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CAT 2016: Is the CAT Exam Retest a boon or bane? Know the facts!

Last Updated - October 03, 2016

The CAT 2016 has another reason for you to love/hate it! The CAT 2016 Retest, if at all happens, can bring in mixed emotions. We are sure to see both happy and sad faces around with this news. For some, it might just be another opportunity to score better CAT Score, while for others, it may be a big disappointment.

The CAT 2016 retest may imply more CAT Preparation time but a delayed CAT Result declaration, as well as fluctuations in scaled and percentile scores according to the CAT Exam Pattern and content that is placed before the test takers in first and second phase.

If at all there is some technical glitch observed during the conduction of the CAT Exam, it may result to the CAT Retest 2016. We all know that the first phase of CAT 2016 lists little easier questions especially in the weak prepared domains. So, for all those who attempted the first phase of CAT 2016 Exam better, will be in an ordeal. They would obviously not want to sit for a retest. On the other hand, the candidates who did not perform well in the first phase, have an opportunity to score better in the second phase.

CAT 2016 will offer retest to a selective group of candidates in a very rare case if the technical issues are not sorted out on the test day of December 4, 2016. Besides the yardstick that measures the eligibility of the candidates who may take CAT 2016 retest, confines only to the affected test takers.

In case it at all happens, it may have far reaching implications and the impact will be more on the test takers than on any one else.

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CAT 2016 Retest: An Opportunity

It is no less than a golden opportunity for candidates, if the CAT 2016 Retest happens. Candidates sitting in the first phase of CAT Exam, will be getting a fair feel of how the exam is conducted. Also, they will have another one month to prepare better for the re-conduction of CAT Exam.

During this period, the aspirants eligible to take CAT 2016 retest, can get rid of their weak areasand can practice more exactly on the pattern of the exam. Number of replica mocks within a few days of the 1st test will come up in the market. It will be easier to practice the questions exactly on the same pattern as they would appear in CAT 2016 retest. This process will help the prospective test takers to score high in case of a retest.

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CAT 2016 Retest: A Misfortune

For the remaining set of people, the CAT 2016 Retest will be no less than an ordeal. It will be a big disappointment for the ones who gave their best shot in the first phase of CAT 2016. We have curated a number of difficulties that the CAT 2016 Retest will bring along.

First and foremost, a number of candidates fly from different cities to be able to sit for the CAT Exam. They will have to make all the arrangements, spend double and plan their schedules twice. And in case their test venue is changed to some other city, it will be an added burden on them and the retest as such may not be a good option for the CAT 2016 test takers.

Second, there may be difficulties with the working professionals since, they may not be granted leaves twice. Along with leave for the exam day, we are sure they would be wanting leaves for CAT Preparation too. Hence, the working executives will phase an added trouble.

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Third and the most important one, is the delay in admission process in IIM’s. The current CAT Exam Date is December 4, 2016. In case the number of candidates are more and CAT 2016 Centre has to manage a high number of candidates for retest, it may not be held before the 2nd or 3rd week of January, 2017. Accordingly, instead of declaring the result in second week of January, now the IIMs will be busy in convening the CAT 2016 Retest. This will further delay the date of declaration of CAT 2016 result which will delay the PI-WAT process and final admission result declaration by individual IIM.

Since everything will get delayed by more than a month, the IIMs who begin their academic session from June-July every year, will not be able to commence their PGP 2017-19 batch on time. This will further result on the increased burden on the students and faculty. It is a common belief that the survival during the 1st year at IIMs is very difficult and with a delayed academic session, it may become even more difficult.

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CAT 2016 Retest: Why this question?

According to IIM Bangalore, the CAT 2016 convening IIM, “As with paper and pencil testing, or virtually every other human endeavour, a very small number of problems could occur that might prevent a test from being delivered and/or a result from being generated. In the unlikely event this does occur, every effort will be made to correct the problem, up to and including the administration of another test”.

In case, circumstances or technical glitches call for the CAT 2016 retest to take place, you may get the opportunity to take the test again. Since it will depend on the computer based CAT 2016 which in case does not go the smooth way as claimed by CAT Exam Centre 2016, only the affected ones will be eligible to take the retest.

We think that the circumstances might just call for a retest. The CAT Centre is keeping the provision for CAT 2016 Retest in case of an unpredicted event such as:

  • Problem with net connectivity
  • Inaccessibility of CAT Test Centre (due to riot, curfew etc.)
  • Test not visible on screen
  • System failure at venue

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CAT 2016 Retest: When and how to use this option?

Students sitting fir the CAT Exam 2016, might just face disruptions while answering questions on the screen. Candidates who face a problem within the first 2 hours of the exam, are eligible to sit for a retest. They also have an option of rejecting the idea of sitting for a retest. In this case, their result of the first phase exam will be taken in consideration.

For candidates who encounter any technical issue, must immediately report to the invigilation team in your testing lab. It will help you save your time and will make you eligible to be granted for proportionate time which you have lost. In case the problem is not resolved, either your nod number will be changed, or you will get the opportunity to appear in CAT 2016 retest.

We just hope that whatever the situation may be, it works for the benefit of all CAT aspirants. Also, the CAT 2016 Administration will be extra careful this time and will take the required steps in time. The CAT’s testing partner, TCS, will too be working towards for an error-free conduction of the exam. We hope the CAT Exam will be held successfully on its actual date i.e. December 4, 2016. The CAT Registration 2016 closed on September 22, 2016. Good luck for you CAT Exam!

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