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CAT RANK PREDICTOR- Check CAT 2016 Percentile

Last Updated - August 30, 2017

After appearing for an exam the anxiety for the result persists.CAT Rank predictor is a data-driven unique tool for CAT applicants for calculating their estimated CAT Rank. It helps the candidates to predict their overall performance.


How does Rank Predictor works?

A common query that might surround your mind at this point is about the validity of predictions or how does the predictor works. The answers to your questions are provided here. Let us discuss them one by one.

Check How to Calculate CAT Score

The first question you will be asked is about the no. of questions answered correctly. So firstly, you have to calculate your correct responses and online OMR’ s  might help you find it out. The CAT exam has a total of 100 questions and the maximum marks are 300. It consists of two types of questions i.e. MCQ and Non-MCQ. Let’s assume you answered 60 questions correctly and 20 questions (15 MCQ and 5 Non-MCQ) were answered wrong. This means the unattempted questions by you is 20.

Then the screen displays the number of unattempted questions by you, your total score, your expected Rank and the chances of your admission with this rank.

Let us see how these results are predicted and what all calculations take place to produce the expected rank. The marking scheme for both types of questions i.e. MCQ and Non- MCQ is same. You get +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answers for MCQ questions. There is no negative marking for Non-MCQ questions. So mathematically,

1 correct answer= 1*3= 3

1 wrong MCQ answer=1*-1=-1

This implies,

60*3 =180 (score for your correct answers)

15*(-1) =-15 (for your wrong responses)

This gives your Total score= 165

Now, we need to calculate your expected rank. This calculation is comparatively difficult. So, let’s suppose your total score i.e. 165 be ‘x’. After that,

We have collected a database of 10000 students’ CAT score of 2015. We will arrange it in decreasing order and compare it on important ranks like 100, 500, 1000, 1500 and so on. These ranks are segregated in rank slabs such as 1-100, 101-200, 201-300 and so on. Yet predicting your rank based on 2015 data is not possible.

To predict your rank we will calculate the difficulty level for each subject asked in previous years as well as this year. Now, we will calculate the difficulty factor (y) of year 2016 to 2015, calculating mathematically the value of the difficulty factor is,

Let y = 1.018

Hence, your Normalized Score is

N= x*y

N= 165*1.018

  = 167. 97

This is final score that determines your rank prediction. Suppose for this score your rank falls in range

Now, one thing needs to be taken into account i.e. “your category”, For the calculation of the category Rank we follow the following calculating steps:-

  • We will study then the trend of Category Rank with respect to the combined rank of all the categories.
  • Now your combined rank ranges from so we will calculate category students from rank and till rank from data of 10000 students.

Here, if your expected rank falls under the rank eligible for admission, you will see the result as well as the names of top 3 colleges where you can get possible admission for reference. You make a customized search for state colleges as well, if you want to search top 3 management colleges in Uttar Pradesh so you need to enter the state name in State/National, the possible colleges providing admission under this rank in the Uttar Pradesh will be shown.

Some other features are also provided for your use like you can check all the top management colleges in India. Just click on the link “Check List of Top Management Institutes in India” you will be redirected to the following page:

You can find all the information related to top management institutes in India or specific state wise information with their rankings and fee structure. You can also find results for different programs offered by management institutes.

Thus, the CAT Rank Predictor serves more than a rank predicting tool and can be customized for best suggestions and important details regarding the top institutes, their state rank, fee structures and courses offered by them.



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