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JEE Main 2016 Chemistry Paper Analysis

Last Updated - April 09, 2017

JEE Main Exam is conducted by CBSE all over India. This exam is conducted to get admission in Under Graduate (UG) Engineering Programmes at various top ranking institutes. JEE Main Exam has mainly two papers. Paper 1 is for the aspirants who wants to go in engineering programmes. Paper 2 is for the aspirants who want admission in B.Arch. or B.Plann Degree courses. If you are confused between the courses, then you may answer both the Papers. JEE Main 2016 will be conducted on 3rd April, 2016 and this will be offline exam for both the papers. On 9th and 10th April, 2016 the only JEE Main 2016 Paper 1 Online Mode will be held. Both of these papers are held in 3 hours duration. Paper 1 has Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the subjects which consists of objective types questions.

JEE Main Exam has a total number of 30 questions in chemistry section. Each question has 4 different multiple choices. Every question in this section carries 4 marks. The correct choice marked answer will get you achieve 4 marks and the wrong choice marked answer will deduct -1. So be careful while marking the answers, if you’re very sure then only go with your choice else move on.

In this article, we are providing you the JEE Main Chemistry Paper Analysis by covering all the aspects of the marks distribution according to the chapters covered in CBSE Syllabus, the number of questions asked from +1 and +2 level, the most important and compulsory topics to be prepared to clear the JEE Main Exam, changes from last year paper analysis and at last providing you the sample questions on chemistry.

JEE Main ExamPaper Analysis
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IIT JEE Main 2016 Chemistry Chapter Wise Marks Distribution

The following table will get you the fresh idea regarding the total marks distribution of chapters contained in the Chemistry Syllabus according to Central Board of Secondary Education. This table contains the data from previous year paper analysis. The number of questions asked from particular topic fluctuates every year, so we can only predict the possibility of the outcome. The weightage column shows the fluctuation of marks and percentage of the questions asked. Here you go and have all the detail analysis-

S.noChapter NameNumber of questions asked in YearWeightage
1Mole Concept1213-64-8
2Acid-Base Titrations---00
3Redox Reaction11134
4Gaseous State1123-64-8
7Atomic Structure1123-64-8
8Chemical Bonding1213-104-12
9Chemical Equilibrium21-3-64-8
10Ionic Equilibrium-113-134-16
12Chemical Kinetics1113-64-8
13Solution and Colligative Properties1123-104-12
14Solid State1113-64-8
15Surface chemistry1--34
16General Organic Chemistry-123-64-8
19Alkyl Halides11-34
20Alcohols and Ethers--13-64-8
21Aldehydes and Ketones11-3-64-8
22Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives-113-64-8
24Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Polymers3313-104-12
25Aromatic Compounds1-13-104-12
26Qualitative Analysis1-134
27Transition Elements and Co-Ordination Chemistry4333-138-16
28Periodic Table and Representative Elements4133-134-16
30Nuclear Chemistry--134
31Environmental Chemistry--134

Number of Questions asked from Class 11th & Class 12th in 2015, 2014 and 2013

jee main chemistry paper analysis

Following is the graph showing at what aspect the number of questions asked at +1 and +2 level. It is not actually fixed that what number of questions may be asked from these classes, they may differ. But if we see the data available from 2013, 2014 and 2015 year, there is no fixed number of questions asked from class 11th and class 12th.

Class, Year201520142013
Class 11th141112
Class 12th161918

Difficulty Level of Questions asked in previous years

From the past 10 years the level of difficulty of the exam has been dropped. There are no more than 3-4 questions that are asked out of NCERT Books. In the following graph, it can be seen that, the number of difficult questions asked in year 2015 has been dropped as compared to the number of difficult questions asked in year 2014.

jee main chemistry paper analysis

Level of Questions, Year201520142013

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Important Topics of Chemistry in JEE Main 2016 Exam

Here we are providing you the topics of Chemistry Section that are to be prepared for JEE Main 2017, on the scale of most important, important and less important topics. Here we go-

  • Most Important Topics- there are a total of 10 topics that are to be prepared very well, as these topics carry high weightage marks and the number of questions comes mostly from these topics. These topics cover the weightage of nearly 10%, 8%, 7%, 6%, 5% and 4%. The topics are: Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen, Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, d & f block Elements, s-block Elements, Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure, Some Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry, p-block Elements, Coordination Compounds, Chemical Thermodynamics.
  • Important Topics- this section contains chapters that carry weightage nearly 4% to 2%. Following are the chapters that are must to be done to increase the rank: Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen, Redox reaction, Biomolecules, Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure, Polymers, Solutions, Solid States, Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry and Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties.
  • Less Important Topics- this section includes those chapters which are least weighted nearly 2% or 1% and the questions from these topics doesn’t come much. The topics are: States of Matter, Hydrogen, Hydrocarbons, General Principles & Process of Isolation of Metals, Organic Compounds containing Hydrogen, Surface Chemistry, Purification Characteristics of Organic Compounds, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Principles related to Practical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry.

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Changes Made in the last Few Years in JEE Main

First of all, if we talk about any syllabus change in the JEE Main Exam, there is no change in the syllabus of chemistry. Although the questions asked in chemistry last year were not that tough. Students are requested to pay little more attention to this section because it is scoring and last year data also defines that students had difficulty in solving the numeric questions.

The overall weightage of chemistry in JEE Main 2015 is as-

jee main chemistry paper analysis

Sample Questions of JEE Mains Chemistry Paper

Q1. The color of KMnO4 is due to:

(1) d – d transition

(2) L → M charge transfer transition

(3) s – s* transition

(4) M → L charge transfer transition

Q2. Assertion: Nitrogen and Oxygen are the main components in the atmosphere but these do not react to form oxides of nitrogen.

Reason: The reaction between nitrogen and oxygen requires high temperature.

(1) Both assertion and reason are correct, but the reason is not the correct explanation for the assertion

(2) The assertion is incorrect, but the reason is correct

(3) Both the assertion and reason are incorrect

(4) Both assertion and reason are correct, and the reason is the correct explanation for the assertion

Q3. Which of the following compounds is not an antacid?

(1) Cimetidine

(2) Phenelzine

(3) Ranitidine

(4) Aluminium hydroxide

Q4. In the context of the Hall-Heroult process for the extraction of Al, which of the following statements is false?

(1) Al2O3 is mixed with CaF2 which lowers the melting point of the mixture and brings conductivity

(2) Al3+ is reduced at the cathode to form Al

(3) Na3AlF6 serves as the electrolyte

(4) CO and CO2 are produced in this process

Q5. Match the catalysts to the correct processes:

(A) TiCl3 (i) Wacker process

(B) PdCl2 (ii) Ziegler – Natta polymerization

(C) CuCl2(iii) Contact process

(D) V2O5 (iv) Deacon’s process


(1) (A) – (ii), (B) – (i), (C) – (iv), (D) – (iii)

(2) (A) – (ii), (B) – (iii), (C) – (iv), (D) – (i)

(3) (A) – (iii), (B) – (i), (C) – (ii), (D) – (iv)

(4) (A) – (iii), (B) – (ii), (C) – (iv), (D) – (i)



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