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7 ways to make JEE Main Preparation Fun

Last Updated - March 30, 2017

Yes. You heard it right. I used JEE MainPreparation & Fun in the same sentence! While months preparing for the Ace Engineering Exam may not sound like a weekend at Sunburn, it doesn’t all have to be a backbreaker & setback. Students have always had a habit of taking way too much pressure on themselves regarding JEE Main Exam as it is the gateway to the best Engineering Institutes there are in the country. Not just a gateway to the Ivy League of Engineering colleges, it also gives the aspirants, a social recognition in front of society, relatives, teachers & friends. And we all love that, Don’t we?

But in the process to prepare for the top notch exam, Candidates at times, find themselves lost in the midway & often get depressed under enormous syllabus & torturous questions.

Well, fret not anymore amigo, we are here to save you from those dark times.  Here are some quick ideas to make your JEE Main Preparation Sessions a little more relaxing & entertaining.

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Use Music as Motivation

We all have our comfort zone. We all have our own rhythm. Some students feel at ease in their preparation in silence and solitary. But some good souls just don’t like silence. Noise & dynamicity is their comfort zone. Be it any case, a good music and a good book always go together.

If you think those hits may be distracting, try playing classical music as a more mellow alternative!Assign yourself a genre of music for JEE Main Preparation of each Topic. Planning to do 40 minutes of organic Chemistry? Its Bob Dylan and AR Rehman! Moving on to Quadratic Equations? Its Green day- time.

Even Scientists found in a survey that listening to a fine harmonic music helps build concentration for quite long time. So Go On! Play that song! Accentutate your JEE Main Preparation.

Be Far-sighted, Plan Ahead for JEE Advanced

Set the Clock: 60 minutes Hardwork= 5 minutes FTW

Never Underestimate the power of a 5 minutes short break. Even if you Plan to study for JEE Main in silence- standing, stretching, and hopping around for a minute to get you out of that chair and keep the blood pumping through your brain!

We have all been there. Almost every JEE Main Aspirant. We know what an hour of Organic Chemistry and Complex Numbers does to you. So go on, walk around a little, talk to your friends, Have a glass of water, Eat your favorite food and then come back to your forte feeling more motivated and enthusiastic.

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Introduce some Healthy competition

We don’t advocate JEE Main Preparation as a Fight Club. It is more fun to treat your JEE Main Preparation as a game, with a clear winner and loser. Do timed drills from the books and mock tests with a friend or your school buddies.

Give and take pointers for every right & wrong answers. Chart the numbers of each player and invent fun punishments for the losers and awards for the winners.

Preparation on your own at times can get boring and tedious. Learning while chilling out with your favorites chums will surely refresh your mood and also prep you up for JEE Main.

Bribe yourself with food (or movies)

Well after the long & toiling JEE Main Preparation month of Carbon Bonds and Binomial Theorem, you surely would be needing a break and a reward for completing one of the most complex subject of the JEE Main Syllabus.

JEE MAINS ResultJEE MAIN CutoffJEE MAIN CounsellingJEE MAIN Seat Allotment

So go on now! Eat at your favorite restaurant! Watch your favorite movie! Hang out with your bros! Go on a dinner with your family. In short, Treat yourself with good food, good people and happy times.

Play JEE Main- Jeopardy

Just the way you did in your High School, A JEE Main Preparation themed Jeopardy game can be a fun way to remember chemical reaction, inorganic rules, Physics Theorems and Mathematics’ formulae.

Keeping a light atmosphere while prepping for the giant exam will help you achieve more even during the times your head is not dug into your notebooks.

Its also a great way to blow off some steam with fellow aspirants, while keeping an eye on the prize. Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Decorate your study area

Just a book and your mood to study, Probably a good idea. But if you want to keep your mood unchanged, because we know how you miss your football looking at that Number 10 jersey Poster of Lio Messi.

Decorating and preparing your room well will help you set the mood right for JEE Main Preparation. And we know how much you yearn for it.

Keep a calendar with your daily, weekly, & monthly JEE Main Preparation plans marked over it. Marks it with different shades to track your JEE Main Preparation performance. Trust us, you’ll feel good about yourself and your hard work dedicated to JEE Main, each time you look at the calendar.

Also put important formulae and complex chemical reactions and stick it in front of your study table. Looking at it each time you look away from the book or at times when you really mean to look at it will help you get them right without much effort

Be your own Coach

You don’t need any coaching. You don’t need to join any correspondence courses and go places just to make it to the JEE Main & JEE Advanced as well. It is tough to crack but it is possible. All you need is proper training, will power and dedication to achieve it. Remember, You are writing JEE Main not for your Mom, not for your Dad, not for the teacher who once said to drop the idea of it. YOU’RE DOING IT FOR YOURSELF. You are preparing for JEE Main. You are making sleepless efforts to shape your future.

Keep working Hard. Don’t let that fighter in you die for a moment. Because you see, Who are we without our dreams? Just a plain layman. And we know that’s not what you want to be.

So be your own Teacher, Be your own Guide. Be Your own Coach. Sure, take help from your family, colleague, friends, teachers or anyone you want to But at the end of the day know it in your mind- You are own Coach.



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