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IIM Indore Student Share Tips For Cracking CAT 2016

Last Updated - March 31, 2017

“Quality Time With Studies Can Help You To Score High In CAT” Says Abhishek Verma, CAT, 98.05 Percentile, IIM Indore.

Abhishek Verma appeared in CAT in the year 2015 and scored 98.05 percentile. He took admission in IIM Indore, one of the most prominent management college. 

He has been in our CAT Toppers List because of his outstanding scores and hard work in managing studies and CAT preparation together. Abhishek Verma’s preparation story is an inspiration for all those who are in dilemna about how to manage CAT preparation and studies together.


Find Below His Response to Our Questionnaire for CAT Toppers.

Q. 1 What is your five-point rule to excel CAT?

  1. Divide time beforehand so that you don't panic.
  2. Identify strongest area and score as much as possible.
  3. Never try to cover every topic.
  4. Take Mock CATs every week, and rotate coaching institutes
  5. Analyze every question of every Mock CAT you appear for.
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Q.2 What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving weak areas?

  1. Strong Area - Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation.
  2. Weak Area - Verbal Reasoning. For English, I used to read newspaper article from any newspaper or any magazine. That helped in increasing my reading speed as well as comprehension. It also helps in Vocab. I got few online papers and I worked on as many Verbal sections as I could to get used to the section.

Q. 3 Did you take coaching classes? If yes, how they did help in your story?

Yes, because I took full time classes during my final year of engineering with Career Launcher. It helps as you know the various topics you need to cover, your best and weakest areas and the level of competition in the market. No because I went only for mock CATs in the year 2009 when I got through. I took mock CATs of CL, TIME & IMS in rotation so as to cover the different types of papers.

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Q. 4 Review the coaching institutes and what was their role in your story?

For full time classes, I joined Career Launcher. It was my first exposure towards competitive MBA entrance exams and it helped a lot. I knew where I was and it helped me set a target. The study materials were excellent and, if practiced religiously, it helps a lot. Mock CATs are unavoidable as it gives a trend analysis of your preparation & performance and the level of competition across the country.

Q. 5 What mock papers did you take?

I chose CL, TIME & IMS. I took mock papers of every institute so that I get a hang of various patterns. Usually, CL focues on Quantitative Aptitude, IMS on Verbal Ability and TIME has the largest pool of students. Only one type can make you complacent and you might not be prepared for a shocker with CAT is famous for.

Q. 6 What are the website you followed regularly to practice free sample papers or to get updates?

I followed and

Q. 7 Quantitative Aptitude: Discuss your strategy for the section

  1. Know beforehand the topics you excel in (I mastered percentages, PnC and geometry).
  2. Search for those questions and solve immediately. This will give you confidence.
  3. Read all the questions at least once.
  4. Do not fight with a tough question from a topic you mastered in, you will loose crucial time.

Q. 8 List the name of books you followed for Quant

I followed Arihant book and study material by Career Launcher.

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Q. 9 Data Interpretation: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

  1. Solve top 2-3 questions of every set as usually those are easy to moderate.
  2. Try to practice vedic maths in mocks so that you can calculate quickly.
  3. Graphs are easier than tables (at least for me), so pick charts & graphs over tablular form of questions.

Q. 10 List the Name of Books You Followed for DI

I followed Arihant book and study materia by Career Launcher.

Q. 11 Logical Reasoning: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

This is one of my favorite section as I love aptitude.

  1. Pick sets with maximum amount of data (It is assumed that more data means tough but on the contrary, less data means you need to analyze more)
  2. If you can't go ahead after 3-4 mins, skip the set, come back later if time permits.

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Q. 12 List the Name of Books You Followed for Logical Reasoning

I follwed the following books - George J Summers, Arihant, Career Launcher study material and random websites.

Q. 13 Vocabulary and Grammar: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

  1. You know it or you don't. Simply looking at the question won't help!
  2. Read articles you find boring (economy related, sports analysis, spiritual and political). You will find words you don't usually use in day to day life.
  3. For Grammar, study material of any coaching institute will do.

Q. 14 List the Name of Books You Followed for Vocabulary and Grammar

I only followed the study material povided by coaching class.

Q. 15 Write some of the preparation tips for someone who is starting a month before the CAT 2016 exam?

  1. 4 months before CAT - On alternate days, 1 hr for Quant/LRDI and 1 hr for Verbal/RC/Vocabulary per day on working days and mock CATs and analysis on weekends.
  2. 2 months before CAT - Focus only on major topics and leave topics which usually do not appear much (for e.g., Logarithmic questions are rarely asked, leave that). Don't waste time on Vocabulary (not much can be done in 2 months). 2 hours daily (1 hr Quant/LRDI & 1 hr Verbal/RC) and mock CATs and analysis on weekends.

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Q. 16 How was the interview in counselling? Share some of the Questions.

The interview was fine. I am mentioning some of the questions that I rememberred: Why so many IT people go for MBA? Which specialization you would go for, and why? Who is your favorite test player (cricket)? Which quality you share with him? Which institute you will join other than IIMs? How was the experience of online CAT (this was the first year of online CAT)?

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