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CAT 2016: Last Week Tips To Crack CAT

Last Updated - November 29, 2016

With just 5 more days to go for CAT 2016, there’s a sense of heightened anticipation in the candidates. There is nothing like to worry for any of the section, as the D-Day is approaching and a die-hard practice can win you the battle. We understand the anticipation thus, we are sharing some powerful tips to crack the CAT code.

It is time for students to fasten their seatbelts and start preparing for the exam in full swing! Analyze the CAT 2016 Exam Pattern and practice your strategy.

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Take A Deep Breath

Utilize unwinding procedures to de-stress and deal with your wellbeing. Sickness because of a terrible way of life will consume valuable time and influence your certainty. Make out some time for physical activities too to fresh your mind and stress-free. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily and stay healthy.

Candidates should keep in mind that they have to focus on accuracy along with time management. It is not important to answer all the questions but what matters is the accuracy of the answers. Aim for attempting questions with high accuracy.

Make Mock-Tests Your Armour

Attempt mock tests in simulated conditions i.e. at the planning of your real exam space and with no breaks. This will help you concentrate better for the exam day. Try not to solve more than 2-3 mock tests amid this period and none on the day before the exam as it may impact your confidence level. Attempting 1-2 mock can affect your rhythm for preparation.

It is the last week of the CAT 2016 exam, start evaluating the selection of questions. It plays a vital role in acquiring maximum marks in the exam. It also gives a fair idea of what to attempt and what not.

Analysis & Revision

Don’t spend much time to analyze your mocks. As there is no point of doing so. Invest this energy looking over your solid territories and attempting to concentrate on better methods for solving the questions, to expand up your speed. Make the best use of situation by managing time efficiently. Be sure, you finish the exam in the defined time frame. Don’t go with the confusion in concept as it may affect your preparation.

With a proper analysis, give quality time to all the sections of CAT 2016. There are topics which are easily forgettable, so revise them properly. It is very important to revise on a regular basis. Make use of short-term techniques to revise the syllabus like Flashcards. This technique of revising the formulae and concept will help in reducing your time of going through the entire syllabus.

Time Management Is The key

Read, practice, revise and repeat- the only success mantra for CAT 2016 but don’t just read the topics and make them perfect without revision. The topics at which you are perfect, make sure you revise them properly. Don’t read anything new at the last moment as it is difficult to remember without the proper revision.

Keep a bull's eye on the timer you are allotted to solve each problem. If a question is taking much time to solve and answer, leave it and jump over another. The key to success for time management is not to get stuck with a single problem and waste time over it.

Focus More On Increasing Speed

You may not be able to work too much on weak chapters. Hence, unless they are critical chapters like Reading Comprehension or Numbers, you can give them less importance right now and focus on maximizing scores through other sections.

As you know how to explain questions, expanding your calculation speed ought to be your prime concentration in the most recent week of CAT 2016 exam. This year applicants can expect questions in view of information in tables, diagrams, case studies, clocks, seating arrangements, blood relations and so on. Considering this, it is critical that you enhance your speed in estimations, with the goal that you complete your exam on time/before time. Utilize the most recent week to accelerate your speed of calculation. Try not to rely on upon adding machines – concentrate on mental estimations, utilize Vedic arithmetic, remember all the roots, squares, cubes and other formulae.

Go With The Difficult Questions First

One of the mix-ups many applicants make is that they complete the simple questions first and then they proceed to the tough questions. But this goes wrong in the preparation strategy. Applicants should dedicate specific time frame for the most difficult questions and not to spend much time on them.



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