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“Practice Makes A Man Perfect”, Says Bikramjit Das Who Scored 79 Percentile

Bikramjit Das scored 79 percentile in MAT 2012 and chose Regional College of Management for his further studies. He says, he had a very good experience in throughout the admission process- exam preparation, exam, group discussion and interview. Here we have some questions that he answered during interview, this may help you in preparing better.

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Ques. How was your experience in the Interview?

Ans. The experience was good. I believe in one thing either you earn or learn. Rejection is a part of a success, if I am not earning from that interview than try to learn something from it, which will help you in your upcoming interview or life. The interview sessions were good as I told you because of the preparation I have made at that time was really good. The interview was good for me thankfully, the interview process was consists of 4/5 rounds including GD, HR round, Director round, Technical round. So the college has decided to take 2 rounds of interview on that 1st day and fortunately I have successfully cracked the 1st round as well as the 2nd round also, then they asked me to come next day for remaining round which was director, technical rounds. After the whole interview process they told me we will call you, you can leave now.

Questions were like

1. Tell me something about yourself briefly?

2. As you have a commerce background, then why BBA/Why not BCOM?

3. How many colleges you applied till now for your MBA?

4. What is marketing (in your language)?

5. Do you know who is Dr. Philip Kotler?

6. Why you want to join our college?

7. Do you have the capability to represent our college in future? Various segments (sorry but I forgot the exact question).

8. Difference between MBA and PGDM?

9. Who inspires you most to go for MBA?

10. Basic marketing questions (7ps, 4ps etc)

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Ques. The Institutes that offered you Admission?

Ans.Amity Business School (MAT)

Jaipuria Institute of Management (MAT)

Regional College of management (MAT)

Global School of Business (CAT)

VAEL's Institute of Business Administration (CAT)

ICFAI Agartala (MAT)       

Ques. How did you manage your MAT preparation along with your Graduation studies/working hours? 

Ans. Yes this is quite tough to get sufficient time for preparation but you have make out anyhow. Being a final year student one important benefit is you are almost free from the attendance issue, so you can make time from there or make particular schedule for your graduation subject and MAT papers. Try to give time on nights because BATMAN to HE-MAN everyone shows their actual powers on night only. So in my point of view make a routine and follow every day.

Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

Ans. As I am not good in numbers so tried to work on that area mostly, mathematical part is too tough for me as well as other papers, so I tried to attempt a full question paper every day, in that way I have tried to convert my weakness as my strongest part.

Ques. What is your Five Point Rule to excel MAT 2016?

Ans. 1. Attempt which is familiar to you and you are good on that (1st round).

2. Avoid confusing questions/sections.

3. Choose less time consuming questions. If you follow this, then you will get sufficient time for other papers.

4. Try to not waste too much time before round 3.

5. If you stuck in a single section/question, just avoid go forward.

Ques. What Mock Papers did you take?

Ans. As I have attended CAT exam also so i just gone through these papers which will covered everything. If you are preparing for CAT than MAT also will covered up.

CAT free mock test, My CAT Study.

Check your Preparation with MAT 2016 Practice Papers

Ques. Websites you followed regularly for practicing sample papers and get updates?

Ans. - This websites will help you to cover both CAT and MAT. CAT Sample Papers with Solutions-

Ques. Language Comprehension: Books and Strategy followed

Ans. Popular guide to MAT and The practice Book of MAT

One old trick to solve the comprehension section is to read the questions before reading the comprehension. So that no time is wasted in going through the passage again and again. It is advisable to spend less time on this section.     

Ques. Intelligence & Critical Reasoning: Books and Strategy followed

Ans. Spend most of your time seeking to understand what is being asked, rather than jumping in and working on the answer. Practice hard and also another way, you can easily find many apps for your android mobile to practicing logical reasoning.

List the Name of Books You Followed for Logical Reasoning: How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma,

How to prepare For verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension for the CAT:

These are the chapter I followed specifically

 Reasoning Section 1. Logical 2. Verbal 3."

MAT 2016 Exam PatternMAT 2016 SyllabusMAT 2016 Paper Analysis

Ques. Data Analysis & Sufficiency: Books and Strategy followed

Ans. This can be a highly scoring section and try to use lesser time than mathematical part. Actually I don't have any particular book for this section but there is only 3 ways to learn anything Practice, Reading and Analyze. I did the same. Try to be good in calculations and learn shortcuts but many of my friends used few books like:

1. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma, we are bit biased about Mr. Arun Sharma as many CAT students follow him.

2. Quantitative aptitude by R.S Agarwal is also a very good option."   

Ques. Mathematical Skills: Books and Strategy followed

Ans. Face 2 Face MAT, 10 challengers MAT is famous as well as you can go for SSC quantitative.

As this is the important part to score 100%, so have to be good enough to handle numbers. Try to save maximum time from other section as you have and give as much time as you can. Try to learn shortcuts and tricks. Practice makes a man perfect same goes for a woman also. Practice hard to make everything easy.        

Ques. Indian and Global Environment: Books and Strategy followed Again Face 2 Face MAT, MAT score accelerator, is well and good for this section also.

Ans. Strategy would be like just try to follow the previous year questions and try to read newspapers, news it will help you a lot. The good thing is you don’t have to face any calculation kind off things in this section, so try to solve quickly as possible. Practice ample amount of questions and test papers which provide you a smoother way to crack this section.

Google is a well-known face for every one now a days, so try to use it in a correct manner."

Ques. Share your thoughts on the Strategy for the aspirant who is starting two months before the exam.

Ans. This is my favorite part as I have been in this kind of situation many times, anyways Just try to clear the basic fundamentals as early as possible, then to take mocks and fine tune your strategy. Try to solve various types of questions instead of same types of questions every day. Try to understand what your strong area is and work on that as well as give 200% on your weak areas. But mostly try to remember the shortcuts and easy ways to solve problems in exams

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

Ans. It would be a pleasure for me if i get that chance, than I can chance few things which I am lacking at that time. Now a days it is very important to be active, the competitive era will ask you every moment are capable enough to handle the upcoming pressure. So if I get that chance than I surely try to work more hard to get more score in those exams. English speaking is an essential thing now a days, so I will work on that, practice of GD/PI is also one of the part of your selection process so I will should practice it daily.  


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