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JCECE 2017 Exam Pattern

JCECE Exam Pattern 2017- JCECE 2017, pen and paper based exam is scheduled for PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) group on May 14, 2017. The exam will be conducted at different locations in Ranchi. The questions are in English and Hindi both. In case of problem in translation, the English version is considered final.

There are 150 objective type questions in PCB group from Physics, Chemistry and Biology syllabus of Class XII.  The exam for this group is conducted in two shifts: Shift I- Biology and Shift II- Physics and Chemistry. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. There are 50 questions in each section in the exam.

JCECE Board will now conduct a different exam for PCM Group candidates i.e. JEECE 2017. The exam is scheduled on May 07, 2017. The JEECE Exam Pattern highlights are:

  • It is an offline mode exam conducted in 2 shifts: Shift I- Physics and Chemistry and Shift II- Mathematics
  • The total duration of the exam is 3 hours. The question paper is in English and Hindi
  • There are 150 objective type questions from Class XII CBSE Syllabus.
  • Every correct answer carries 1 mark while ¼ mark is deducted for every incorrect answer.
  • The exam will be conducted at the mentioned location on the JCECE Admit Card.
JCECE 2017 Exam Pattern

For PCMB group, there are 200 objective type questions to be solved in 4 hours. The exam is divided in 3 different shifts for this subject group: Shift I- Biology, Shift II- Physics and Chemistry and Shift III- Mathematics. There are 50 questions equally distributed in each section.

JCECE 2017 Exam Pattern

JCECE will be now conducted for only PCB or PCMB subject groups. The exam is in pen paper mode with 150 MCQs to be solved in 3 hours. There are 3 sections in the PCB subject group exam i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

There are 50 questions from each subject in the exam. The total weightage of the exam is 150 marks. JCECE Syllabus for PCB group includes all the topics from Class XII CBSE Syllabus.

For PCMB group, there are questions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics from topics included in CBSE Class XII Syllabus. The total questions in this group is 200 holding a weightage of 200 marks. This group enables admission to Pharmacy programs.

Here are the section-wise weightage of PCB and PCMB Group:

JCECE Exam Pattern

JCECE 2017 Exam schedule

PCM Group10:15 AM - 1:30 PM
PCB Group09:00 AM - 12:15 PM
PCMB Group09:00 AM - 1:30 PM

JCECE 2017 Marking Scheme

The detailed marking scheme for JCECE 2017 exam is given below:

  • The correct choice should be darkened in the OMR sheet. (Multiple darkening is considered invalid and shall be marked negatively)
  • The candidate shall be awarded 1 mark for every correct answer and shall lose ¼ mark for every incorrect answer.
  • The candidate shall not be given marks for non-attempted questions.
  • More than 1 marked option in the single answer will be treated as the wrong answer.


JCECE 2017 Syllabus

JCECE is conducted annually for admissions into various degree courses. The questions are asked from the syllabus provided by CBSE for class XI and class XII. Here we are providing you the JCECE 2017 syllabus of each subject defined by the order of importance:

Physics Syllabus

The Physics chapters studied in the Class XII Syllabus of CBSE are included in JCECE Physics Syllabus. Here are the important topics with high weightage in the exam:

  • Modern Physics
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • SHM & Waves
  • Rotational Dynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Current Electricity
  • Electrostatics
Introduction & MeasurementDescription of Motion in One DimensionDescription of Motion in Two & Three Dimension
Work, Energy & PowerMotion of System of Particles & Rigid Body RotationGravitation
Mechanics of Solids & FluidsHeat & ThermodynamicsOscillations
WavesElectrostaticsCurrent Electricity
Magnetic EffectCurrent ElectricityMagnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism
EMI & Altering CurrentElectromagnetic WavesOptics
Dual Nature of Matter & RadiationsAtomic NucleusSolids & Semiconductor Devices and Priniciples of Communication

Chemistry Syllabus

Here is the list of chemistry topics with the maximum weightage in JCECE 2017:

  • Chemical Bonding and Periodic Table
  • Periodic Properties
  • Carbonyl Compounds & their derivatives
  • Basics of Organic Chemistry
  • Mole Concept & the concept of equivalents
  • Solid state
  • Thermo Chemistry & the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Basic Concepts and Atomic StructureBonding and Molecular StructureStates of Matter
Periodic Properties of Elements & HydrogenS-Block Elements & Principles of MetallurgyP-Block Elements
D-Block & F-Block ElementsThermodynamicsChemical Equilibrium
SolutionsRedox Reaction & ElectrochemistryChemical Kinetics
Surface ChemistryCoordination Compounds & OrganometallicsBasics Principles
Purification & Characterization of Organic CompoundsHydrocarbonsOrganic Reaction Mechanism
StereochemistryOrganic Compounds With Functional Groups Containing HalogensOrganic Compounds With Functional Groups Containing Oxygen
Organic Compounds With Functional Groups Containing NitrogenPolymers & Biomolecules and Environmental Chemistry & Chemistry in Everyday Life.

Mathematics Syllabus

Given below is the list of important mathematics topics asked in JCECE 2017:

  • 3D and Vectors
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Probability
  • Sequence and Series
  • Complex Number
  • Application of Derivatives
  • Differential Calculus
SetsRelation & FunctionsComplex Numbers
Quadratic EquationsSequence & SeriesPermutations
Combinations and Binomial Theorem & Mathematical InductionMatrices & DeterminantsLinear Inequations
Mathematical Logic & Boolean AlgebraTrigonometric Functions & Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsCartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
Lines & Family of LinesCircles & Family of CirclesConic Sections
Vectors3D GeometryStatistics & Probability
FunctionsLimits & ContinuityDifferentiation
Application of DerivativesIndefinite IntegralsDefinite Integrals and Differential Equations.

Biology Syllabus

Enlisted below are the important Biology topics included in JCECE 2017:

  • Human Physiology
  • Plant Physiology
  • Reproduction
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Genetics
Diversity in the Living WorldPlant KingdomCell and Cell Division
Physiology of PlantsReproductionGrowth & Development
Ecology & EnvironmentBiotechnologyOrigin & Evolution of Life
Animal KingdomStructural Organization of the BodyGenetics
Physiology of AnimalsReproduction & Development in AnimalsBiodiversity and Conservation and Biology in Human Welfare

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