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XAT 2017 Exam Pattern

The XAT 2017 Exam Pattern comprises of two parts. Part I is an Aptitude Test and Part II is based on General Knowledge & Essay Writing. The overall XAT Exam Pattern has been revised frequently over the past few years. The current format of the XAT Exam Pattern was introduced last year.

XAT, Xavier Aptitude Test is an entrance test conducted by Xavier labor Relation Institute. XAT 2017 is scheduled on January 8, 2017.

 In this article, the aspirants of XAT 2017 can have a detailed knowledge on the XAT 2017 Exam Pattern along with its sub-topics.

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern Highlights

Before, we explain various aspects of the XAT Exam Pattern in details; the XAT Aspirants can go through the most important highlights of the XAT 2017 Exam Pattern in the table below:

XAT 2017 PaperNumber of QuestionsDuration
Paper 1- (Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, and Decision Making & Analytical Reasoning)26 23 29 Total - 78170 minutes
Paper 2- (General Knowledge, Essay Writing)2535 minutes

Medium of the Paper

The XAT Question paper is set in English language. The test takers have to attempt all the questions in English including the essay.

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern- Part A

Part A of XAT 2017 Exam Pattern is based on Aptitude screening. Part A focuses on the candidates’ ability to analyze and solve various reasoning questions. It primarily focuses on the following topics- Verbal Reasoning, Logical reasoning, Decision-making Ability and Quantitative Reasoning along with Data Interpretation.

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XAT 2017 Exam Pattern -No. of Questions

According to the XAT 2017 Exam Pattern, the candidates have to attempt 78 question in Pat I- Aptitude Test. Part I is further segregated into 3 sections- Verbal & Logical reasoning. Decision Making Ability, Quantitative & Data Interpretation. The further distribution of questions in part I am as follows:

Verbal and Logical- Part A26
Ability Decision Making- Part B23
Quantitative Ability & data Interpretation- Part C29

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern - Time Duration

The participants of XAT 2017 will have 170 minutes i.e. 2 hours and 50 minutes to solve the Part A. Since there are 78 questions, the candidates have to allot on an average 2 minutes and 17 seconds to solve each question. Accordingly, they have to manage their time as follows to complete each of the section;

Verbal and Logical- Part A56 minutes (approx.)
Ability Decision Making- Part B50 minutes (approx.)
Quantitative Ability & data Interpretation- Part C63 minutes (approx.)

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern -Marking Scheme

Each question carries equal marks. Negative marking is applicable in the case of incorrect entries as well as in the case of unanswered questions. 0.25 marks is deducted for every wrong attempt and 0.05 marks for unanswered questions. But in the latter case, the negative marking is applicable for a maximum of 13 unanswered questions.

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern- Part B

Part B is based on General Knowledge and essay writing. There are 26 Questions in Part B (GK & Essay). This section covers various conventional general knowledge questions and trending current affairs. The topics could vary from economics, politics, geography, business and history.

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In case of essay writing the candidates are given a particular topic. They have the provision of writing in support of the topic or against the statement of the topic. They have to provide valid points supporting their view on the statement of the topic.

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern Number of Questions

The distribution of question in Pat B of XAT 2017 Exam Pattern is:

General Knowledge25

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern Time Duration

According to the current XAT Exam Pattern, the time allotted to Part B is 35 minutes. Thus the candidates have to attempt a total of 26 questions including the essay in 35 minutes. Since essay writing requires more time as compared to the GK questions, the candidates can allocate around 10 minutes for the essay and 15 minutes to solve the GK questions. The time management for this section rests entirely on the hands of the candidates.

XAT 2017 Exam Pattern Marking Scheme

According to the marking scheme of XAT 2017 Exam Pattern, there is no negative marking for the Part B section.



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