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CMAT 2017 Paper Analysis: No big surprises for candidates this year!

Last Updated - January 30, 2017

CMAT (Common Management Aptitude Test) was conducted on Jan 28, 2017 in a single slot (09:30 AM to 12:30 AM) for all MBA aspirants. The paper consisted of 4 sections viz. Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, General Awareness and Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation. The difficulty level of the paper was moderate with only few difficult questions. However, the General Awareness section was still a big challenge to the candidates owing to some surprises. Since the exam was conducted in just a single slot, there is no need of normalization of scores for the candidate.

The overall level of CMAT 2017 was moderate and there were no major surprises, all the sections were easy with tricky question in general awareness. One can assume that score above 230 marks should be safe to get into the top percentiles of the ace management exam.

CMAT 2017 Exam Analysis.

The exam consisted of 100 questions in multiple choice format. There paper as mentioned earlier was divided into 4 sections with 25 questions in each section. Each correct response will be awarded 4 marks and every wrong answer will cause of penalty of 1 marks. The total marks awarded in the exam is 400 and candidates need to average score above 230 to get shortlisted by the top institutes accepting CMAT Scores.

SectionNumber of QuestionsTotal MarksDifficulty Level
Language Comprehension25100Easy
Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation25100Easy
Logical Reasoning25100Moderate
General Awareness25100Tough

CMAT 2017 Quantitative Technique & Data Interpretation

This section was rated as moderate overall. It was still quite a challenge to the aspirants primarily on account of the 5-6 medium to difficult questions. Like the previous session of CMAT Exam, there were no set based questions. The Quantitative Aptitude was dominated by Numerical and Arithmetic based questions, most of which were comparatively easy. Amongst the other questions which students found a little challenging, one question was based on minor ellipse and the other on the quadratic equations. The Data Interpretation questions were all easy. In around total time duration allotted to the section, candidates need to smartly make out time for the section. Around 21-22 attempts with 85-90% accuracy would be considered enough to meet the cut.

AreaNo of Qs.Specifics
Algebra2Roots of quadratic equations
Numbers3Prime numbers, Odd /Even Factors, Divisibility
Arithmetic9Time Speed & Distance(2), Profit & Loss(3), Averages(2),Problem on Ages(1), Mixtures(1)
Geometry4Ellipse, Circle, Parallelograms, Equation of a line
Modern Math4Venn Diagram, Logarithm, Probability, Progression
Data Interpretation3Pie Chart(2) and Line Graph (1)

Logical Reasoning

The difficulty level of the section could be rated as easy. The Section was primarily dominated by questions from analytical and verbal reasoning. The questions asked are were not lengthy and there were no set based questions just like Quantitative Aptitude. Majority of questions were asked from topics such as Arrangements and Groups & Conditionality’s holding almost 50% weightage of the total section.

Check CMAT Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus, Important Topics, Study Material & Preparation Tips

There were 3 questions based on verbal reasoning from topics such as Fact-based inference, Statement/Implication and Statement/Conclusion type. There was 1 question on Data Sufficiency based on arrangements. Attempts of 20-22  questions with 80-90% accuracy should be safe to meet the top percentile cutoff.

AreaNo. of Qs.Specifics
Arrangements9Circular, Linear, Matrix
Groups and Conditionality4 
Visual Reasoning1 
Family Tree3One using symbol based logic
Data Sufficiency1Based on Arrangements
Fact-based inference1 

CMAT 2017 Language Comprehension

The Language Comprehension could be rated between easy to moderate. The majority of the section was covered by reading comprehension questions holding more than 50% weightage of the section. There were around 15 questions from the topic which included 4 passages. 3 out of the 4 passages were short and comprised 3 questions each. The other passage was lengthy and descriptive with 6 questions from the section.

Around 20-22 attempts, with 85-90% accuracy, in around 50-55 minutes would be good.

AreaNo. of Qs.Specifics
Reading Comprehension154 passages
Option that weakens-the-argument11 question
Synonyms21-Synonym of a word mentioned in a sentence,
1-standalone word ‘Arcane’
FIB21-Idiom based
1-Identify a word pair that would fit the single blank
Idiom-based match11-Match four idioms with their meanings
Grammar43-Identify correct sentences, 
1-Identify correct words from homonyms in four sentences

CMAT 2017 General Awareness

The General Awareness section of the paper is designed to test the candidates’ awareness about current affairs and general basic facts. Though the section is devised to test candidates’ General Knowledge Aptitude, it is quite a challenge to the candidates. Almost 22 questions out of 25 were static with other 3 questions dealing with current affairs. The questions asked were from all areas viz. Science, history, geography, literature, Indian Culture, Sports, business and economics.

CMAT 2017 Cut-off

It is expected that an overall score of 220-230 will get 99 percentile while a score of 180 marks will get 95 percentile in CMAT 2017.

Overall scoreCut off percentile



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