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CAT Preparation Tips by Shubhanshu Gupta (91 Percentile in CAT)

Last Updated - January 02, 2018
Toppers’ Profile:
Student NameShubhanshu Gupta
Exam NameCAT
Year Appeared2016
Study ModeClassroom Coaching
Coaching InstituteCareer Launcher
Other Exams AppearedXAT

Ques. Did you take coaching classes? If yes, how they did help in your story?

Ans. Yeah, I took coaching classes from career launcher, Kanpur. The most important part these awesome coaching classes play in your preparations is that they offer you a mentor. A trained personality from IIMs or FMS who can structure your way of studying and will motivate you and give you directions from time to time. I used to get highly enthusiastic watching my mentor's energy level and the way of decision making he used to approach. After that coaching centers also gave me continuous evaluations of my knowledge by offering regulars mock cats and other MBA Entrance Exams like XAT, SNAP, MICA, etc. So it was very helpful. Plus they also rank your marks in an overall India merit lists, so that helps you get where you stand among your competitors.

Ques. Review the coaching institutes and what was their role in your story?

Ans. Before starting to prepare for CAT Exam, I found out all the institutes who were giving classes for cat preparations near or in my city Kanpur. So best of those came out to be Career Launcher and Times. Closely analyzing both I found out that career launcher Kanpur was giving more successful CAT percentile than times and they are after cat PDP classes were also heard to be better than times. Hence, I joint career launcher and it turned out to be the right decision. I compared my curriculum and way of studying of my coaching to my peers in times and it turned out to be mine was better than them. So I would give Career Launcher an 8 out of 10 and Times a 7 out of 10.

Ques. How did you manage your CAT preparation schedule along with graduation studies/working hours?

Ans. Yeah, This part was one of the tough ones while cat preparations. So I used to attend classes at my grad. The College from 9 am to 4 pm. and then I used to attend my classes at career launcher from 5 pm to 8 pm. The main focus of mine at that time was my Cat exam, so I used to study my graduation course mid 9 am to 4 pm in the time free from the classes and at the time I reach home, I used to devote my time from 10 pm to 3 or 4 am for my Cat preparations. After I was done with my Cat then for the interviews, it was not much to prepare about as compared to preparing for CAT so I focused more at that time on graduate studies.

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Ques. What mock papers did you take?

Ans. I used to take daily sectional mock of Career Launcher in which they give a mock of 1 hour for each section separately so, it was more of a flexible learning mock. Then I used to give whole 3 hr. Cat level career launcher mocks thrice a week so that I could train my mind to work efficiently for whole 3 hr. as Cat exam is more about perseverance. Then I also used to give mocks of SNAP, XAT, MICA and IIFT. Besides career launcher mocks, I also used to give Times' AIMCAT mocks. I also used to solve past years CAT exam papers so that I could get a real time scenario of CAT exam. For perfect use of these mock exams, it is important that we should create an atmosphere that is suitable for thinking and also we should use our perseverance to sit for whole 3 hr. rather than pausing the timer and taking breaks.

Ques. What are the website you followed regularly to practice free sample papers or to get updates? and You can also follow PaGaLGuY for real time updates about exams.

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Ques. Quantitative Aptitude: Discuss your strategy for the section (Mention the Books, Mock Papers & Notes You Referred)

Ans. Strategy for quantitative aptitude is that you have to think on the micro level. If a question is been asked in cat it’s not just because to check you remember the formulae or not. There is a whole lot of background thinking for that. You have to identify that only. Practice and practice more kind of question because familiarity with questions is a major factor in cracking CAT quant. Plus, the more you practice, the more your brain gets apt to think quickly and attack the problem with the root level. Plus practicing helps revising your concepts. Notes that can be used for that can be CL's or Times notes. Rather than that you can solve questions from books like M.L Aggarwal and R.L Chawla. After then that giving the kind of mocks that I already have mentioned above will cover 70% of your preparation for quant.

Ques. Data Interpretation: Discuss your strategy for the section (Mention the Books, Mock Papers & Notes You Referred)

Ans. For Data Interpretation the key is practicing the mocks and learn from the previous year papers that what pattern of DIs they give in CAT exams.

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Ques. Logical Reasoning: Discuss your strategy for the section (Mention the Books, Mock Papers & Notes You Referred)

Ans. Same goes with Logical Reasoning as for Data Interpretation. But in this section people have to be more careful as in comparison to DI it is more scoring provided you have the cognitive skills to break the problem. That can only be developed by continuous practicing.

Ques. How Would You Rate the Following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

Coaching-ClassSelf- StudySubject- WiseOnline Study MaterialRole Coaching InstituteNCERT Books

Ques. Verbal Ability: Discuss your strategy for the section (Mention the Books, Mock Papers & Notes You Referred)

Ans. Verbal Ability is a main game changer in CAT as it can take down many cognitive thinkers and people with great technical knowledge. The key in this part is getting mastery over Reading Comprehensions. The major part of this part is reading comprehensions and getting mastery over that will not only help you getting correct answers in reading comprehensions but also will improve your vocab and grammar skills. For getting mastery over that you have to read newspaper articles and editorials. The Hindu can be a better choice. Give more and more mock papers that give you maximum reading comprehension part. Attempt at least 4-5 reading comprehension on a daily basis and while evaluating your answers looks for the logic that the writer gave for a particular answer.

Ques. Vocabulary and Grammar: Discuss your strategy for the section (Mention the Books, Mock Papers & Notes You Referred)

Ans. There would be no books or something that can help you getting a better vocabulary because until and unless you have the world with a real time scenario then in some time or future, you will forget that word. So, for that attempt more and more reading comprehensions. Immediately look for any word that is not in your knowledge. Install a Merriam Webster app and other vocab building apps in your phone and play vocab games. Read newspaper on a daily basis and instantaneously go for the Merriam Webster app as soon as you feel difficulty in understanding a word. Take vocab building as a passion.



Ruby Goyal

I have provided incorrect contact details. How do i change that?

29 Sep, 2017 11:46
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Ruby, Sorry, you can't change the contact details because according to the CAT rules some fields cannot be changed like a candidate’s full name, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, state, etc.

05 Oct, 2017 13:29
Soumya Sehgal

Can I appear for CAT

29 Sep, 2017 11:37
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Soumya, The CAT 2017 Application Dates are closed, so you will definitely apply for the next year CAT 2018. To get more information about CAT and to know you are eligible for this exam. Please check this link: CAT Eligibility Criteria.

05 Oct, 2017 14:45
Vivek Bansal

Any Good Coaching Centers in Delhi for CAT?

29 Sep, 2017 11:32
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Vivek, New Delhi is a thriving center for CAT aspirants. Rightly so, the region has some top coaching centers which have proved their mettle in the last few years. Below is a list of top 4 coaching centers in New Delhi, with their location.

RankName of Coaching CenterLocationRating
1P T EducationNew Delhi4.2
2T.I.M.E.Connaught Place, New Delhi3.8
3Career LauncherKingsway Camp, New Delhi3.7
4IMS Learning ResourcesConnaught Place, New Delhi3.2

05 Oct, 2017 15:02

Is there any option to change the selected exam centre in CAT Application 2017?

29 Sep, 2017 11:29
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Arindam, Yes, you can change the exam center preference during form correction process. However, the allotment of the center is subject to availability and exam authorities' decision.

05 Oct, 2017 15:24

Are there any negative marks for non-MCQs?

29 Jul, 2017 14:31
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Karan, No negative marking scheme is defined as of now, any changes will be updated on our website.

29 Jul, 2017 14:41
sakshi jain

What privileges will the PWD candidates with Blindness or low vision/cerebral palsy receive on the day of the exam?

29 Jul, 2017 14:29
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Sakshi, They have to bring their own scribe. They will be given a compensatory time of 30 minutes to complete the exam.

29 Jul, 2017 14:47
Sakshi Aggarwal

What are the eligibility criteria for the scribe/reader?

29 Jul, 2017 14:28
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Sakshi, No eligibility criteria are defined for the scribe. Candidates need to arrange the scribe on their own. The scribe must bring their identity proof and a declaration of educational qualification on the day of the exam.

29 Jul, 2017 14:50

If I am unable to access the CAT website, what should I do?

29 Jul, 2017 14:28
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Arindam,

You must close the browser, delete browsing history, cache & cookies of the web browser and try again. One of the following internet versions must be used:


Versions supported

Internet explorer

7 to 11

Mozilla explorer

14 t0 47

Google Chrome

20 to 51

The application form is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser.

Contact the CAT Helpdesk for more instructions:

  • Toll-free: 18002663549
  • Email:

29 Jul, 2017 14:51
Anwesha Das

Can I use someone else’s email address for registering for CAT?

29 Jul, 2017 14:25
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Anwesha, No. Only a valid, functional and personal email id can be used.

29 Jul, 2017 15:02
Swapnil verma

What are the acceptable testing devices that the candidates can use or bring to the testing centre?

29 Jul, 2017 14:23
Sakshi Garg Expert

Hi Swapnil, Devices are allowed in the exam hall are as follows:

Testing assistance

Applicable for

Arranged by

Abacus (without calculator)

Visually Impaired


Hearing Aid

Hearing Impairment


Wheel Chair

Locomotive Disability/ Cerebral Palsy


Test Center, on request in Application Form

Magnifying Screen

Visually Impaired

Test Centre on request(System In built feature)


Visually Impaired/ Cerebral Palsy


29 Jul, 2017 15:04
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