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Tips to Crack BITSAT 2016

Last Updated - September 02, 2016

BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test) is conducted every year for providing admissions to Integrated First Degree Programs of Engineering at the campus of BITS situated in Pilani, Rajasthan.


The following article provides some tips and tricks to the candidates preparing for BITSAT.

Tips to Crack the Exam

When candidates are left with a very little time, it is important to study using some tricks and tips in hand.


It is always better to learn smartly rather than learning the whole chump.

Candidates may have a look at the below mentioned tips in order to prepare for BITSAT. The tricks mentioned below may come in handy to the candidates preparing for BITSAT 2016:

  1. More stress on topics with more weight age: While preparing for the exam, make sure that you spend the maximum time preparing the topics which carries the maximum marks. Take help of the professors and students who have cleared the BITSAT about which topic to focus on more. Preparing the topics which carry more marks will certainly help you to secure more marks.
  2. Constant revision of previous topics: Do not forget to revise the previous topics you have already studied. It is also important to know the BITSAT Exam Pattern to prepare for the exam. Sometimes when we learn new things at a faster pace, information gets mugged up in the mind. So it is very important to keep on revising the previous topics from time to time. Although no need to learn that from point one, but at least do give it a look time to time.
  1. Strengthen your BITSAT Preparation strategy: When there are few days left, it is very important to prepare as per a strong strategy. Divide your time properly. Give preference to all the important topics. Prepare a schedule so that by the day of the exam, you are able to cover up all the topics. And work on that schedule.
  2. Try to solve the BITSAT Sample Papers and previous years:  There are sample papers available online. Try to solve them in a way that it is your final exam. Keep a stopwatch with you so that to keep a pace with the time as well. If possible arrange previous year question papers as well. Sometimes they are of great help.
  3. Even breaks help fair enough: It is very important to take breaks after sometime. It helps in memorizing what have you studied more easily and remains in the mind for more time. Learning more and more continually mugs up everything and we are not able to locate it for more time. So do give your mind rest after time to time.
  4. Be handy with the computer: Make sure that you can operate a computer at good speed. The exam is an online one. So it is very important to be handy with the computer. It will save your time. You will get more time to focus on the exam and the questions rather than handling the problems with the computer.
  5. Practice makes the man perfect: Keep on practicing the topics you have already done. It make you more perfect. More and more you will practice and revise, it will remain in your mind for more time. You will retain it and easily able to locate it at the time of examination
  6. Divide your time: While attempting the question paper, wisely divide your time, read the question paper properly. The topic in the question paper you find the easiest do it first. Move from easier to easy then to hard and hardest.

Attempting easy questions at first will save much of your time. The saved time, then, can be devoted to those questions which are difficult. Maybe the questions which involve calculations.

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