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How to prepare for SRMJEEE 2016

Last Updated - December 08, 2015

This discussion will help you to understand all ethics, which are required in complete & fruitful preparation for SRMJEEE 2016 entrance. More weightage has been given to the numerical section according to the syllabus. Of course it is an engineering entrance exam so whole questions are related to principles & applications.

SRMJEEE 2016 General Preparation Tips:

  1. Practice:

Being an aspiring student you must identify your strengths & weaknesses. And it can be achieved through proper planning.

  1. Planning:

If you do not know from where you have to start ­how can reach to your destination. Fruitful result requires planning in right direction.

  1. Time Space:

If you have enough time for preparation, in that case you should pick the chapter in which you are weak & prepare. Priority wise preparation is mandatory. You have to decide which topic is important from with respect to exam pattern.

  1. Revision:

It is completely your choice that in which mode you want to take the test whether it is online (CBT) or offline. After deciding mode of the test you should start preparation i.e. prepare through online mock tests otherwise sample papers & books are also available alternatively.

SRMJEEE 2016 Physics Preparation Tips:

‘Physics’ the subject appears like unbreakable web for some students which have no end with so much confusing elements. Follow the below mentioned tricks:

  1. Strong Basics:

To achieve expertise in any subject, you should start from basic parameters. You require sound concepts with respect to all theories & laws to understand their applications & usage. Sing

In case of lack of basics, you should try practicing from ground level. Start reading your books of class IXth, Xth & then proceed further.

  1.  Implementation:

Assume the case that you have understands all theories & laws but you have no idea how to apply them. Make step by step procedural notes of, how to implement applications & concepts otherwise it would be worthless.

  1. Emphasis on Formulas & units:

You should learn all formulas & units required for different calculations. Try to understand the formulas instead of cramming them.

  1. Working methods:

Adhere yourself with manufacturing & working of different equipment used. It will help you to solve queries promptly.

  1. Innovations:

Explore new ideas & inventions in this field. Some questions are related to applications of these concepts in new techniques.

SRMJEEE 2016 Chemistry Preparation Tips:

  1. Understanding V/s Memorizing:

Most of the preparation tips are same as that for Physics. The main difference lies in equations & gas theory. Step by step understanding of equations is most important in comparison to cramming.

  1. Elaborative study:

In chemistry preparation elaborative & comprehensive study is very important.

  1. Numerical Ability:

Enhance your numerical ability by solving at least five questions from each topic which you are preparing. Solve numerical without looking back of the chapter for answers.

SRMJEEE 2016 Mathematics Preparation Tips:

Mathematics preparation is solely based on your approach to solve different questions on the same topic. Solve as many as questions possible, it will help you in long term planning not in one exam others too.

SRMJEEE 2016 Biology Preparation Tips:

For those students who have studied Biology along with Mathematics in HSC. It acts as a plus point for those students.

  • For Biology, we suggest you to prepare from NCERT books only. For every aspiring student it is a very well-known fact that these books cover all topics required to be prepared from exam point of view.
  • You can purchase other books too, but make sure that you have been used them only for practice purpose only.
  • Topics to be prepared first: Plant Physiology, Cell Biology, Ecology, Biomolecules & Biotechnology.
  • Animalia & Plantae topics are required to be prepared with due attention because sometimes these appears to be very tough & time consuming.

SRMJEEE 2016 Preparatory Books:

We are providing you the books with respect to different sections asked in SRM LEEE.


Suggested Books


H.C Verma Part I & II

Modern ABC of Physics


Modern ABC of Chemistry

Chemistry (NCERT)


Mathematics by R.S Aggarwal

Mathematics by R.D Sharma


Biology (NCERT)

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