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IPU CET 2017 Exam Centers

IPU CET 2017 is scheduled in offline mode (written examination) in April 2017. Maximum courses in IPU CET are conducted at various locations in Delhi. Candidates who apply for B.Tech, MCA and MBA programs have to mention their preference of IPU CET 2017 Exam Center in the Application form of IPU CET.

Candidates must carefully enter their choice of exam center for IPU CET 2017 with the correct city code to ensure allocation fo desired center. Candidate must not forget to carry the IPU CET 2017 Admit Card to the examination hall. Candidate must not carry any other material or perform any unfair practices to avoid cancellation of candidature.

IPU CET 2017 Exam Centers

There are 15 test centers for IPU CET selected by GGSIPU. The allocated IPU CET Test Center is mentioned on the IPU CET Admit card. Given below is the list of IPU CET 2017 Test Centers:

Exam CenterCenter/ City Code

Given below is the table containing IPU CET 2017 Exam Centers along with the City Code for B.Tech/ MBBS Stage I/ MCA/ MBA course:

IPU CET will be conducting only in Delhi for all the other programmes except Engineering, MBBS Stage I, MCA and MBA.The exam center chosen by the candidates for IPUCET 2017 exam shall be considered as their preferred choice. Request regarding any changes in the already filled exam center will not be entertained under any circumstances. IP University may drop any of the above mentioned centers if sufficient number of applicants are not available or for any other reason deemed appropriate to drop the center.

Note: If university decides to drop both the preferences of centers filled by the candidates then, in such case, “Delhi” center will be allotted.                    

Reporting and General Instructions

On the exam day, candidates should report at the Examination center 30 minutes prior to the time ofcommencement of IPU CET 2017. Candidates will not be permitted to enter in the Examination Hall after the commencement of IPU CET 2017. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before the prescribed the CET is over. Candidate should leave Examination Hall only after handing over OMR answer sheet and testbooklet to the Invigilator. Candidates aspiring for IPU CET 2017 have to follow the following instructions at the exam center.

Instructions to be Followed At the Exam Center

  • The Common Entrance Test shall be based on the topics as specified in the CET syllabus section.
  • The candidates are required to report at their respective Examination Centre at least 30 minutes before the CET along with two copies of their Admit Card issued by the University.
  • No candidate will be allowed to enter the CET Centre after the scheduled commencement of CET 2017.
  • The Each candidate will be given a sealed Test Booklet and OMR answer sheet 5 minutes before the commencement of the test. Only for PGMC: Each candidate will be given a sealed test booklet (Section A) and OMR answer sheet just 5 minutes before the commencement of the test and test booklet (Section B) just 5 minutes before the completion of one hour of the Test. Only for SSMC: The CET will be of 1 hour 30 minutes duration comprising of 100 MCQs.
  • Immediately on receipt of the Test Booklet, each candidate shall fill in the required particulars on the cover page of the Test Booklet with a black ballpoint pen only. He shall not open the seal of the Test Booklet until asked to do so by the invigilator.
  • Candidates will then write the required particulars on OMR answer sheet with a black ballpoint pen. After this, they will wait for the signal by the invigilator to start marking the responses.
  • The Test will start exactly at the time mentioned on the Admit Card and an announcement to start will be made by the invigilator.
  • While the test is in progress, the invigilator will check the Admit Cards of the candidates to satisfy himself about the identity of each candidate. The invigilator will also put his/her signature in the space provided for the purpose on the OMR answer sheet as well as on the Admit Card.
  • The candidate will have to sign the Attendance Sheet against his IPU CET Roll Number.
  • A signal will be given at the beginning of the Test. A signal will also be given at the closing time when the candidates must stop marking the responses.
  • After completing the Test and before handing over the Test Booklet and the OMR answer sheet to the invigilator, the candidates are advised to make sure that all the particulars required in the Test Booklet and the OMR answer sheet have been correctly written, i.e.Name of the Candidate,CET Roll Number, CET Code, Centre Code, Test Booklet Code, Test Booklet Number, CET name.
  • No candidate will move out of the examination hall until the time prescribed for the Test is over.
  • No candidate will take away the Test Booklet and the OMR answer sheet from the examination hall. Taking away of the test booklet or the OMR answer sheet shall be treated as the usage of unfair means.
  • A candidate must bring his own black ball point pen to fill the answers in ovals of OMR answer sheet. In case the ovals are filled by any instrument other than the black ball point pen, then the answer sheet may be rejected by the optical scanner when the same is being scanned. In all such cases, the responsibility shall rest on the candidates.
  • The candidate must ensure that the answer sheet is not folded. Also, he should not make any marks or write any kind of description on it.
  • Candidates are advised to be sure about the correct answer before they darken the oval with black ball point pen. They should also ensure that the each oval is completely darkened with black ball point pen, partially or faintly darkened ovals may be rejected by the optical scanner. It may also be negatively marked.
  • For all programmes excepting SSMC/MBBS/BDS: Each question carries four marks. For each incorrect response, one mark will be deducted from the total number of marks obtained by the candidate. No deduction from the total marks will, however, be made if no response to a question is indicated. Candidates are advised not to attempt a question if they are not sure of the correct answer. If a candidate darkens more than one oval against a question, it will be deemed to be an incorrect answer and will be negatively marked.
  • For MBBS/BDS: Each question will carry three marks. One mark will be deducted for each incorrect response.
  • For SSMC: Each question will carry four marks. There will be no negative marking.
  • A question in which multiple ovals are darkened shall be deemed to be answered wrong.
  • The Test Booklet Code filled in by the candidate in the OMR answer sheet will be accepted as final for the purpose of evaluation. When the space for the Booklet Code is left blank or more than one booklet code is indicated therein, it will be deemed to be an incorrect booklet code and the answer sheet will not be evaluated. The candidate himself will be solely responsible for all the consequences arising out of any error or omission in writing the Test Booklet Code.
  • No candidate should do any rough work on the OMR answer sheet. Rough work, if any, is to be done only in the Test Booklet at the space provided.
  • Candidates should check to make sure that the Test Booklet contains the number of pages as mentioned on the top of the first page. In case the numbers do not tally, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the invigilator. The candidates shall not remove any page from the Test Booklet and if any page is found missing from the candidate's booklet, he/she shall be liable for prosecution under relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code.
  • In case of any confusion, invigilator may be contacted.
  • No candidate, without the specific permission of the Centre Superintendent or the invigilator concerned, shall leave his/her seat in the examination hall until he/she has finished his/ her paper and handed over the Test Booklet and the OMR answer sheet to the invigilator on duty. Failure to do so may be treated as usage of unfair means.
  • Smoking in the examination hall during the hours of the Test is strictly prohibited.
  • Tea, coffee, cold drinks or snacks are not allowed inside the examination hall during the Test.

Expected Behavior and Discipline During The Test

  • If any candidate is found using any unfair means or does not maintain discipline during conduct of the Common Entrance Test, the University will take necessary disciplinary action against such candidates.
  • No candidate should carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers or any other material except the admit card (without envelope) inside the examination hall.
  • If the candidate is found to be copying or conversing with other candidates or having in his possession papers, notes or books/ any electronic material with or without relevant text, he will be disqualified from taking the Test and the next one or two such Tests depending on the nature of offense. This shall be treated as the use of unfair means.
  • Carrying of calculator pen, cell phone, pager or any other electronic gadgets to the Examination Centre is strictly prohibited. The University will neither make any arrangement for the safe custody of any of these items nor will be responsible for loss of any such item. Hence, the parents may counsel their wards for not carrying such items with them while going to respective examination centers for taking the CET. If the candidate is found in possession of such gadgets during the examination, it will be treated as the use of unfair means.
  • Candidates must not obtain or give or attempt to obtain or to give undesirable assistance of any kind during the Test, as it shall be treated as the use of unfair means.
  • Any attempt to note down questions during the test or to take away pages from the Test Booklet will be viewed very seriously, and hence legal action may be taken. This will be treated as the use of unfair means.
  • Candidate shall maintain perfect silence during examination.
  • Any conversation, gesticulation or causing disturbance during the Test will be deemed to be an act of misbehavior and therefore, it is strictly prohibited. Also, if a candidate is foundimpersonating or using unfair means, he will be disqualified from taking the test.
  • The decision in regard of usage of unfair means shall be taken by the University on the report of the center superintendent of the exam center, on the recommendation of a constituted committee by the Controller of Examinations of the University. The constitution of the committee shall be done by the Controller of Examinations.



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