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TANCET 2016 Preparation Tips

Last Updated - April 11, 2017

TANCET 2016 is the Tamil Nadu state level entrance examination for admission in M.E./M.Tech/ MCA and MBA Programmes. To reserve seat in the top colleges of Tamil Nadu state, candidates must face a tough competition. There are many factors apart from knowledge that is essential to crack any entrance exam such as- time management, speed, accuracy, and, many more. All those candidates who are interested in applying for the TANCET 2016, should seek the TANCET 2016 Eligibility and TANCET 2016 Application Process. Eligible candidates should also get familiarize with the TANCET 2016 Exam Pattern before starting preparation.

TANCET EligibilityTANCET Important DatesTANCET Application ProcessTANCET Admit CardTANCET Exam Centers

TANCET 2016 is a pen and paper based. There are a total of 100 questions that are to be answered in 120 minutes. Each of the questions carries 1 mark. For every incorrect marked choice, marks will be deducted accordingly. The medium of the TANCET 2016 is English language. No extra time will be awarded to the candidates to complete the exam.

Aspirants of TANCET 2016 should note that, there will be 5 sub-sections for MBA and 6 sub-sections for MCA. While the paper for admission in M. Tech/ M.E/ M. Arch/ M. Plan will be divided into 3 parts- Engineering Mathematics, Basic Engineering & Sciences and the Elective Subject. Elective subject is chosen by the candidate at the time of registration. All the questions will be Multiple Choice Questions.

If you are preparing for any entrance exam, focus and practice is a must. All the aspiring candidates of TANCET 2016 must ensure that the entire syllabus is fully covered during preparation. An earnest practice of sample papers, mock tests and so on should be done. Time management and practice are of great significance when preparing for the TANCET 2016. There is no time bound for any section. 

Are you wandering, how you can prepare for TANCET 2016? Then here below are some TANCET 2016 preparation tips which can help you in preparing well for the exam.

1. Time Management- It is a key to success in academics. It doesn’t achieve success only in academics but in all the fields. When you plan your days in prior then time can become your friend rather than your devil. Better management of time will enable you to get the most out of life. It helps you in getting more done with confusion, less stress, and annoyance. This skill can even fetch you higher marks throughout the academics in school year, as well as in tests, quizzes, and exams. Millions of candidates around the world behave otherwise. They actually expect some magic during exams! And which actually cannot be. Without giving quality time to study, they hope to get the highest marks and are then disappointed or feel ashamed when the results prove otherwise.

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” H. Jackson Brown Jr.

TANCET 2016 Preparation Tips

  • Organize your time- It totally depends upon you what you choose- hard work or the smart one! If your goal is to control the time rather than time control over you then you have to do things differently. The best way to organize time for your studies is to devote quality time on studies rather than other activities.
  • Access your time- Here comes the false truth. Many candidates believe that they devote most of the time in studies or moreover they study all the time. And this is not at all related to truth. The actual way to determine the study time of a week is to keep track of everything you do i.e. from the time you wake up and go to bed. After this, do the addition of the total time spent on studies, eating, sleeping, and other activities. You will get to know where your time goes. If you find, your study time is less than the other activities then definitely you need a balanced schedule.
  • Set your priorities- To achieve your goals, you have to define the time allocation to the sections. The weaker section has to be given more time other than the strong ones. There are certain things that can help you such as reading newspapers, listening English news channels, teaching friends and etc. These will help you in getting excel to the sections of the exam.
  • Make a schedule- Yes. It is a good step after setting priorities. Create your schedule in a way that you refer it often. Make it in a way that fixed commitments cannot be changed such as seminars, revisions, and etc. Organize your peak study times as at that time you are more alert. Make sure, you add a column of refreshing brain cells such as exercises, meeting friends and spending time with family.
  • Use a calendar- If there are some months remaining for your exam then you can go for the monthly calendar. For this you can make up your schedules and do studies which include more revisions and mock tests. 
  • Plan some down time- you’re a human being not a machine. Even machines take rest so you have to do. Refreshed mind is very alert and can catch more easily. Have full sleep and it should not be compensated before the 2-3 days of exams.
  • Plan activities logically- None other than knows better than you about yourself. Change your schedule timings upon the mood on every week or two. This helps in refreshing mind and keeps you boosted.

2. Speed and Accuracy – Skills for solving questions effectively vary with the topics involved and sometimes varies even within. Every topic generally has kinds of questions which are solved with different tricks. There is only thing that can really help you out and it is practice. Keep solving mock tests to stay in touch with the older topics. Whenever you’re solving questions, try solving on your own. But don’t spend more than 10 minutes on any question in an attempt. Try solving it every day and at last go for help. This practice helps in thinking faster and at the time of actual exam. Each and every question is important as it fetches marks and that decides the rank. It is good if you keep a track of questions that are solved by the new tricks. Instant revision of such tricks make you remember what the trick was.

If you have set your 4 goals- Decide the desired rank or marks, Starting Point, End Point and Practice & Analysis, and then automatically you will achieve speed and accuracy as well.

“Management informs. Leadership applies. The effective managers inform accurately. Effective leaders apply wisely.”  Israelmore Ayivor

TANCET Preparation Tips 1

TANCET Exam PatternTANCET Syllabus

3. Previous year papers- Solving last years’ question papers are very helpful. It is good, if you get last 8-10 years’ of question papers. The main purpose of solving these papers is that you will come to know the pattern of the question paper. Every candidate who is aspiring for TANCET 2016 should solve the question paper within the stipulated time.  Solving these papers will allow the aspiring candidates to have a proper study time and this also increases the confidence level.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” - Aristotle

TANCET 2016 Preparation Tips 2

Know More About TANCET Practice Papers

4. Revision- Exams- the most baffling time for almost every candidate. Properly done revision can decrease the fear and it increases the confidence. There are few tips that help you in revising your exam syllabus. They are as follows-

“Revision is the heart of writing. Every page I do is done over seven or eight times.” - Patricia Reilly Giff

TANCET Preparation Tips 3

  • Know your syllabus- it is the most important tip for exam success to be thorough with the syllabus. Find out what you have to revise and do accordingly. 
  • Start revising early- there is no defined time for doing revisions. It should be done on the regular basis. So plan your revision and stick to it. Nothing is better than by revising the self-made notes and stickers over the wall. It grabs the mind when you’re in no mood of study.
  • Don’t just read the notes- yes, don’t just read them…write it over. This is the best way to memorize the formulae and tricks. Tricks to solve questions must be on finger tips.
  • Find a right environment to do revision- revision plays an important role during the preparation session. It should not be done while watching TV. Not even while listening RADIO. The better way to relax mind is listening to the soft melodies. And most importantly it should not run over your mind while doing revisions.

5. Master the basics- having clear concepts is the key to success. It is very important to be thorough with the syllabus. Candidates are requested to concentrate more on the sections which can fetch more marks. There are certain books that are considered best in effectively delivering the knowledge. You don’t need to know everything under it but you should be thorough with some of the important ones. If there is change in exam pattern, the stress is more on clearing the concepts rather than just mugging tricks. Candidates should devote quality time in understanding the basics.

“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.”  Steve Maraboli


TANCET Preparation Tips

6. Work hard on weaknesses- there are often some areas in which one needs improvement. Firstly identify the weak areas by giving the mock tests. Pen down the mistakes and work hard on them. Polish your strengths. Don’t read anything new when exam day is approaching. Being organized is one of the most important skills any aspiring candidate can have. It is the best defence against an attack during an exam. So, there is no point of leaving the weak points or the non-favorite ones.

“Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were better.”  Jim Rohn

Preparation Tips for TANCET

7. study Plan- an organized schedule that outlines study times and learning goals. Here are some tips to make your study plan a thoughtful planning-

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”  Dwight D. Eisenhower

TANCET 2016 Preparation Tips 7

  • Choose a healthy environment to study.
  • Create your checklist and be accurate with the tasks. Give an extra hour to solve the incomplete tasks. Don’t feel anxious as it is just a guideline.
  • Practice till you become excel. You must be able to solve the questions in such a way that you can explain the questions in multiple ways without any hesitation.
  • There are different kinds of problems. Note down the differences and similarities among them. As this helps in nurturing the skills of understanding the concepts.   
  • Be ready with the notebook to jot down the formulae, tricks and concepts. If you have your notes ready then you don’t need to go through your books again and again. This is very helpful while doing revision.
  • You understand yourself better than the others. Know your limit to study and don’t over prepare. Just give your 100% what you study.
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Given below are some preparation strategy for sections that are very helpful for the preparation of TANCET 2016-

  1. Quantitative Ability- To perform better in any section, a look on syllabus makes the battle easy. This section tests the goodness level with the numbers. For the good practice, candidates must focus on the quality material not the quantity material. Practicing previous years’ question papers, sample papers and other study materials really helps.
  2. Logical Reasoning- To solve any problem related to LR, candidates should have good mathematical skills and apply them step by step to draw a unique conclusion from given statements. But keep one thing straight that whatever conclusion you have drawn should satisfy all the preordered statements.
  3. Verbal Ability & Passage Comprehension- Grammar plays an important role. No one can learn all the grammar rules in one time. Splitting paragraphs into small paragraphs comes in a very helpful manner. Splitting helps in collecting the information and vocabulary.
  4. Data sufficiency- Firstly read the given problem and don't assume anything except the universal facts. Universal facts are always true. Compare the 1st statement with the main statement and try to get the answer. Repeat this for the 2nd statement. If still it is difficult to get the answer then combine both the given statements and compare with the main statement. Here, the everyday facts and knowledge of mathematics plays an important role.
  5. Computer Awareness- Whatever is studied during the BCA, comes in TANCET 2016 MCA entrance. The questions come in a familiar way. There are some books available in the market which can help to an extent.
  6. Basic Sciences- This section can be prepared well by just going through some NCERT books. A single reading is enough to excel this section.



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