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How to make WBJEE preparation fun?

Last Updated - April 06, 2017

Studying for a competitive exam like WBJEE is not always the most interesting task in your day, but it indeed is a necessary one. There are more than 1.2 lakh candidates who appear for the examination each year. Needless to say, it is crucial to have a solid preparation plan.

Whether you admit it or not, everyone does get bored at one time or another while studying. Especially, when the syllabus is vast, and all you have is 4-6 weeks in your hands to prepare. Well, there is nothing wrong if you do get bored while doing your WBJEE preparation, it’s a common problem. 

Honestly, studies aren't boring, but the approach towards studying is boring. So, the question is, how do we make WBJEE preparation fun? Well, we have got some really helpful tips for everyone appearing for WBJEE. Hope this helps you all. And yes, don’t forget to thank us!

Begin with a Learning Mind Set

Begin with a Learning Mind Set

Study not just to score but to learn. Once you make that your mantra, everything will seem to be more interesting to study. Don't get us wrong, the aim is to score well in WBJEE 2017, but one can only score well if you study well. To study well, there is a need for having a learning mindset. Try to explore more out the topics you study, challenge yourself to learn a topic so well that you feel that you achieved something.

Treat yourself

Treat yourself

Investing in yourself is not bad when you know you can yield the results. Treat yourself good and get the best of the accessories, like a cool notebook, color pencils or a cool pen to write with. Or maybe chocolates! Studies show that a sense of belongingness comes when you buy something new of your wish. Having your favorite gears around you can motivate you to use it efficiently, and it can help you in focusing more.

Create your environment

Create your environment

Getting comfortable is, of course, essential but getting extra comfort can make you close your books and take you on a trip to a time-wasting nap. First off, pick the most active time of the day. If you are not a morning person, then it makes no sense that you force yourself to study early mornings. Get yourself proper table & chair, ensure that you have enough ventilation in your room and tick off all the necessary requirements to be able to study well. A bad environment will always have an adverse effect on you and that my friend won't help in making your WBJEE preparation Fun.

Let music be your partner

Let music be your partner

We know this may sound skeptical, but music can help you with your WBJEE preparation. The logic behind is that usually human brain is not used to an entirely silent environment. So, when one does study in that environment, those little noises like people talking or a dog barking, etc. can be distracting. Music helps one to be in that zone and maintain a flow with it. Now it is not suggested to listen to a lyrical track as they can break your concentration easily, thought genres like Electronic, Jazz, and stuff would do the magic for you.

Use of Mnemonics

You are all science guys & girls, and there is no way that you don't have any idea of what trigonometry is. This example should be enough to break the ice.

SOHCAHTOA = Some Old Hippie Chasing Another Hippie Tripping On Apples. This is a classic Mnemonic to memorize basics of trigonometry, Which is:

  • Sin of an angle = Opposite side / Hypotenuse
  • Cos of an angle = Adjacent side / Hypotenuse
  • Tan of an angle = Opposite side / Adjacent side

Using Mnemonics can help you in memorizing the formulas or be it anything by 60%. If you are creative enough, it can add allot of fun in your preparation.

Flash Cards

Flash Cards

Memorizing important PCMB formulas and theories can make anyone bored while studying for WBJEE 2017. Make that easier and fun by making flash cards, where you can write a summary in short or important formulas or Mnemonics to help you learn better.

Take Short Breaks

Too much of everything is bad. Studying for long hours will only exhaust you and will subconsciously break your focus. Taking short breaks helps one refuel himself for performing and focusing on continuing with the study material. In that break time, one can have light snacks (don't overfill yourself), Have something refreshing like a juice or so. You may get surprised by how well this actually works. 

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

Call your friend or your mentor to study along with you. Studying with a friend is an almost guaranteed way to make studying more fun. It can be difficult to motivate oneself when studying alone. But studying with someone else encourages you on & vice-versa. Everything seems much easier. You can quiz each other or compare notes and share learning techniques or even make creative mnemonics together.

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Quick Tip for WBJEE preparation

Study smart, not hard. Effective time management is the key. You just need to find a balance between studying and having fun/relaxing. Take out time to make a schedule and do follow the above-mentioned tips, it is really worth it. The final suggestion would be to try & really dive into the study material. Who knows, maybe you'll end up finding it interesting! Good luck!



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