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JEE MAIN 2017 Preparation Tips by Mayur Aggarwal

Last Updated - March 30, 2017

Mayur Aggarwal, student in Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT). Aspirant of JEE entrance 2014.He had secured 97 marks in JEE.

According to him he was not able to score requisite number of marks but he has some good points to share & discuss with our team, which will definitely help the aspiring students during exam preparation.

Ques. What options did you choose? Online or offline mode of exam & why?

Ans. I choose offline mode to take up the exam. We all are quite familiar with this way of attempting exam as we have been writing our exams since our childhood. Moreover, I had never given any online exam till then, so I was a bit afraid to attempt that mode in one of my most important exam. Regarding the pros, I suppose that one is very familiar with writing exams manually at home, school, tuitions & coaching’s, etc. So one does not need to especially prepare for it.
Regarding the cons, when I contacted few of my friends who gave exam in online mode, they told me that in online mode one saves lot of time IN comparison to filling the OMR sheets.

Ques. Did you qualify for JEE Advanced?

Ans. No, I did not qualify for JEE Advanced as my JEE Main score is very low i.e. 97 marks.

Ques. Would you like to signify the essence of coaching classes with respect to your preparation strategies for the entrance? (If applicable)

Ans. No. I did not take any dedicated coaching class for JEE Mains. In  class 11th and 12th besides attending schools(6 hours), going for tuitions(3 hours), and self- study(3-4 hours) daily, I never had this much amount of time that I could attend some dedicated coaching classes for the exam.
But luckily, I was blessed with very good teachers both in school and tuition. They regularly guided us for exam preparation. They told us about some important topics,

The way we should approach to the exam and some other help. So I did not felt the need for separate coaching. Moreover, I had the aim to first do well in my board exams and then deal with JEE. So my focus was on boards and I would advise to all my juniors to first prepare well for boards. This will boost your JEE Main preparation too. Most of the questions in JEE Mains are from your text books only.

Here some other Tips to crack JEE MAIN 2017 Exam

Ques. Rate the following parameters in light of preparation strategy?

ParametersRating Scale
Role of coaching classesHave not taken any coaching classes
NCERT Text booksExcellent (Most Important)
Study material of coaching classesNot Applicable
Online study materialModerate
Subject wise classesExcellent (You can explore your weak areas)
Importance of Self studyExcellent (Self- study helps up to 70%)

Ques. How did you manage JEE Main preparation along with your class XIIt h exam?

Ans. As I mentioned above, I focused on my board exams preparation first, that helped me to get good knowledge of most of the topics. I did not take any specific coaching for Mains, but I have collected some previous year’s question papers and practiced them.
I also took some guidance from my seniors who had given the exam earlier. After board exams I got around 10-12 days’ time for JEE Main. In that duration, I only focused on practicing as many questions as possible.

Ques. What were your strong & weak k areas? How did you prepare & what special efforts did you put to improve them?

Ans. Strong Areas: Physics was my strong area. Thanks to my teachers for this. I have keen interest in physics. So whenever  I sit for self- study, first subject that I picked up was physics. Organic chemistry was also one of my strong areas.
Weak Areas: Mathematics was my weakest point. Once I had been a class topper in maths up to class 10. But do not know what happened when I passed to class 11. My problem was that I made so many calculation errors. I did practice a lot but the mistakes did not seem to be filtered. I decided that I will approach the mathematics section at the last. But even I am surprised that out of the 10 questions I attempted in this section only one was wrong. So I managed to score pretty well in mathematics.

Ques. From which mock papers did you practice?

Ans. I practiced from past 3-4 years question papers very thoroughly. I neither take any specific mock papers nor did I joined any test series. But, I practiced the objective questions given in my reference books. They are very helpful in clearing concepts and they are quite similar to the questions which we see in JEE Mains.
One can take up a test series if he/she thinks it's important. But it should not be a month or few weeks before. One should start that test series at least 4-5 months before. But I would still say that practice the objective questions given in the reference books and solve them chapter wise or topic wise.

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Ques. What strategy did you followed for physics preparation?

Ans. First go for the topics which have the highest weightage in past years. For example: Highest no. of questions was from mechanics, followed by electricity and magnetism, followed by optics. Then comes the thermodynamics and then the remaining topics like measurement and errors etc.
Thermodynamics is important as it is also included in chemistry. So preparing it well in this section will save your time there. Numerical and theory are of almost equal weightage. So preparing both with equal importance
As far as the books are concerned, I went with ""MODERN ABC OF PHYSICS for class 11 and class 12, written by Sathish K Gupta"". I practiced the objective questions given at the end of each unit, with separate sections for past year questions and important questions from entrance exam point of view. I found those questions good enough for preparation.

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Ques. What strategy did you followed for Chemistry preparation?

Ans. When I gave the exam in 2014, I found chemistry section to be the easiest one. When I asked to my juniors who gave exam in 2015, they also said the same. So it is highly possible that this may be repeated next year too. So I would advise to attempt the chemistry section at the first and try to complete it in first 40 to 50 minutes.
Questions in chemistry are generally from theory and less from numerical. So it saves time. Most of questions were from physical chemistry, followed by organic and inorganic.
Regarding books, I studied NCERT along with ""Comprehensive Chemistry class 11 and class 12"". Main section of this book goes with theory and practice questions. Now with new editions, a practice and a quick revision book is also available. This proved to be quite helpful to me.

Ques. What strategy did you followed for Mathematics preparation?

Ans. Like many others, this was the toughest section for me. I attempted it in the last. I would advise juniors to not to attempt this section at first, as in the first half we are mostly prone to make calculation errors and mathematics is mostly about calculations. So attempt it at second place or in last.
In my exam, highest no. of questions was from algebra, followed by calculus. Co-ordinate geometry, usually has very high weightage in the exam but in my exam it was not so. Every year at least 2-3 questions are from complex numbers and that is a quite easy topic. Sets, statistics and mathematical reasoning are also some easy and marks securing topics.
In books, I practiced NCERT thoroughly and RS Aggarwal. I would also recommend RD SHARMA. It is a very good book for preparing JEE Advanced. Many questions in my exam were similar to the ones given in NCERT. So go through your NCERT too.

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time & change to get into a better college?

Ans. Frankly speaking, I think I am in a good college. Though I would also like to be in one of the NIT's and IIT's, but that can't happen now.
If I would be given a chance to change my actions of past, then first thing I would like to do is to practice more questions. I think I missed out on this front.

Other thing which I would like to do is to focus on time management. While attempting my physics section, I could not even attempt all the questions. I could have scored 15-20 more marks if I had attempted all the questions.
If I had been able to correctly solve 4-5 more questions, then I would have cleared the JEE Main and may have got the chance to sit in JEE Advanced.


Ques. Do you want to review your college?

Ans. Yes, I want to review my college.

Ques. Write some preparation tips for someone who is starting preparation 4 months prior to exam?

Ans. If anyone is starting his/her preparation 4 months before the exam, that is somewhere around now, then I believe he has good chances of doing well in the exam. Provided that he/she has been study actively in previous days in his/her school and tuition classes.
As I said, one can go for a test series, and if not then just practice the objective and numerical of reference books. As still there is quite some time so first of all learn all the concepts and clear all your doubts and troubles. Then go for practice. And practice as much as you can.



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