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JCECE 2018 Exam Day Recruitment

Updated On - January 25th 2018

JCECE 2018 is scheduled on May 14, 2018. The candidates must carry all the required documents to avoid any discrepancy during the examination. The JCECE 2018 Admit Card is the most important document to be carried to the JCECE 2018 Exam Center. The instructions being announced in the examination hall must be followed cautiously. It is a pen and paper based examination i.e. written mode of examination.

Any unwanted materials or anyone following unfair means during the examination shall be taken under a strict legal action. The details of the test center and other important instructions are mentioned on the admit card. One must carefully go through the instructions given on the admit card to secure their candidature.

The candidates must keep the instructions that follow in mind both before going for the examination and at the examination hall. The candidates must prepare themselves well for the JCECE 2018.

Guidelines For Exam Center

  1. The Examination Hall shall be opened 30 minutes before the beginning of the examination. Candidates can enter and take their allotted seats immediately after the opening of the examination hall. If the candidate fails to reach the examination hall in the prescribed time he/she shall miss few important instructions to be announced at the center.
  2. Any candidate who reaches the examination hall 15 minutes after the commencement of the exam won’t be allowed to appear for the exam.
  3. All the candidates are requested to carry their admit cards and two ball point pens for the examination. Any other material than these won’t be allowed inside the examination hall.
  4. The candidate must show the admit card when asked for entering the examination hall. The candidate who is not bearing a valid admit card shall not be allowed inside by the Centre Superintendent.
  5. The admit cards of the candidate shall be checked by the invigilator during the examination to confirm the identity of the candidate.
  6. A seat with a specific roll number shall be allotted to each candidate. The candidate must carefully find and occupy the allotted seat only. In case the candidate is found in a different examination room or on a different seat then his/her candidature shall be cancelled.
  7. Any textual material (written or printed), any bits of paper or any unwanted material shall not be permitted inside the examination hall.
  8. The candidates need to check and make sure that the question booklet provided to them contains the same number of pages as mentioned on the top of the cover page.
  9. Any electronic gadget like calculators, digital watches, cell phones or geometry box, log tables, slide rules etc. are banned inside the examination hall. The candidates are advised not to carry any of these banned devices including the cellphone as the exam center authorities do not guarantee the safety of such devices.
  10. The candidates should check and sign the attendance sheet carefully. He/she must provide his/her signature at appropriate place. The candidates need to provide a left hand thumb impression in the space provided on the attendance sheet.
  11. There will be Digital Photography in the examination hall during the examination. The candidate is requested to keep the head upright with admit card below their face to completely establish the correct identity of the candidate.
  12. The candidate won’t be permitted to leave his/her allocated seat before the indication of conclusion of the examination. The OMR sheets and question booklets must be handed over to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall.
  13. In case the candidate needs to leave the due to medical issues, the candidate can seek permission to leave the examination hall from the Centre Superintendent and Magistrate and that must be reported in written by them to the Board.
  14. The examination will begin exactly on the time mentioned in the admit card. There will be bell signals to indicate the beginning and half time of the examination. The indication of the end time of the examination shall also be given by the bell signals. The candidates need to stop making responses on this indication.
  15. In case any registered candidate doesn’t appear for the examination due to any reason, there shall be no re-examination for such candidates under any circumstances.

Rules And Regulations of Exam Center

The candidates must follow all the rules and regulations cautiously. Anyone found violating any of the rules shall be punished accordingly. The use of unfair means or any textual material during the examination is not permitted. Any textual material found shall be checked and anyone not satisfying the identity of the registered candidate shall be undertaken legal action.

The use of unfair means during the examination permits a candidate to obtain undue advantage over the other candidates appearing for the examination. The candidates should avoid the following unfair practices:

  • The candidates must not take away the OMR sheets out of the examination hall.
  • The candidates must not breach the rules of the examination.
  • The candidates must not tear away any of the pages in the question booklet or OMR sheet provided to them.
  • The candidate should not be found communicating or contacting with any person other than the invigilator or any other examination staff at the center/during the examination.
  • The candidate should not write any of the answers on any sheet other than the OMR sheet provided by the invigilator.
  • The candidates are not allowed to possess papers, books, notes, electronic devices or any other material related to the examination accept the JCECE 2018 Admit Card.
  • The candidates found possessing a fake identity shall be debarred from giving the examination.
  • The candidates are not permitted to engage themselves or assist any candidate in malpractices.
  • The candidates found smuggling out the question papers or the OMR answer sheet will be punished accordingly.
  • The candidates are advised not to fabricate or mutilate the documents related to the examination such as admit card, score card etc.
  • The candidates found threatening the other candidates or any examination official will be detained from the examination at once.
  • The candidates are not permitted to affix any fabricated photograph on the application form.

Punishment for Unfair Practices

The candidates must cautiously go through the above mentioned instructions before appearing for JCECE 2018. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to adhere to the guidelines provided by the JCECE Board. In case any candidate is found indulging in such practices during the examination or any time after or before the examination, he/she shall be marked as UNFAIRMEANS (U.F.M.). These candidates won’t be allowed to appear for any of the examinations conducted by the JCECE Board for the next three years and may face legal action. Therefore the candidates must ensure that they have handed over the question booklet and OMR answer sheet to the exam center authority before leaving the examination hall.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College



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