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CAT 2017: Preparation Tips for GD/PI and WAT

Last Updated - August 23, 2017

It is mandatory for the shortlisted aspirants to appear for the all the tests round conducted at CAT Participating Colleges to be eligible for admission to MBA/PGDM program. For CAT Selection process- CAT score, academic records and GD/PI and written ability test are taken into account.

  • IIMs and other B-schools admit not just candidates with a good CAT score, but those who are a great presenter and have sharp communication techniques.
  • After the declaration of CAT Results, shortlisted candidates must focus on the selection process i.e. GD/PI and WAT. 
  • Group Discussion (GD) is a method of assessing student’s personality in terms of both, technique and art.
  • Knowledge is the key in GD and hence one need to read anything and everything around starting from magazines, newspaper, blogs etc.
  • Being aware of the current affairs is a must.
  • It is also very important to have the ability to listen to others.
  • A Personal Interview (PI) is a conversation in which someone is asked about their background, lifestyle and experience.
  • For PI, invest time in identifying your strengths, weaknesses, achievements from your education and career thus far.
  • know your CV/profile form well and anticipate in-depth questions on those topics.
  • A Written Ability Test- is conducted to test the candidate’s ability to think critically, formulate a constructive critique and write the responses.
  • For WAT it is essential to know how to structure the essay with three basic components - introduction, body, and conclusion, before starting to write.

CAT 2017: Tips for the Personal Interview

Successful candidates who are shortlisted for CAT personal interview are advised to follow these tips to get clear through it.

  • The foremost thing is to be yourself in the interview. It should not be a mere question- answer session rather it must be more of a conversation.
  • Interviewers can ask you any question ranging from academic background to your hobbies, interests.
  • You must be prepared well for must know questions that are highly expected.
  • Your body language must show your confidence level. Be honest and polite while answering.
  • Try to mould the interview from your weak points to strengths.
  • Be calm and do not panic.
  • You must be clear with all the minute details of your CV as interviewers are keen to ask questions from it.
  • Personal interview assesses your clarity of aim, knowledge, communication skills and personality traits.

CAT 2017: Top Questions to Prepare for Personal Interview

Following is the list of questions expected to answer by candidates in personal interview:-

  • Why should they admit you into MBA program?
  • What skills would you be bringing to the classroom?(relevant if you have work experience)
  • What are you looking for in this program?
  • Tell something about yourself?
  • What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?
  • Where do see yourself in 5 years down the line?
  • Why do you want to study in this institute?

CAT 2017: Quick Tips for Group Discussion and Written Ability Test

Candidates who are preparing for GD and WAT are interested in knowing what would be their topic as there will be multiple rounds so it is better to prepare for every possible topic.

  • It is generally believed that current topics will be asked in GD and essay writing rounds but it is not true always.
  • Abstract topics and issues of sociological significance can also be asked therefore one should prepare accordingly.
  • Students are usually judged on their ability to take a stand and have an opinion.
  • It should not be a mere collection of facts.
  • One should have a habit of newspaper reading, magazines on social, legal, political, economic and sports related issues.
  • Start reading a newspaper on a daily basis, browse through magazines and build on content spanning across legal, political, social, economic and sports domains.

To have an idea about the variety of topics, the candidate should go through the list of last year topics of several business schools.

Whistle blowing: Good or bad for the Society?New IIM Common Admission Process
Inflation or Corruption: which is more important?MDI Gurgaon
How to market PCs to convince the consumer to buy them over laptops and tablets.IIT Delhi
Role of Regional Political Parties in Indian PoliticsIIFT Delhi
Do eminent sports persons turn out to be good coaches as wellIIFT Delhi
Global warming is a hyped up propagandaIIFT Delhi
Should the referendum be used as a method to take important strategic decisions?IIFT Delhi
Need of vocational training in today's education systemIIM Rohtak
MOOC will soon replace the traditional method of classroom teaching systemIIM Rohtak
Are women in positions of power more aggressive than men in the same positions?IIM Rohtak
Sanitation in IndiaJBIMS Mumbai
Whether juveniles who committed serious crimes should be tried as adults or notJBIMS Mumbai
Smart phones- boon or baneMDI Gurgaon
Are smaller states easier to govern?MDI Gurgaon
How the role of women has changed in the contemporary worldSPJIMR Mumbai
Comment on the merits and demerits of online education versus classroom learningSPJIMR Mumbai
How would you explain Facebook to your Grand momSPJIMR Mumbai
Promoting Hockey in IndiaSPJIMR Mumbai
Which is the song that defines youSPJIMR Mumbai
Does working along with texting from mobile makes one less productiveIIM Raipur
Should women be allowed to drive?IIM Raipur
Should cooking be a part of school curriculum?IIM Raipur



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