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TOEFL 2016



The TOEFL iBT Online is conducted by ETS for aspirants who want to prove their English language skills. It is essentially important for people who want to pursue their higher studies in a country where English is the first language. Those coming from a non-English speaking nation are required to take the TOEFL test and perform well in it to guarantee their knowledge of English at par with the pre-requisites.


The TOEFL CBT is conducted online and is hence a computer based test. This exam tests the candidates’ ability to put the English language to use at the University level. It also looks at the listening and interpretation skills of the candidate and assesses his capacity to perform tasks related to academics. Thus, the TOEFL CBT is a veryimportant  parameter for all those trying to prove that their English language skills are up to mark with the specified standards.

TOEFL Eligibility

Before applying for the TOEFL CBT test, it is necessary for the candidate to ascertain his eligibility. In case a candidate fails to meet the eligibility for TOEFL iBT Online test, his application may be liable for rejection. This test can be taken by –

  • Any student who is planning to pursue higher education in another country where the native language is English
  • English-language learning program admissions and exit
  • Any scholarship and certification candidates
  • Any person who is learning the English language and wishes to track his progress
  • Any students or workers who are applying for visas in another country

It is estimated that about 30 million people from all over the world have registered and appeared for TOEFL CBT till date. The level of proficiency usually lies between Intermediate and Advanced.


TOEFL Score Acceptors

The TOEFL Test is such a prominent exam that it has set a standard in the industry. A person who has an impressive TOEFL Score can easily guarantee the other party of his English language expertise. This is because the TOEFL has become the parameter that English proficiency is measured by.

There are more than 9000 colleges and other institutions spread across 130 countries around the globe that accept TOEFL Scores. This includes not just educational institutes but also immigration departments and medical agencies.


When and where to take the TOEFL English Exam

The TOEFL test can be taken online at any of the available test centres on any of the given dates. The unique aspect of this test is that it can be taken as many times as the candidate wishes. There are over 50 TOEFL dates available in a year and this makes it extremely easy for the test taker to choose one according to his convenience.

It may be noted that the while the test can be taken innumerable times, the candidate is required to maintain a gap of 12 days between the test-taking. That is, if a test is taken today, then the candidate cannot retake it until after 12 days from today.

In case the candidate has been able to book two test dates that have a gap of less than12 days, due to some glitch such as inconsistent registration information, the violation of the retake policy will be reinforced nonetheless. For example, if the violation of the policy is identified after the registration but before the test date, ETS will cancel the booking without refunding the fee. On the other hand, if the discrepancy is identified after the test has already been taken, ETS will cancel the test score, again without a refund of the fee. READ MORE ABOUT TOEFL SAMPLE

TOEFL Registration

Before registering for TOEFL, it is important for the candidates to check the exam is offered in their country. This information can be found on the TOEFL official – In India, TOEFL Test is offered in over 60 cities in all major locations.

Candidates are free to decide their test city and test date keeping in mind their suitability. Registration for TOEFL CBT can be done in three ways – via mail, via phone, or online. Candidates can opt to register through any of the three options as per their discretion. The TOEFL Application Form will also be available online post completion of Online Registration process and satisfaction of TOEFL Eligibility.

The relevant details of TOEFL Application are given below.

  • Online Registration can be done at any time of any day from the convenience of the candidate’s home.
  • Candidates must ensure that the name they enter while registering is exactly the same as the name on the Identification document that they will carry on test day.
  • Candidates will be required to provide at least one form of identification before they will be allowed to register.
  • The registration fee can be paid using a credit or a debit card. Accepted cards are American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and VISA.
  • The fee can also be paid using a PayPal account. Alternatively, the candidate can also make use of an electronic check in case they have a bank account in the USA or its territories.
  • The process of registration will end a week before the test date.
  • Late registration will be open until four days before the test date and will incur a fine of US $40.

The relevant details of REGISTRATIONbyPHONE are given below.

  • The candidate is advised to review the registration form before they place the call for registering.
  • The candidate should visit to find the contact number for Regional Registration Centre (RRC).
  • Candidate must remember to spell his name exactly the same way as it is mentioned on the ID he will carry on test day.
  • Payment of registration fee can be done using a credit card, a debit card or an e-check.
  • Registration will end a week before the test date.
  • The process of late registration via phone will end at 5 p.m. local test centre time on the business day before the test. A late fee of US $40 will be applicable.

The relevant details of REGISTRATIONbyMAIL are given below.

  • The candidate will be required to download and fill out the registration form, ensuring that his name is spelled exactly the same as in the ID he will carry on test date.
  • There are certain codes that the candidate will have to fill in the form manually and they can found by visiting the website - 
  • The choice of payment option can be made from among the ones mentioned in the form.
  • The candidate will have to mail the filled form and payment to the RRC and it must reach them at least four weeks before the test date.
  • In case, the candidate does not receive a confirmation, he must call the RRC at least three business days before the deadline for registration.

TOEFL Test Cities

There are over 60 cities in India where the TOEFL test will be conducted. The testing format for this exam will be TOEFL iBT Online. Unlike other entrance examinations held in the country, the candidate has the liberty to choose his test centre and test date according to his schedule and availability.

The complete list of Indian test cities for TOEFL is provided below.

TOEFL Test CitiesTOEFL Test CitiesTOEFL Test CitiesTOEFL Test Cities
AhmedabadDehradunLiluah, HowrahPune
BhubaneswarJaipurNavarangpura (Mumbai)Trivandrum
CHENNAI -JalandharNavi MumbaiUdaipur
CalcuttaJammuNew DelhiVadodara
Chandigarh UTKolhapurNizamabadVallabh Vidyanagar
CochinKothrood (Pune)PatnaWarangal
CoimbatoreKurukshetraPuducherryWest Godavari


TOEFL Exam Fee

The cost to appear for TOEFL test is different for different cities depending on their location in the world. In India, the TOEFL Registration cum test fee is UD $170. In case a candidate opts for late registration, he would be required to pay an additional amount of US $40, as late fee. The candidates can remit the fee through Debit/Credit Card, Electronic Check (for US and its territories), PayPal account, Paper Checks (Personal paper checks, Euro Checks and Checks in Canadian Dollars) and Western-Union Quick Pay


TOEFL Pattern

The format of this test id TOEFL iBT Online and it is conducted online through the internet. The duration of the test is a maximum of four and a half hours and this includes the check-in time.


The test has four main sections – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.The break-up of different test sections is shown below.

SectionDuration (in minutes)Number of Ques.Description
Reading60 to 8035 to 36Answer questions from 3 to 4 passages
Listening60 to 9034 to 51Answer questions based on lectures, classroom discussions and conversations that are played
Speaking206 tasksSpeak on some topics
Writing502 tasksWrite essays on given topics

The TOEFL Reading section will consist of about four passage sets whose content may pertain to academic topics and the candidate will have to answer the questions that follow. The Listening section will comprise of short audio pieces that will be played and the candidate will have to answer the presented questions after listening to them. There will be a break of ten minutes after the first two sections are over.

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The TOEFL Speaking section may have an audio presenting the question and the candidate would be required to speak his answer. There may even be a topic presented, based on reading or listening exercises that the candidate would need to speak about. The Writing section will test the writing skills of the candidate where based on the listening or reading topics, he would need to write his responses in the form of essays.

The audio that is played during the listening and speaking sections may feature speakers from different nativities with their unique accents, such as British, Australian, American and New Zealand speakers. This is done to ensure that the candidate is familiar with various tones of speaking around the world and can understand and have a conversation with such people.

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The candidate must practice writing using a computer keyboard so as to increase his typing speed for the Writing section of TOEFL test. A QWERTY keyboard will be provided to the test-takers during the exam. The candidate must also watch various different English news channels to get better accustomed to hearing several types of inflections and accents. There will be no negative marking in the TOEFL exam as per the TOEFL Pattern.

TOEFL Scoring System

It is important for the candidate to understand the marking scheme of TOEFL English test. This will help them perform in a way that is targeted at maximising the overall score obtained in the exam.

The marking for Reading and Listening sections is done by a computer and the range of marks allotted is from 0 to 30. On the other hand, the Speaking section has a total of six tasks and each one of these is rated from 0 to 4. The sum of all tasks combined is scaled so as to lie in the range of 0 to 30. The Writing section has two tasks that are rated from 0 to 5 and as in the previous sections; the sum of the score is scaled such that it falls in the range of 0 to 30.

For the purpose of evaluating the candidate’s performance in the Speaking section, test scorers who have been especially certified by ETS are used to rate the candidate’s responses. In the TOEFL Writing section, both ETS approved test scores and eRater are used to evaluate the candidate’s answers.

The break-up of TOEFLScores for all sections is as shown below:

SectionScoreLevel of Expertise
Reading0-30A score of 22 to 30 : High level A score of 15 to 21 : Intermediate level A score of 0 to 14 : Low level
Listening0-30A score of 22 to 30 : High level A score of 15 to 21 : Intermediate level A score of 0 to 14 : Low level
Speaking0-30A score of 26 to 30 : Good level A score of 18 to 25 : Fair level A score of 10to 17 : Limited level A score of 0 to 9 : Weak level
Writing0-30A score of 24 to 30 : Good level A score of 17 to 23 : Fair level A score of 1 to 16 : Limited level

In the Writing Section, the candidate is tested for qualities such as development of the written piece, organization of the content, grammar and vocabulary of the language, accuracy and completeness of the message delivered. Similarly, in the Speaking section, the candidate’s ability to build and mould the topic and finally deliver the message is assessed.

A candidate is marked out of a potential score of 120 and depending on how much he scores in each section, his level of expertise can be determined for different skills.


Fee Structure


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