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NMAT 2016 Preparation tips for Language Skills

Last Updated - October 04, 2016

When we are talking about NMAT language skills section, it includes various other parameters which required attention too. And achieving expertise in all these areas is not a one day task. Its preparation requires continuous planning & effective execution. Let us discuss some bookmark points which are useful while you are preparing. Go through the NMAT Syllabus to know about various topics coverage.

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Preparation for NMAT by GMAC Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension requires Excellency in Working Memory, Inferences & Language. These problems generally faced by students during preparation.

  1. Not able to interpret result from different passages.
  2. Not able to perform in the given time limit. Expected time to solve a reading comprehension is 4 to 5 minutes.
  3. Vocabulary & Grammatical errors.
  4. Level of thinking

These tips will surely help you to resolve your problem & to perform better. Basic motive to judge you on Reading Comprehension scale is to check your language skills i.e.

  1. How you interpret results & conclusions from bunch of data which have been taken from vast amount of data.
  2. The way you relate to the information given in the paragraphs step by step. If you have missed any tiny part of information mentioned. Your results appear to be wrong.
  3. Wrong part of information will misguide you in your search of right & accurate information.


  1. Decoding of words: It is advised to every aspiring student that, when you start reading the comprehension part, start marking the important phrases & sentences or note down relevant words (in case of CBT) which you think appear to be important at the time of answering questions.
  2. Some faculties advised their students to read questions given in the comprehension first & after that passage. But it is solely the choice of student what he/she wants to do first whether questions first or passage.
  3. Read all passages in one attempt. Do not move to the question part in between. Because it will mitigate your time allotted for particular section.
  4. Read all passages in one attempt. Do not move to the questions in between. Because it will mitigate the time allotted for particular section,.
  5. Read all passages two times to get the theme of comprehension part & then answer the questions. Do not read again & again if you are not able to understand what have been said in the passages. It just appears to be waste of your time.
  6. Reading newspapers & magazines is a must. Because it enhances your vocabulary & grammar skills so that you will be more efficient in answering questions.
  7. High level of thinking is required so that you could infer the quoted message from the text.

NMAT by GMAC Paragraph based Preparation Tips

Paragraph based questions offers the small part of information which are required to be emphasized on.

  1. Problems in collecting information from given paragraph
  2. Vocabulary & Grammar
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NMAT by GMAC Vocabulary Preparation tips

Vocabulary preparation includes emphasis on Synonyms, Antonyms & meaning of different words.

  1. New words: Read famous newspapers & mark new words. Find meaning of those words & use them in your daily language to become acquainted of their usage.
  2. Spellings: Whatever you are reading,, make notes of different words.
  3. Decode the information given in the paragraph & encode the same information while answering.
  4. Prepare these topics to secure favorable marks: word groups, Analogies & Sentence arrangement/correction.
  5. Follow instructions step by step to conclude the answer.
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NMAT by GMAC Grammar & Language rules Preparation Tips

Prepare smartly according to, which section requires more time. No one can learn all the grammar rules in one time & if anyone could, then obviously it will take time to practice & apply them. Language rules accounts for do’s & don’ts during writing sentences.

  1. Use proper prescriptive (do not end a sentence with preposition) & descriptive rules (what information you have gathered from the written statements)
  2. Use correct convention rules (includes information which is factual & fixed like curriculum vitae, format of book or letter. Use appropriate & relevant words in your writing.
  3. Maintain Tool Box analogy where different words, which are completely different in meaning froricm each other but serve the purpose of different requirements of language.



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