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JEE Main Preparation, Toppers' Tips, Study Plan

IIT-JEE preparation often seems challenging with preparing for boards exam. However, you can manage your JEE preparation easily with smart strategy and planning. All those who cracked JEE Main and went onto pursue academic program in top engineering institutes recommend self-study. Since, the questions will be based on the 10+2 syllabus, try and stick to NCERT textbooks to prepare for both boards and JEE.

Test takers usually find Physics section to be most difficult, in particular the numerical questions. In case you are facing similar problems then just focus on important theorems like Bernoulli’s Theorem, Work Energy Theorem, etc. Some important chapters in Physics to focus on are Hydraulics, Mechanics, Electrodynamics and Modern Physics. For studying these topics you can refer H.C Verma. Also do focus on questions given after every chapter as it will give you an idea about important topics.

Chemistryis considered crucial to score well in JEE Main. The key to score well in this section is to practice a lot. For Organic Chemistry, you can refer Morrison & Boyd. Important chapters to focus on are Biochemistry, Periodic Tables, Hydrocarbons. As per the previous year trends, questions in Chemistry section are frequently repeated each year.

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Mathscan play a crucial role in your JEE Main score. To maximise your score in JEE Main Maths section, you need to first build upon your foundation of basic concepts. NCERT Class XI and XII textbooks and R.D. Sharma are more than handful for claritying you fundamentals. Also, there are numerous practice mock test series available online as well as there are plenty of test series books available in the market.

Toppers Tips



Kishlay Kumar

NIT Allahabad

“Practice - the only thing that can help you in achieving dream,” says Kishlay Kumar, who scored 99 Percentile in JEE Main 2015

JEE Toppers

Saurabh Swarnkar

NIT Jalandhar

"Learn the Basics Through NCERT", says Saurabh Swarnkar who scored 93 Percentile in JEE Main 2012


Ashish Kumar Jha

NIT Jamshedpur

"Preparing for 12th along with JEE is not Tough", says Ashish Kumar Jha who secured admission in NIT Jamshedpur

Sachin Verma Scored 180 in JEE Main 2013

He says your JEE Main score depends on the choice of books you choose from. He appeared in 2013 and scored 180 marks. According to him one must be clear with the basic concepts first only then move to higher version. For this he prescribes to stick to NCERT books.

He says focus on the chapters you excel. Important Chapters are Hydraulics, Motion, Thermodynamics, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion. For Chemistry he feels that it is one of the subject in which you can score high. He found Physical Chemistry easiest among the three section but you need to practice it a lot. He advises to refer to Morrison & Boyd for studying Organic Chemistry.

He felt a bit shaky in Mathematics. He asked to be thorough with all the mathematical formulas. In Maths only rigorous practicing can help .Important books are R.D Sharma.

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Pankaj Kumar Scored 145 in JEE Main 2013

He appeared for JEE Main in 2013 and scored 145 marks. For him it was Mathematics which helped him to crack JEE Main. There are no shortcuts for it. You need to practice daily to master it. He had made a list of all the important formulas which helped him a lot. For revision he used to solve Mock Series from Aakash. In Chemistry he found Organic part hard to study . He used to video lectures online for preparing. Also he read all the reactions again and again to learn them.

Physics is his one of the favourite subject. According to him “Concepts of Physics by HC Verma ( Vol. 1 & 2)” is the best book to study Physics. He studied mock test series from Aakash Institute which contained previous 5 years question papers.

He advises you devote atleast 3 hours daily to self- study after school hours. To check your level of preparation solve mock test series every weekend

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Ashwin Kumar Scored 210 in JEE Main 2013

He got admission in NIT Warangal. He appeared in 2013 and scored 210 out of 360 in the exam. He followed the ideology of accuracy within the time limit. He studied previous year papers and primarily focused on NCERT books. For preparing Mathematics he suggests to focus on NCERT books only to build up your foundation.

He says practicing 1 previous year paper every 4th-5th day for a month can help you a lot. He used to make short notes of important formulas and reactions and used to revise it daily in the morning for atleast one hour or so.

Check Out Preparation Tips by Ashwin Kumar 

Saumya Ranjan Scored 195 in JEE Main 2014

Coaching class and NCERT books both play a key role in cracking JEE Main . She is currently studying NIT Kurukshetra. She scored 195 marks out of 360 in 2014. She learnt basic concepts from She felt that solving a question from a related chapter is much easier than solving the same question in a mock test series. So, she advises to solve mock test series to gain expertise in the particular area.

According to her there is no requirement to study complete syllabus. Prepare a smart time table and plan accordingly. Try to improve your weak areas.

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Ishant Aggarwal Scored 102 in JEE Main

His All India Rank was 70786 and got admission in College of Engineering, Roorkee. He says if you prepare your NCERT text books seriously then half of your preparation is complete. He recommends “Made Easy Online Test papers” for preparation.

Practice is the only strategy for preparing Mathematics for JEE Main. Also he advises to solve the question against the timing constraints as one of his Gurus told him “Accuracy with time” is the key to crack any exam. One must ensure that he has make all his concepts i.e. the basic foundation strong before moving ahead to complicated one.

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Nitin Raghav Scored 237 in JEE Main 2014

He scored 237 marks and took admission in MNIT Jaipur. He recommends to focus on mock test and previous year papers. He followed a simple strategy understand each and every word to clear your concepts.

For Mathematics HC Verma proved to be savior for him. To speed up your calculations find out some quick tricks and follow them and also learn all the formulas by heart for speeding up your calculations. He used to study many offline paper such as Arihant, Disha Publications.

For Chemistry He stressed on NCERT books only as he feel questions in chemistry are not twisted and comes directly from the text book. For studying organic part he suggests O.P. Tondon book.

Know More About Preparation Tips by Nitin Raghav

Nitin Kakkar Scored 237 in JEE Mai​n 2013

According to him “Volume Matters” i.e. The more books you read the more concepts gets clear. So he advised to refer as many as books you can.

He says that both JEE Main and Class 12th Boards preparation go hand in hand. He recommends to finish your JEE Main preparations till December and then focus only on Board exams from January onwards.

In Chemistry he advises to focus on Inorganic more as in this domain topics are few and most of them covered Board Syllabus Curriculum. He advises to follow the NCERT Curriculum because it will help you in strengthen your basic concepts and build upon them.

Check Out Preparation Tips by Nitin Kakkar

Purvi Mittal Scored 223 in JEE Main 2014

She advises to focus equally on all the 3 subjects to score well in the exam. She appeared in 2014 and scored 223 marks. She took coaching from FITJEE for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced. She also joined FITJEE’s All India Test Series which is conducted twice in a month. It gave her an idea about the pattern of the exam. She says go through the entire syllabus and make a preparation schedule accordingly. She recommend to dedicate 1 month to 1 subject to increase your proficiency in each subject.

For attempting the paper she advises to solve physics section first. It can be solved in 60 minutes easily. Next she advise to attempt Maths part. If one has done a thorough practice and is well adversed with basic formula he can complete this section in about 70 minutes.

Check Out Preparation Tips by Purvi Mittal



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