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JEE Main 2017 Important Books for Preparation

JEE MAIN is a national level Entrance Exam conducted for aspirants who seek admission in various B.E./B.Tech. and B.Arch. courses offered by NITs, IITs and other CFTI (Centrally Funded Technical Institutions) across India. This exam is considered to be one of the most competitive and difficult exams to crack.


There will be 2 papers for JEE Main Paper-1 for B.E./B.Tech and Paper- 2 for B.Arch/ B.Plan . You can appear for Paper 1 or Paper 2 or Both.

  • Paper-1 Question will come from 3 subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. There will be 30 questions from each subject. For every correct answer you will be given 3 marks and 1 will be reduced for every wrong answer.
  • Paper-2- This paper will contain 82 questions from Mathematics, Aptitude Test and Drawing Test . For Mathematics and Aptitude Test, for every correct answer you will get 4 marks .There will be 30 objective questions from Mathematics and 50 questions from Aptitude Test. From Drawing test on topics Memory and 2D Design.

A lot of questions must be popping in the minds of the aspirants like: From where should I study? Which JEE Main books they should refer to? Or Which are the best books for IIT JEE mains? Now, those aspirants do not have to worry anymore, as we are here for them. They can go through the following article and get answers to all their questions.


Syllabus will comprise of class 11 & 12 syllabus as prescribed by CBSE. So you are advised to first be thorough with your NCERT books and then move to other competitive books which will provide you an idea about the type of question and level of difficulty. Here we are providing you some popular books along with their reviews which will help you finding the good book and start preparing with

JEE Main 2017 Important Books for Chemistry

JEE Main Books for Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is very vast and might be a little difficult, especially for beginners. Students must approach the topic thoroughly. Moreover, special attention must be given to the reaction mechanisms. Students can refer to the following books for better understanding.

Name of the BookISBN No.
Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd0136436692
Organic Chemistry by Solomons and Fryhle8126541814
A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes8177584332

Note: A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes - This book is a must-read, but it is suggested that you read this book only after you have covered all or at least a considerable part of your organic chemistry syllabus.

JEE Main Books for Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry remains a puzzle even to the best students. The key to this topic is constant revision, as it requires some amount of rote learning. Following books are helpful for preparing for Inorganic Chemistry

Name of the BookISBN No.
Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee8126515546
Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced ) by OP Tondon9382314393


  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee. This book will teach you how to understand the subject rather than cramming it.
  • Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) by OP Tondon - a great book for problems

JEE Main Books for Physical Chemistry

In Physical Chemistry, concepts are easy to learn, and it is important to solve the numerical problems. The books mentioned below can help in clarifying the concepts of Physical Chemistry:

Name of the BookISBN No.
University Chemistry by Bruce Mahan 8131729575
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee.8177096419
Numerical Chemistry 22/e by P Bahadur.9382314431


  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee. This is the best book for Physical Chemistry for solving problems.
  • Numerical Chemistry 22/e by P Bahadur. This book has been recommended by many top rankers.

JEE Main Books for Mathematics

Mathematics is considered as the most challenging among all the subjects, not just for JEE MAIN Preparation, but otherwise too. Maths is not only about solving some equations or some problems but also about understanding how theorems were arrived at and the intuition behind several conventions and ideas. Thus, studying theory in maths is also very important as it gives a better understanding of the concepts.

Student must use the school level books to build their foundation and then move on to the advanced books. They key to this subject is practice and the ingenuity to solve problems.

JEE Main Books for Calculus

Name of the BooksISBN No.
Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit Agarwal 8188222208
Integral Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit Agarwal 9351761436
Calculus and Analytic Geometry by Thomas and Finney818501552X
Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I. A. Maron9351762599

JEE Main Books for Trigonometry, 2D & 3D Geometry, Vector Algebra

Name of the BookISBN No.
Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE by SK Goyal.9351761401
Algebra for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publication935141843X
Vectors & 3D Geometry by Arihant Publications9351761452
Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publications9351418464
Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by TMH Publication (2013)1259003744
Higher Algebra 4th Edition By Hall and Knight (2014)1259003744


  • Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE by SK Goyal. This book has some excellent subjective examples.
  • Algebra for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publication. This is a good book, but as it goes beyond the syllabus, student must do selective study.
  • Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publications - trigonometry is not directly asked in JEE these days. Board level books are usually sufficient.
  • Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by TMH Publication. This is the best book for the algebra section.

JEE Main Books for PnC, Probability

Name of the ExamISBN No.
Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications Vol I and II for JEE Main & Advanced Author: William Feller8126518065

JEE Main Books for Physics

Physics requires more thinking than other subjects. But it is also the subject where you can solve any problem, no matter how tough it looks, given you are good at some fundamental principles. Students must first understand the concepts from books and then must start building up a proficiency in solving problems. The problems related to Mechanics and Electromagnetics are especially useful.


Following are some of the standard books for all topics:

JEE Main Books for Kinematics

Name of the BookISBN No.
Mechanics Part-1 & 2 by DC Pandey.9351761002

JEE Main Books for Waves & Thermodynamics

Name of the Book ISBN No.
Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Waves & Thermodynamics by DC Pandey9351761339

JEE Main Books for Electromagnetism

Name of the Book ISBN No.
Understanding Physics Electricity and Magnetism by DC Pandey8188222119

JEE Main Reference Books for to ace JEE Main like a pro

The first thing that any student should do is go through the NCERT thoroughly.

There are also certain standard books that are common for all topics in a subject:


Name of the Book ISBN No.
NCERT books (only for Theory) 
IIT chemistry by O.P Tandon (Organic Chemistry)9382314377
Complete Chemistry for JEE Main 2016 by NCERT 


Name of the BookISBN No.
IIT Mathematics by R.D Sharma 
The Pearson Guide to Complete Mathematics for JEE by SL Loney8131734072


Name of the BookISBN No.
Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma - Volume 1 and Volume 2.8177091875 (Vol. 1) 8177092324 (Vol. 2)
Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick and Halliday.047122863X
Complete Physics for JEE Main 2016 by Irodov.9339220323
  • This is the best book for beginners.
  • This is a great book for understanding concepts.
  • Student can refer to this book for more challenging problems. This is one of the toughest books for Physics.

Preparation Tips to Top the Exam:

  • Students must first and foremost focus on strengthening concepts.
  • A smart way to prepare is by making separate sheets for formulas and theorem that can help while solving numerical in Physics and Mathematics.
  • Speed and accuracy are an important aspect, which comes from an extensive practice of similar questions. Try to find the shortest approach to any MCQ.
  • Prepare the best way by appearing as many mock tests as possible, and analyze the results regularly. Try solving the difficult problems in the mock tests and create a strong base.
  • When it comes to books, student must always remember to buy the latest edition of the book, as it involves solved problems and practice questions according to the latest exam pattern and exam trends. Stick to one book and look at other books only when you need help on a specific topic.
  • Student must also solve the Exemplar problems by NCERT. They contain some must solve problems.
  • Additionally, to complete your preparation, you must solve the past year JEE papers.

Read How Prepare JEE MAIN EXAM

Time Management in JEE Main

Time management serves as the biggest hurdle for those students who are preparing for JEE Main. Most of the students are good at efforts but not able to cope with time. Pre planning is very important. As soon as organizing institute (Indian institute of Science, Bengaluru) disclosed the exam schedule & syllabus, you have to divide your time with respect to board & JEE Main entrance schedule. Weightage of different topics is the main deciding factor for time scaling.


Whole time management process accounts for two important aspects:

Time management during preparation

As you are preparing for both 12th exam & JEE Main entrance, you have to devote equal time to both. For proper time management you have to rate whole syllabus of JEE Main in terms of important & least important topics. Now divide time on this scale.

It should not be the case that you have performed very well in JEE Main but not able to crack board exams or vice-versa.

Emphasis on weak areas:

If any student is able to identify his/her strong & weak areas than half of the task will be automatically accomplished. Prepare strong topics first then go for others.

Time management while attempting paper

The efforts you have made to secure time in different topics matters the most, like before start to solve any question you should read it thoroughly & check whether you are able to collect the requisite information to solve that particular question. In case you are not able to understand the query, it is better to leave it & move on. Do not take question on your ego.

Read About JEE MAIN

Practice & Practice is very important to boost up your speed, accuracy & in turn time management too.

Factor of Practice is directly related to speed of attempting questions.

More practice will obviously increase your speed of attempting question. For example: Sometimes students met with the same question in exam which they have attempted during practice session. So if you have received the same question in exam you will definitely solve that before the allotted time.

Alternatively, lack of practice will results in lack of speed & in turn mitigate your time scale. Practice also pays for accuracy towards attempting questions.

At last we have concluded some important factors like:

  • Practice is directly proportional to Accurac
  • Practice is directly proportional to Speed & Time management

Toppers Preparation Tips

Pankaj Kumar –JEE Score 145

He says Marks are important but knowledge matters the most. According to him Chemistry is one of the subject which can gurrantee you good score in IIT JEE if you prepare well for it. Most of the topics are directly and not twisted. For preparing it you can solve previous 20 years sample papers.

He found first 3 chapters of Organic Chemistry easy .For rest of the chapters he made notes


Strategy for Maths Preparation

According to Pankaj there is no shortcuts for Mathematics except Practice . During revision time practice mock test series from Akash Institute.

He rated following study material in following parameter

Role of Coaching ClassesModerate
NCERT Text BooksExcellent
Study Material of Coaching ClassesModerate
Online Study MaterialModerate
Subjectwise Classes of Coaching CentersExcellent
Importance of Self StudyExcellent (oMust D)

He prescribed following books for preparation

Name of the BookAuthor’s Name
Plane Trignometry Part 1 and Part -2 (4th Edition)S.L. Loney
Skills in Mathematics Algebra for JEE Main & AdvancedSK Goyal
Higher Algebra-4th EditionHall & Knight
Integral Calculus forJEE Main and JEE AdvancedAmit Aggarwal
Concepts of Physics (Vol 1 and 2 )HC Verma
Fundamental of PhysicsResnick, Helder and Walker

Sachin Verma – Score 180

He says “Choose the right book to clear your concept on subject which will help you to clear the cutoff”

Know More About JEE MAIN CUTOFF​

He studied Narayana Test Series for preparation and solved 34 years of question papers for IIT JEE .

Strategy for Chemistry Preparation

He find Physical Chemistry easy and for organic chemistry you just need to learn and cram. For preparing inorganic chemistry just stick to NCERT books. He prescribes P Bahadur for Physical Chemistry, NCERT for Inorganic Chemistry and Soloman for Organic Chemistry.


Mayur Aggarwal – Got Admission in JIIT Punjab

He practiced 3-4 question papers daily and practiced objective questions given in reference books. According to him focus on board exams first that will help in making your concepts clear. For preparing he sticked to NCERT Book and R.S. Aggarwal. He also recommend RD Sharma for it .


For Chemistry he advised you to attempt this section in first 40-50 minutes as he feels you can score  maximum in this subject as depicted by previous year trends .

Roles of Coaching ClassesHave not taken any coaching classes
NCERT Text booksMost Important
Study Material of Coaching ClassesNo need
Online Study MaterialModerate
Subjectwise ClassesExcellent
Importance of Self StudyExcellent

He advised to attempt the Maths section at the last or at second place

Prescribed Books for Preparation

Book NameAuthor Name
NCERT MathematicsNCERT
MathematicsRD Sharma
Modern ABC for PhysicsSathish k Gupta
Comprehensive ChemistryNCERT



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