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APICET 2017 Exam Pattern

APICET 2017 (Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test) is a state level entrance examination conducted by Andhra University for admission in MBA and MCA courses (regular), for the academic session 2017- 2018. APICET 2017 Exam will be conducted on May 16, 2017.  APICET 2017 is a pen paper based examination. The exam will have Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The candidates will be given only 2.5 hours to complete the exam. There will be total 200 questions and each question will carry 1 mark. There is no negative marking in the exam.

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APICET 2017 Exam Pattern Highlights

The key points regarding the examination pattern of the APICET 2017 is tabulated below for the convenience of the candidates:

Mode of ExaminationPen Paper based
Total Duration2.5 hours (150 minutes)
Total number of questions200
Total number of sections3 (Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability, Communication Ability)
Number of questions/ sectionAnalytical Ability: 75 Mathematical Ability: 75 Communication Ability: 50
FormatMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Number of choices per question4
Marking Scheme1 mark for correct answer 0 mark for unanswered questions No negative marking for incorrect answer

Exam Pattern for APICET 2017

APICET 2017 examination is a pen paper based test. Candidates will be given an Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet to mark the answer. The answers to the questions will have to be marked on it using a blue or black ball point pen.

The total duration of the APICET 2017 is 2.5 hours (150 minutes). It is a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based examination. Every question will have 4 options, out of which the test taker will have to select the correct answer for that question.

The APICET 2017 will have three sections. Each of the sections is further subdivided into other sub- parts:

  1. Section A: Analytical Ability (75 questions)
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Problem Solving
  1. Section B: Mathematical Ability (75 questions)
  • Arithmetical Ability
  • Algebraical and Geometrical Ability
  • Statistical Ability
  1. Section C: Communication Ability (50 questions)
  • Vocabulary
  • Business and Computer Terminology
  • Functional Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension

The total number of questions in the APICET 2017 is 200, which is distributed across the three sections.

The number of questions in each section and sub- section is mentioned in the table below, along with the marking scheme:

Name of the SectionNumber of Questions
Section A: Analytical AbilityData Sufficiency20
Problem Solving55
Section B: Mathematical AbilityArithmetical Ability10
Algebra and Geometrical Ability35
Statistical Ability30
Section C: Communication AbilityVocabulary10
Business and Computer Terminology10
Functional Grammar15
Reading Comprehension15
Total Questions 200

APICET 2017 Syllabus

It is imperative for any candidate to be aware of the syllabus for the examination for a well-rounded preparation. The section- wise syllabus for APICET 2017 is explained below:

Section A: Analytical Ability

This section has 75 questions of 1 mark each. It is further subdivided into two parts: Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving.

1) Data Sufficiency (20 questions):

A question, along with two statements labelled as (i) and (ii) is given. If Statement (i) alone is sufficient to answer the given question, then option (1) is the correct answer. If Statement (ii) alone is sufficient to answer the given question, then choice (2) is the correct answer. If both (i) and (ii) are sufficient to answer the given question, but neither of the statements alone is sufficient, then choice (3) is the correct answer. If both (i) and (ii) put together are not sufficient to answer the given question and additional data is required, then choice (4) is the correct answer.

2) Problem Solving (55 questions):

  • Coding and Decoding Problems
  • Data Analysis
  • Date, Time & Arrangement Problems
  • Sequences and Series

Section B: Mathematical Ability

This section has 75 questions of 1 mark each. It is further subdivided into three parts: Arithmetical Ability, Algebra and Geometrical Ability, Statistical Ability.

1) Arithmetical Ability:

Areas and volumes, L.C.M. and G.C.D, Laws of indices, Menstruation, Modular arithmetic, Numbers and divisibility, Ordering, Partnership, Percentages, Pipes and cisterns, Profit and loss, Ratio and proportion, Rational numbers, Surds, Time, distance and work problems

2) Algebraically and Geometrical Ability:

Applications - Equation of a line in different forms, Implication converse and inverse, Relations and functions, Statements, Tautologies-Sets, Truth tables.

Trigonometry - Trigonometric ratios, Trigonometric ratios of standard angles, (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 180°): Trigonometric identities: sample problems on heights and distances, Binomial Theorem, Coordinate geometry- distance between points, Linear equations and expressions, Matrices, Notion of a limit and derivative, Plane geometry - lines, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Polynomials, Progressions, Remainder theorem and consequences.

3) Statistical Ability:

Correlation, Frequency distributions, Mean, Median, Mode, Probability, Standard Deviation.

Section C: Communication Ability

This section has 50 questions of 1 mark each. It is further subdivided into four parts: Vocabulary, Business and Computer terminology, Functional Grammar, Reading Comprehension.

1) Vocabulary: Identifying vocabulary used in daily life

2) Business and Computer terminology: Identification of basic term and concepts in context of computer and business (agenda, letters, reports, memoranda, agenda, minutes)

3) Functional Grammar: Understand the rules of grammar in daily communication and business context.

4) Reading Comprehensions: Understanding written texts and to be able to answer the questions on basis of the reading of the text. It will have 3 passages of about 250- 350 words each.

Important Instructions for filling APICET 2017 OMR Answer Sheets

Candidates appearing for the APICET 2017 will be given an Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet to mark their responses for the questions. The candidates must follow the instructions given below to avoid their answers sheet becoming invalid:

  • To mark a response for a question, the candidates must darken the circle against the corresponding question number.
  • Only blue/ black ball point pens are to be used for darkening the circles in the OMR sheet.
  • Using HB pencils on the OMR sheet is not allowed.
  • The candidates must not fold, wrinkle or tear the OMR answer sheet.
  • Scribbling or making any stray marks on the OMR answer sheet except darkening the circles for the responses and other mandatory information is not allowed.

It is suggested that the candidates familiarize themselves of the instructions for marking the answers and other information on the OMR sheet and practice marking in the same manner before taking the APICET 2017 examination

Candidates will not be provided a second blank OMR answer sheet. Any violation of the above instructions will lead to the OMR sheet becoming invalid, and disqualification.

Preparation Tips for APICET 2017

Some useful tips and suggestions for preparation of the APICET 2017 are given below:

  • Practice the previous years’ question papers. This will give a first- hand idea about the pattern of the APICET examination. Solve the questions in those papers and analyze whether you are facing any difficulty in the concepts or in the level of the questions.
  • Prepare a strategy which works best for you according to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Prepare well for each subject well as the weightage and marks of every section are crucial.
  • Manage your time well. With 200 questions to solve in 150 minutes, speed will be an important factor in determining the success in the APICET 2017.
  • Since there is no negative marking in APICET 2017, it is generally advised that the candidates try not to leave any question unanswered, even if it is a guess.

The candidates must also acquaint themselves of the instructions for handling and marking the responses in the OMR answer sheet. Mishandling of the OMR sheet or inappropriately filled OMR sheets will be rejected and no second OMR sheet will be provided for the examination.



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