirants.

How to prepare for JEE Advanced?

Aman relied on self-study as well as JEE Advanced coaching centres to score better in JEE Advanced. He used to attend these classes three days a week. In the remaining four days of the week, he would go through his notes that he prepared during school and coaching Centre. He maintained a diary in which he jotted down all the notes on every chapter, mistakes that he made (so that he could correct them later) and concepts he needed to remember. 

Nowadays, coaching classes mark as a helpful source for JEE Advanced Preparation. Aman says, “Apply for a good coaching Centre like Bansal classes, Resonance, FITJEE etc. These coaching centres help you cover the whole JEE Advanced syllabus before moving on to practicing with mock tests.”

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What to do a month before JEE Advanced ?

Just when JEE Advanced was round the corner, Aman had already covered the JEE Advanced syllabus through his coaching centre. So, he focused on JEE Advanced practice papers. Aman says, “Practice as many mock tests and previous years question paper as possible. Mock tests help you in getting familiar with the exam pattern and routine. It also helps you in becoming confident.”

Aman didn't even touch his textbooks. He just relied on his self-made notes. Note-making is a very good way to prepare for your exams as it helps you remembering points better. You can look at these notes anytime for a quick glance before the exam.  Aman’s notes were the only thing he trusted until the last few day before JEE Mains and JEE Advanced 2016.

What are the last minute JEE Advanced Preparation Tips ?

Aman’s no.1 advice to all the aspirants – BE CALM.

He didn't even go through his notes or books during this time. Aman had already given so many mock tests that he was full of confidence. Therefore, he spent his time with family and friends, making his body and mind calm as much as possible.

“Spending time with family and loved ones can help you ease the pressure and clear your mind. Most students can't perform well under pressure and have a habit of making silly mistakes which results in scoring less. So, it is very important that you keep calm on the day of the exam”, says Aman.

What to do about your weak subjects in JEE Advanced ?

Even JEE Advanced toppers can find some subject extremely difficult. Aman was one of them. He thought Mathematics was the most difficult subject. “Maths tends to mix and match concept. Unless you know those concepts by fingertips, you will get confused and make mistakes," Aman said in an interview

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Students put more time and effort on the subjects that they are strong in. Its human tendency to ignore your weak subjects. But that only results in scoring less due to silly mistakes in your weak areas.

 Aman thinks that the difference between doing brilliantly and failing in JEE Advanced depends on the silly mistakes that most students make. He practiced maths at least an hour a day to avoid silly mistakes.

Advice to fellow aspirants by Aman Jain

According to Aman, being calm is the most important thing to keep in my mind before taking JEE Advanced. He believes in smart work more than hard work.

He suggests not to practice too much for a single chapter. Every chapter should be given equal time regardless of whether it's big or small. So many students go through four or five books for one single chapter. Then, the lose interest in the minor chapters. It is waste of time and not a very a smart way to study.

Aman advices to mark questions that you think might come in the Exam. Also, if a chapter is difficult, practice it more. But that doesn't mean going through different books to understand it. This will only confuse you further. Aman only went through a single book per subject and it helped him a lot.

Aman’s experience at IIT-Bombay

Aman didn’t have time to watch movies or relax. He was either at school or coaching or self-studying. But he says that the hard work and sacrifice of fun was worth it. At IIT-Bombay, they have ample time to pursue extra-curricular activities that they wish to take part in.

This is the first time he is living away from home, so he feels a little strange to be independent at such an early age. He now has complete freedom to decide when and how to study. He feels that the concepts taught in IIT-B are quite Advanced, even though they are loosely based on what he has already learnt in preparing for JEE Advanced. Aman is really happy with his college because it has all the resources that any student might need, along with an excellent infrastructure.



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