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Interview Preparation Tips for CAT 2015 exam

Last Updated - April 01, 2017

As Soon as the result for the CAT Exam is declared the candidates who cleared the Cutoff just start to think about the Interview and GD preparation. How to prepare for the GDPI round for getting admissions into their dream IIM?  Although the previous work experience and the academics part play important role in final list but a successful interview will clear all your ways for the admission.


The interview section can’t be prepared from the one or two sources. The questions in interview will be asked from variety of topics.  The question might be from any following topics which we have mentioned below.

Interview Topics/Questions:

  1. Related to your under graduation or High School:

 The interviewer will ask you set of questions which are related to your acads.  

For instance you have low grade in your academics then how will you justify your low grades to interview panel?

There would be events which will be under your control or that would not be.

If the questions are from the events are which are not in your control like any illness that would be easily understand.   If Events are under your control like lack of interest then you have to think what are the reasons and how you take them seriously for the future and what have you learnt from them?

Here are the questions:

  • Lack of Interest!! Why? Do you want to do another thing or pursue another course?
  • Profs Hated You, why?

You have to introspect the elements that let you to do so.

Here is the tip for such questions:

  • You can tell them about your interest in extracurricular activities or what you dislike.
  • After answering the question you must be ready for the counter questions also.
  1. Question Might be asked what you have done between your high schooling and under graduation?

You can explain them about the various classes you have opt for like learning java or any other computer language or any other crash course that you have done.


What is your Interest?                           

If you have mentioned in your profile about what you have interest for? Then interviewer will probably ask you question about your interest.

Note: You must be familiar what you have written on your profile. The question will be

If you like reading books:

  • Which last book you have read?
  • What was the plot of that book?
  • Things you have learnt from that book (if Inspirational)

If you have interest in any game:

  • What are new changes in the game?
  • Dimension of the ground or the board for the game which you play?

If you like songs:

  • Which genre do you like most?
  • Singer/ band do you like most?
  • Could you please sing a song from that genre or of that singer?
  1. Mathematics Formulas and Logics

Interviewer might not ask you about any difficult calculus question but you can expect that there would some logical question that might be waiting for you to be asked by the interviewer. They will be interested in the details and your approach of solving problem.

  1. Current Affairs/General Awareness:

You must be aware about what is happening around the world and in the country.  Important news in past 1 year must be known to you.  Read the newspapers daily and various current affair magazines. You must have an opinion ready on that news you read.


For this you can read news papers and magazine.  You can also use Google alerts for the various news. App like News hunt could also help you.

  1. HR type questions:

These questions are most difficult one as there is no right answer for them. You have to be honest completely while answering these questions.

Questions like tell me about yourself, Why MBA? or Why this or that stream? are more often asked in interview?.

How you can tackle ‘Why MBA?’ question?

What you can’t say:

  • Need of Higher Salary
  • Tired of Current job
  • Hating my industry
  • Need of bigger brand name on their CV

Things that you can say:

  • New skills that you can learn while studying 
  • How can you build strong network for new ideas

How can you tackle ‘Tell me about Yourself’ Question?

  • Don’t ask the interviewer ‘What do you want to know?’ ever
  • Don’t tell them anything which would let them think that you are under qualified/ over qualified/Bad communicator/a risk for the institute.

What you can tell them:

  • Things which are not mentioned in your resume
  • Things for which you are passionate about
  • About your hobbies

Interviewer asks this question because he/she wants to know about you as a person.  For this question you need to have given a small intro about yourself, he/she (interviewer) is not interested in your life story.

  1. Work experience questions asked during the interview:
  • In personal Interview questions also come from your Work Experience:
  • If you have experience above 15 months then question will be like challenges faced by you during work, how was your experience, relationship with colleagues,  good and bad experiences, etc.


How to Crack Interview session?

Do Small Talks:

Some of the Tips for Small talks:

  • Before the event you have to identify the series of interests and experiences those are willing to Discuss.
  • You can search the people who are talking or they want to talk so that you can talk to them.
  • Established the eye contact and smile for sending receptive signals
  • You could be the first to introduce your self
  • You must listen the facts, key words and feelings

Prepare yourself for the stress interview:

These interviews are like ragging type in which interviewer ask some harsh question to you. The only thing you can do is to remain calm and smile. Your answer must be rational.

Know about yourself and about your hobbies

For an Instance your hobby is photography and you have a DLSR camera. Then question might be asked difference between aperture priority modes in your DLSR.

Resources for The preparation:

  • Books like Puzzle to puzzle you: Devi Shakuntala (User Review: Small book and best for solving puzzles. You can easy carry this book and solve puzzles in the during any time), Mathability (User Review:  A must read book recommended to all parents as it removes all the doubts regarding  mathematics problem), Figuring the joy of Numbers (User Review: This is a great book for anyone at any age struggling with math, it explains it in , the easiest form possible. It covers the very basics to the advanced, I highly recommend this book), etc.(For mathematical and puzzle questions).
  • Websites like Techcruch (For technology News), Mbatious(For various articles on MBA), GD PI Trainers (For online interview preparations)
  • Materials from various coaching centres like TIME as the material have information covered on array of topics
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Newshunt application on your mobile for to update yourself with current news.

Time Duration given to PI in Various IIMs

Institutes NameWeightage to PI in %DurationPanelist
IIM – A70%15 – 25 Min2
IIM – B35%20-25 Min3
IIM – C44%15 – 30 Min2-3
IIM – K40%20-25 Min2
IIM – S70%20- 25 Min3
IIM – I35%15-20 Min3-5
IIM – L40%10-12 Min2
IIM – RN70%(including WAT weights)15-20 Min2
IIM – RH30%(including WAT weights)15-20 Min2
IIM – RP30%(including WAT weights)15-20 Min2
IIM – T15%15-20 Min2
IIM – KS30%15-20 Min2
IIM – UP30%(including WAT weights)15-20 Min2


Analysis of Interview questions asked on various topics for IIM A:

CAT-Preparation 1

estions Asked to students taking admission in IIM Ahemdabad past year:

QUES. Tell me about yourself?

QUES. So, Why did you choose Bharatnatyam dance not any other?

QUES. Difference between Freedom of speech, expression and opinion.

QUES. So, you are from Delhi. Do you think Delhi should be given full statehood?

QUES. But there is country which is even smaller than Delhi?

QUES. How is Russia Economy Depends on Oil?

QUES. So you are computer engineer. What subjects you have studied during B.Tech?

QUES. Tell three things that you want to ask if god exists?

Analysis of Interview questions asked on various topics for IIM B:

CAT-Preparation 6

Questions Asked to students taking admission in IIM Bangalore past year:

QUES. How will an MBA help?

QUES. We teach you measuring risk and entrepreneurship is about taking risk and not measuring them

QUES. Give some examples “if you have to learn swimming then what will you do get into pool or read books”?

QUES. Most successful entrepreneurs are dropouts not MBAs

QUES. So you work in PSU. What is your role?

QUES. What is your Hobby?

Analysis of Interview questions asked on various topics for IIM C:


Questions Asked to students taking admission in IIM Calcutta past year:

QUES. What are your career goals?

QUES. Which brand shirt are you wearing? What is the effect of branded shirts on Market?

QUES. Who is your role model?

QUES. You didn’t not mention your grad specialization in the application form. Why?

QUES. You want drive innovation in the country? How?

QUES. Have you got campus placement?

QUES. Where do we use calculus in our daily life?

Analysis of Interview questions asked on various topics for IIM L:

CAT-Preparation 8

Questions Asked to students taking admission in IIM Lucknow past year:

QUES. Where did the word Hindu come from?

QUES. Did you read novels?

QUES. Do your Read Jeffery Archer?

QUES. Is the protagonist same or different for all Dan Brown novels?

QUES. Why did your grades drops?

QUES. You get the same amount in previous jobs, what you will get after doing MBA?

QUES.Do you know this subject?

Analysis of Interview questions asked on various topics for IIM K:

CAT-Preparation 9

Questions Asked to students taking admission in IIM Kozhikode past year:

QUES. What was your final year project?

QUES. How many Jobs offers have you got and what are they?

QUES. What should I ask from your engineering stream?

QUES. What is the difference between entropy and enthalpy?

QUES. Explain the thermodynamics cycle.

QUES. You have focused on all your activities, achievements; but what about your social contributions? Have you done anything for the society?

QUES. What is the specialty about Mount Abu?

QUES. What do you think are the problems are faced by India Today?

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