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CMAT 2016 Group Discussion & Personal Interview Preparation Tips

Last Updated - April 01, 2017

After announcement of CMAT 2016 result, GD/PI is the next level which you have to achieve to get selected in CMAT 2016 associated institutes. Importance of GD is the major question every student want to know. Find here qualities & ethics required to perform better in GD/PI. Check tips regarding better performance in interview & latest GD topics.

Every institute has its own criteria to select students through CMAT cutoff score. GD & PI are the main aspects to be tested in most of the institute.

Importance of GD:

Every aspiring student has questions regarding importance of GD & its requirement in CMAT Selection process. Your Leadership & Team skills are verified through GD process. The basic motive behind GD is to test.

  • How you present & analyze information collectively while you are working in a group.
  •  How you develop an optimum solution for the problem through different perspective. Make sure everyone should comply (agree) with it.
  • If anyone have given some group task to accomplish, then automatically they will try to perform in group & due to this some of their personality traits have been revealed.

 Qualities you must ensure to perform better in GD:

Group discussion is the way to identify all the positive & negative sides of certain topic. It should be a healthy discussion which should be tend towards a logical conclusion. In short it should not seems like a battle field.

CMAT GD/PI Preparation

​1. Number of attempts:

Always remember one thing that it is just a discussion not a debate. For e.g. If total duration If GD is 15 minutes then total number of points may not exceed above 35 out of 40. So you have to participate in discussion at least 5 to 6 times to attain better score.

2. Quality of content:

What kind of facts figures & relevant examples you are presenting in GD will be tested. You can do it better by reading good newspapers & magazines like The Hindu, Indian Express.

3. Be a good listener:

If you are a good listener then only, you will become a good speaker. Practice in your peer group, try to listen everyone & then react. But do not stand like that you do not have anything to say. Summed up your thoughts while you are listening others, but it can be achieved by continuous practice only.

4. Be a good speaker:

Try to address everyone in the group. Maintain eye contact while you are speaking. It will reflect your confidence level alternatively.

5. Interruption strategy:

Do not be rude to other person who is speaking. Try to use words like Excuse me, Let me complete to participate in discussion.

6. Be a leader/Managerial:

If you have given the chance to initiate then give it a proper direction to perform good discussion. Do not become the part of small group in discussion. Sometimes we do not pay attention but it happens. Only two or three people are discussing & others, not able to participate in the discussion. Try to discuss with everyone because panelists will judge you on this scale also.

7. Power to memorize/remember:

Note every key point related to discussion in your mind, obviously you do not have any paper-pen to write. Because it will be required at the time of final conclusion. Analyze points of your team mates.

Development of above listed qualities is not a one day goal, you can achieve these qualities through constant practice.

Ethics required in GD:

  1. Listen carefully the dos & don’ts applicable in GD before discussion starts.
  2. Whenever you get time in between try to summarize your thoughts to turn them in to ideas.

Why students have failed in interview:

If you will be able to find the reasons of your failure then automatically you will perform well.

  • You do not know what you want to do exactly MBA or something else? Be firm in your purpose.
  • Do not give any reason to take sympathy. Sometimes it will results in negative points.
  • Do not write extraordinary things in application form. Be precise whatever you are writing because you have to provide a satisfactory answer in support of your words.
  • Over & under confidence both have deploying nature. Try to avoid this situation.

Traits & strategies to be followed at the time of interview:

  1. Your communication, interpersonal skills  & confidence are mainly checked at the time of interview
  2. Do not mix up your goals & motivation. Have clarity in your thoughts.
  3. Read standard magazines & newspapers regularly like India Today, The Hindu (there editorial page is very useful) & Indian Express.
  4. Prepare basic interview questions because there are 90% chances that these questions might be asked:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Elaborate your long term goals & desires?
  • Why MBA?
  • What are your interests?
  • What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  • Why this particular college?

Prepare two answers for above basic questions both short & long, so that you would be able to answer according to the situation.

  1. Be prepared according to your application form whatever you have write in the form at the time of submission of application in particular institute.
  2. Prepare completely your qualifying subjects, work experience as most of the questions have been asked from this section.
  3. Prepare everything with examples & lots of facts & figures.

What to do if not able to answer some of the questions:

It is completely OK if you are not able to answer some questions. You can say ‘I am sorry, I do not know the answer’ & proceed. We strictly advised you to not  to give confusing answers because it will indirectly affects your PI score so, better say sorry & proceed.

Here are some basic tips which will help you to perform better in GD/PI.

  • Discuss with your seniors:

As your seniors have gone already through all the proceedings required for GD/PI. Discuss with them about type of topics, which were asked in GD. What are the different views & reaction of students who have been participate in the discussion.

Here are some GD topics which will help you to prepare. (Consider these topics from a student’s point of view)

  1. GD Topic: 360 degree

As the topic suggest itself ‘360’ there were so many ideas all around as the topic is so abstract. The student who have initiated the discussion was trying to hold back all the ideas together have secured maximum points. I could not keep speaking for long duration but try to put new ideas from different perspective.

The whole discussion was lasts for 30 to 35 minutes with several good points but with no firm conclusion.

  1. GD Topic: Wealth disparity can be overcome by making the rich poor & poor rich

Every student who were in my team have present strong points to validate their thoughts. Whole discussion was lasts for 25 minutes.

  1. GD Topic: Extra Curricular activities act as distraction to students
  2. GD Topic: Union Budget 2015: Enumerate its pluses & minuses

This topic is so common that everyone have lots of views & ideas to initiate.

  1. GD Topic: Who said beggars cannot be choosers? Beggars can be choosers too?

Topics you can prepare to crack GD:

  1. Should goods & services tax be made top priority fiscal reform
  2. Globalization is good for workers & their rights
  3. Trade unions help boost productivity

It was a quite different topic only 4 out of 10 students were able to speak at the time of discussion.

  1. Globalization promotes economic group but wipes out cultures
  2. Inflation or Corruption which is more important?
  3. Need of vocational training in education system
  4. MOOC: Replacement of traditional teaching system
  5. How you explain Facebook to your Grand mom? Is it possible or not?
  6. The age of information
  7. Does India need a dictator

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the different components which I should prepare to perform better in GD?
  • Try to initiate the discussion, start with the introduction of topic.
  • Discover whether you are in favor or against to the given topic. Start thinking about positive or negative points with reference to that topic.
  • Discuss problems occurred in finding solution
  • After discussing positive & negative aspects conclude the discussion.
  1. Tell me about tricky questions asked in PI round in CMAT? How should I answer them?
  • As you said you are good at academics, so why you did not go for PHD or other higher degree?
  • So you want to do MBA because you want to start your own venture? And if you want to do then you must aware about the fact that only 1 in 1000 companies started every year are able to survive in tough market competition.
  • As your records say you seems like a bright student. MBA is the waste of time for you or not?

Note: If panelist asks you any question then they are expecting only a correct answer from your side?

No, it is not the case most of the time. They are not looking for correct answer all the time, all they are looking for is your confidence level in given situation.

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