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JEE MAIN 2017 Preparation Tips by Vivek Kumar

Last Updated - March 30, 2017

Vivek Kumar, an active admission seeker who had gone through JEE Main entrance in the year 2013. We are going to discuss his plans & activities which he had chosen to get succeed in the exam.

Here is the percentile & All India Rank (AIR) secured by him in JEE exam.

JEE PercentileAIR

Ques. So tell the name of the institute where you have taken admission?

Ans. I have taken admission in National Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut.

Ques. What options did you choose? Online or offline mode of exam & why?

Ans. I take the test in offline mode. I have had my own opinion regarding merits & demerits for different perspective of exam, which I want to portray here:

Merits of Offline exam:

In offline exam one can mark the questions unanswered or the ones in which the student is in doubt, an online exam makes you cognizant about the time so that you don't get stuck in particular question.

Demerits of online exam:
Students who have practiced on paper, and this happens for 2-3 years, so they may get sluggish while giving online test, as comprehending the question is the key to such exams, they find it difficult to capture question from screen rather than from a hardcopy or we can say paper.
I am not saying that you should never opt for online mode. It all depends on the temperament of the student, but if sufficient practice is done for facing an online exam beforehand the performance with the same input will be better.

Ques. Did you qualify for JEE Advanced?

Ans. Yes, I had qualified for JEE Advanced.

Ques. Would you like to signify the essence of coaching classes with respect to your preparation strategies for the entrance? (If applicable)

Ans. I had taken coaching classes for preparation. I just want to rate their efforts on moderate level.

Study material offered by coaching institutes is also helpful. I strongly advised to the newcomers to not to miss the classes. You can go through online notes also but after completion of NCERT.

Ques. How would you like to signify the importance of NCERT books in whole preparation?

Ans. Anyone who is going to prepare can exactly match the exam syllabus with the topics given in NCERT books. He/she will find that if a topic is not given in NCERT then that topic will never be asked in JEE Main.

NCERT books serve as a primary key to crack the JEE entrance.

Here some other Tips to crack JEE MAIN Exam

Ques. Rate the following parameters in light of preparation strategy?

ParametersRating Scale
Role of coaching classesModerate
NCERT Text booksExcellent
Study material of coaching classesModerate
Online study materialModerate
Subject wise classes of coaching institutesExcellent
Importance of Self studyExcellent (Mandatory)

Ques. Did you opt for coaching classes? If yes then how did they help you in your preparation strategy?

Ans. I had joined Narayna coaching Institute in my hometown in Dhanbad. The coaching brings out the best in a student. On my part, I would say keeping pace with the coaching and balancing school is the key to crack the exam. Few points to remember are:
1. The same faculty teaches you throughout as the question comes by combining two-three modules ( Mostly in physics)
2. The coaching gives you the quality time for introspection and practice.
3. Don't keep judging the faculty, He is not a God.

4. In whatever coaching institute one is going, major part is required to be accomplished by the student not through the institute’s side.

Ques. How did you manage JEE Main preparation along with your class XIIt h exam?

Ans. I did my school and coaching both nearby my house, kept my health good which was a major factor to avoid harassment. I kept myself cool and confident which I think is a major factor for critical thinking required for the exam.

Being an average student I kept doing coaching and school studies separately but regularly, at the end of each topic(both from school and coaching) I amalgamated both to finalize.

Focusing on speed and performance was a major requirement which was later implemented as I gained up speed with time. In competitive exams speed is necessary but one should first solve myriad of questions to gain confidence and not to worry about speed, when you gain confidence speed comes naturally.

Ques. What were your strong & weak k areas? How did you prepare & what special efforts did you put to improve them?

Ans. I was good in physics and maths, but weak in chemistry as it involves a bit of mugging up. To find out exactly where is the root problem, the topics in which one is weak should be deal separately,

In cases of nuances I have searched for the solution from respective guide/faculty. I was weak in Organic (some topics) and Probablity (in Maths) and other small topics in which every student faces problems. I spent two-three continuous days on the same topic and removed the doubts and make notes for future reference. Making notes in such issues helped me a lot.

Topics, in which I was strong, practiced them on weekly basis. 2-3 months prior to the exam I had started revision. In conclusion don't leave anything on luck take chance from your side.

Ques. From which mock papers did you practice?

Ans. I took my coaching mock tests. ( Narayana) and resonance mock test, I also looked what questions are being asked in other test series. Brilliant tutorial papers are also good.

Whatever mock tests one takes, the aim should not be getting a good rank in the test as the real competition is too big, just get to know where you lack and where you lead and make amendments/changes accordingly and within time.

TEST Your Preparation with JEE MAIN Test Papers

Ques. What strategy did you followed for physics preparation?

Ans. The basic for this subject is to understand the concept. The subtle difference between lines. Read the book HC Verma like a bible. I have an emotional attachment with this book, for supplements one can refer DC Pandey books (Arihant Publications). Introspect what you exactly learnt from each topic and how it can be framed in a question.

Try to question yourself after learning a topic and find solutions for the same from apt resources (like faculty/online/friends). To gain speed in problems of physics takes time, for an average student, correctly comprehending the situation in question is the key. Don't start mugging up formulas for every topic. Try to solve the question by using Calculus wherever possible, it gives more clarity for thinking.

Topics in physics are related form vectors to Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) to waves in mechanics. Make sure you have been able to connect to all of them. Similar strategy should be followed in other modules too. Modern Physics is a scoring section, people repulse them from it, but it’s better to attack and finish it off.

Ques. What strategy did you followed for Chemistry preparation?

Ans. Being weak in Chemistry always troubled me. I have used helluva of resources to crack the problems but a simple strategy in chemistry to finish the NCERT Books first. Mostly questions are framed revolving around topics given in NCERT, one can find a lot of topics which are not mentioned in NCERT and those don't actually come in JEE, it may come in other entrance exams and test series.

I would like to explain the strategy separately for each section
Physical Chemistry: This will be the most conceptual in terms of solving numeric questions. If you are good at maths you will get through it easily. The concepts are quite simple starting from 'Mole Concept'. Question from this topic are rare in exam but its the base for physical chemistry, one can refer books other than NCERT in this for understanding and do solve the problems given at the end of NCERT, they have quality.
Inorganic Chemistry: Just make notes from NCERT keep mugging it up; make sure you are acquainted about each and every line. Must see previous year JEE questions and make note out of it.

JEE MAIN Admit CardJEE MAIN Exam PatternJEE MAIN SyllabusJEE MAIN Paper Analysis

Ques. What strategy did you followed for Mathematics preparation?

Ans. There is huge level difference between mathematics syllabus of board & JEE. For basics one should focus in coaching classes, few people are naturally good in maths so they have an added advantage, Calculus and Coordinates are the major challenge, so it’s better to gain confidence in them, start preparation from low level problems in RS Aggarwal book and simultaneously keep peeping in Arihant Publications books.

Solving time-taking subjective questions in Arihant book's example to understand the topic's depth (such question will not come though). Strike on the objective pattern once you are good at subjective part. Keep maths in constant practice, you may leave physics and chemistry un-touched for a week but the doing same with maths will suck confidence.

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time & change to get into a better college?

Ans. On my part I feel I did what I had to, I don't regret for things. But I think I lost focus in between sometimes due to change in surroundings, i.e. friends and relationships. I feel they are a part of life but balancing them with my studies was rough.

At this age of 17-18 years one is gaining maturity and distractions are bound to happen. In order to make the commitment to your studies reap fruits one should balance things other than studies too or simply be a saint and refrain from such things.

Ques. Do you want to review your college?

Ans. No

Ques. Write some preparation tips for someone who is starting preparation 4 months prior to exam?

Ans. According to me, a four month preparation for JEE Main should be only on the Board syllabus. Chemistry should be the target subject as it is the one which has most common elements in Boards and JEE. One should not try to bridge the gap between boards and JEE.

Focus only on the strong & easy topics. Take a low level book for building confidence and if possible try to connect to JEE.



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