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CMAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus, Important Topics, Study Material & Preparation Tips

Last Updated - January 18, 2017

CMAT is conducted for offering admission to MBA program offered by top b-schools and colleges affiliated to AICTE. The computer based online entrance test is designed to test a candidate in the areas of quantitative technique, logical reasoning, language comprehension and general awareness. Logical Reasoning is often the decisive section for most candidates in management entrance tests.

Management aspirants preparing for CMAT 2017 can go through the syllabus, pattern of questions and important preparation resources for the Logical reasoning (LR) section in this article. There will be total 25 questions in the CMAT Logical Reasoning section and the total weightage for LR section is 100 marks.

Candidates first need to identify the important topics and understand the pattern of questions in the LR section. This section comprises Mathematical and Logical Ability type questions. Some of the major topics included in the LR section are Blood relation, seating/ circular arrangement, section & conditionals, mapping & best routes, puzzles, sets consisting of formal logic, sports, etc.

CMAT 2017 Logical Reasoning Pattern and Syllabus

Logical reasoning section has questions which involves logical thinking and reasoning ability. Certain aspects such as deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, argument, fallacy, argument and inference are put to severe test in this particular test.

Logical Reasoning consists 25% of the entire CMAT Exam .Therefore, candidates need to identify and cover all the topics based on their weightage in the exam. While the section of logical reasoning is very vast, based on the recurring pattern of questions from different sub topics of this section, some important topics are listed below:

  • Assumption, Premise and Conclusion
  • Assertion and Reasoning
  • Statements and Assumptions
  • Strong and Weak Argument
  • Inferences & Judgments
  • Cause and effect
  • Decision Making
  • Blood Relations
  • Input & Output

CMAT 2017 Logical Reasoning Preparation

Preparation for logical reasoning section can be undertaken by engaging oneself in a regular problem solving of diagrammatic IQ tests and learning tricks. However this being very diverse topic it will be well advised to be involved in the preparation keeping in mind CMAT examination.

In order to excel in the LR section, there are a few factors which a candidate should keep in mind.

Understanding Pattern

It helps to prepare for an examination if recent pattern is known. It gives significant hint for a section and candidate can use it to prepare smartly. The same is true for questions appearing in Logical Reasoning section of CMAT.

Although a host of topics have been mentioned above, over the years CMAT has had fair share of questions from puzzles, statement & conclusions and cause & effect. Arguments, Assumption and Conclusions are other favorites of CMAT exam.

Number-Letter Series, direction sense, decision making do have a few questions but their appearance has shortened in recent years. While these topics cannot be ignored, surely a candidate must give attention to more probable topics.

Time Management

Logical Reasoning questions are infamously time consuming. This can be dealt with right preparation and strategizing the approach to solve questions. Allocate time to each variety of questions (say 40 seconds to puzzle, 30 seconds to family relations). With regular practice try to bring the individual time down which in turn shall reflect in the overall timing. Also in lieu of a lucrative problem a solvable question must not be ignored.

Needless to say, that in order to strategize in such fashion, a candidate must now his/her strengths and weaknesses. Something which only practice can offer.

Practice Sample Papers

Candidates must refer and practice from previous year CMAT question papers and sample papers to identify the type of questions usually asked in the LR section as well as to gain speed and accuracy in solving questions since most of the questions are in the form of puzzles that require logical thinking and problem solving approach.

Download CMAT Sample Papers

CMAT Logical Reasoning Reference Material

There are many books available in the market which provide complete preparation guide to CMAT aspirants. However some books have more focused approach and candidates may use them to enhance their logical reasoning. Recommended books are:

  • A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning By R. S. Aggarwal
  • The Hand On Guide To Analytical Reasoning And Logical Reasoning by Peeyush Bhardwaj
  • Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey

Moreover, a candidate can use online resources to prepare for logical reasoning. Many websites have dedicated logical reasoning sections. Some recommended websites for LR preparation are:

Check CMAT 2017 Preparation Tips

Important Tips for CMAT 2017 Logical Reasoning Section

Some Important tips to improve for candidates to improve their score in the logical reasoning section are mentioned below:

  • Enhance your problem solving skills by regularly solving crosswords, puzzles and sudoku.
  • While solving question, a candidate must look for suggestive words like, ‘including’, ‘only’, ‘other than’ and ‘unless’.
  • Similarly Pay attention to negative prefixes also, such as non-, un-, or dis-.
  • Don’t make any assumptions on your own while solving logical reasoning questions.
  • Make the habit of writing all the given information and data before proceeding to solve questions.
  • Look into the previous years’ question paper.
  • Keep a calm mind and rely on preparation. No puzzle can be budged if the mind is not relaxed.
  • Make your preparation reliable. Practice as many mock tests and sample papers as possible.



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