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DU JAT 2017 Exam Pattern

Delhi University Joint Admission Test, DU JAT 2017 is conducted by University of Delhi for admitting students to the Undergraduate programmes in the respective courses of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Education (BBE). The test was conducted on June 20, 2017 in Offline mode i.e. pen and paper based test with 120 multiple choice objective questions in a time limit of 2 hours. The questions asked in DU JAT 2017 is based upon the topics of Mathematics, reasoning and analytical abilities. DU JAT 2017 Exam Pattern is designed to be at 10+2 level

BMS/BBA/BA (Hons.)Business Economics DU JAT 2017 Exam Pattern

DU JAT 2017 Exam Pattern is different for different courses. The exam is of 2 hours duration and consistes of 120 questions. Candidates will be awarded 3 marks for the right option while 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer. Questions were evenly divided among the following mentioned topics. The questions in general awareness were particularly from history, business and general knowledge.

  • Quantitative and Numerical Ability Section
  • General Knowledge and Awareness
  • Logical reasoning Section
  • English Section

DU JAT 2017 Pattern Analysis

In the year 2015 there were 120 questions in the test paper while in 2014 there were 100 questions in the test paper. In the previous years, DU JAT was conducted only for admission to the BBA, BMS and BA in Business Economics programs,. The breakup of questions in each section for both 2015 & 2014 is given below in detail. 

SUBJECTYear 2015Year 2014
Quantitative Ability (Mathematics)30 Questions25 Questions
Analytical and Verbal Reasoning (English)30 Questions25 Questions
General English concepts30 Questions25 Questions
General knowledge and Awareness30 Questions25 Questions
TOTAL120 Questions100 Questions

Figure 1: Exam Pattern for 2015

Figure 2: Exam Pattern for 2014

DU JAT 2017 Syllabus

The syllabus for DU JAT is extremely exhaustive yet achievable at the same time. All that you need to do is prepare smartly and think logically while answering the questions in the exam.

Quantative Ability

The quantitative ability section comprises of questions encompassing Class 12 and Class 11 questions and some miscellaneous concepts like Time and Work, Unitary method, Profit and Loss, and Compound Interest

  • Prepare from RS Aggarwal for Competitive Exams and 2015 DU JAT paper
Set TheoryUnion, Intersection, set operations Set, superset, subset, Universal set Difference between subset and belongs to relation De Morgans law Venn Diagrams Word problems on set theory
Relations and FunctionsReflexive, symmetric, transitive relations and properties Surjective and Injective functions Calculating inverse of functions ‘Into-into’ and ‘onto’ properties Finding functions from given graphs Different types of functions
TrigonometryTrigonometric identities Inverse Trigonometry Solving questions using identities
CalculusDifferential calculus- chain rule, lagrange’s theorem, mean value theorem, applying limits Applications of Differential calculus/Derivatives-finding maxima and minima of functions, rate of acceleration, increasing/decreasing functions Integral calculus- using identities to solve questions, substitution, partial fractions, by parts Application of Integration- finding area under a curve, area of a triangle and geometric figures
3-D GeometryEquation of a line Equation of a plane Shortest distance between two lines or two planes Distance between line and plane Distance between two planes Distance between a point and a plane
LogarithmsLog properties Finding logs using log properties and relations
AlgebraMatrices- addition, multiplication, subtraction, transpose, inverse Determinants- finding adjoints, calculating determinants
StatisticsMeasures of central tendency Mean, median, mode
Co-ordinate GeometryEquation of a line Calculating slopes and points of intersection
Series and Sequences (AP/GP)Calculating nth terms, sum of n terms Fibonacci series Word problems
Permutation and CombinationBinomial expansion Calculating number of ways Problems on cards, selecting n women and m men from a total group of x people Formulae for factorial, permutation, combination

DU JAT 2017 General English

General English is easy and scoring and thus, this section should be attempted first in order to secure good marks when you have a fresh mind at the beginning of the exam. Prepare and concentrate on the following concepts that are usually asked in the exam:

  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Jumbled sentences and phrases
  • Choosing the right spellings
  • Use of Active and Passive voice
  • Prepositions
  • Abstract nouns
  • Tenses- past, present, future, past participle
  • Spotting the errors/Editing
  • Sentence Correction
  • Reading comprehension: usually 2 passages (180-200 words) are given and questions based on the text. The best tip is to read the questions first and find answers accordingly from the text- this saves up a lot of time and you can get over with the English section fast

DU JAT 2017 Logical Reasoning

The LR section is extremely interesting and easy to do if you have solid practice prior to the exam. The key to scoring well in this section is to practice a lot of questions of diverse types so that you are able to handle them at the time of attempting the exam. They key concepts are:

  • Directions and finding distance between two points. Such questions usually involve Pythagoras Theorem and related mathematical concepts
  • Arrangement of people, chairs, books etc in a particular order- circular, adjacent to each other and answering questions according to the clues given,
  • Data interpretation- tables, graphs and pie charts are provided and based on them questions are to be answered. Such questions involve very easy calculations but test the clarity of concept and the ability to deal with data in different forms- graphic or text.
  • Analogy- to draw similarity or difference between two things based on the example given in the question.
  • Series- completing a series or sequence of based on pattern followed by the items in the series
  • Logical deduction- inferring conclusions from the rules or facts given. Such questions can be answered easily by drawing venn diagrams and concluding relationships from them
  • Coding and Decoding- using examples or patterns provided in the question
  • Visual reasoning

DU JAT 2017 General Awareness

You must constantly read newspapers or go through National, Economic and International happenings on news apps on your phone. Some important news items you must be aware of are:

  • Current Affairs in India- Names of all Ministers, Political parties, happenings in the country
  • Business knowledge- basic accountancy and concepts of Business Studies from Class 12
  • Thorough knowledge of banking sector- Interest rates on different loans, Govt. bank policies. RBI policies, cash reserve ratio etc.
  • Sports- World Cup Cricket, IPL, Top 10 annual player rankings for each sport that India participates in. Breakthrough happenings in Sports and standing in International events like Wimbledon, Davis cup, French Open, US Open etc.
  • Economic news- major mergers and acquisitions, demand and supply concepts, Indian GDP trends over the last few years, Indian top 10 companies/ startups/ businesses for last few years, Women standing in Industry, Women Indian CEOs, CEOs of all major IT and Economic firms of India and the world.

DU JAT 2017 Paper Analysis

The 2015 DU JAT paper ranged from moderate to difficult wherein maximum questions were easy to attempt and required a bit of practice and clarity of concepts

Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Moderate to Difficult)Analytical and Verbal Reasoning Questions (Easy)General English concepts Questions (Easy to Moderate)General Awareness Questions
Logs-1Arrangement-92 Reading Comprehension- 10 Maximum questions from VocabularyBusiness Awareness-11
Linear Equations-3Data Interpretation (tabular)-5Spellings-5Economics-10
Time and Work-2Coding Decoding-2Synonyms-4International affairs-3
Relations and Functions-2Analogy-1Jumbled paragraph-4Sports-1
Derivatives-4Syllogisms-2Active and Passive Voice-5Miscellaneous-5
Set Theory-1Logical Deductions-1Sentence Correction-2-
Binomial Expansion-1Visual Reasoning-2--
Geometry -3Directions-2--
Permutation and Combination-3---
Coordinate Geometry-4---
TOTAL: 30283030

DU JAT 2017 Difficulty Analysis

The difficulty level varies across different sections- Quantitative aptitude, Analytical and Verbal Reasoning, General English and General Knowledge- every year. DU JAT 2015 had the following range of questions in the above mentioned sections:

Quantitative AptitudeModerate to Difficult59-64
Analytical and Logical ReasoningEasy62-67
General EnglishModerate58-63
General AwarenessEasy to Moderate58-63
TOTAL 237-267

DU JAT 2017 Reference Books

General EnglishHigh School Grammar and Composition By Wren and Martin, Revised by Dr. N.D.V Prasad Rao
General KnowledgeNewspapers, Economic news websites, Class 11 and 12 Business Studies Textbooks, Manorama Yearbook 2015, Current Affairs Made Easy Quarterly Issue.
Quantative AptitudeQuantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma



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