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COMEDK UGET 2015 Engineering Cutoff

Last Updated - June 06, 2016
College-wise previous year cut-offs CLICK HERE

COMEDK-UGET 2016 Engineering Cut off 

College NameCoursesCut Off
Acharya Institute of TechnologyAeronautical Engineering32967
Automation & Robotics Engineering39130
Aerospace Engineering31759
Automobile Engineering25877
Bio-Medical Engineering14314
Bio medical39048
Ceremics & Cement Technology33842
Chemical Engineering18735
Civil Engineering27585
Civil Engineering Shift Course20274
Computer Science Engg.38197
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course33019
A.C.S. College of EngineeringConstruction Tech & Mgmt.40982
Electrical & Electronics Engg.37931
Electronics & Communication Engg.36155
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course38471
Adichunchanagiri Institute Of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering & Mgmt33459
Industrial Engineering & Production31006
Alpha College of EngineeringInformation Science & Engg.34851
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg15782
Alva’s Institute of Engineering & TechnologyInformation Technology & Engg28455
Mechanical Engg135
AMC Engineering CollegeMechanical Engg. Shift Course38965
Medical Electronics41439
Mechatronics Engg.36695
Telecommunication Engineering39553
Mining Engineering40393
Appa Institute of Engineering & TechnologyAeronautical Engineering35208
Automation & Robotics Engineering21188
Aerospace Engineering135
Atria Institute of TechnologyAutomobile Engineering39097
Bio-Medical Engineering37757
Bio medical40345
Ceremics & Cement Technology34241
Chemical Engineering40525
B.N.M. Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering39097
Civil Engineering Shift Course11767
Computer Science Engg.8054
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course9976
Construction Tech & Mgmt.9778
Electrical & Electronics Engg.22007
B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & TechnologyElectronics & Communication Engg.40449
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course37423
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt24139
Industrial Engineering & Production8815
Information Science & Engg.4451
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg39155
Information Technology & Engg14334
Mechanical Engg34468
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course8301
Bangalore College of Engineering & TechnologyMedical Electronics32628
Mechatronics Engg.31258
Telecommunication Engineering29505
Mining Engineering39722
Bangalore Institute of TechnologyAeronautical Engineering86
Automation & Robotics Engineering2869
Aerospace Engineering4098
Automobile Engineering3445
Bio-Medical Engineering13219
Bio medical3696
Ceremics & Cement Technology10519
Chemical Engineering35
Civil Engineering7666
Bangalore Technological InstituteCivil Engineering Shift Course34729
Bapuji Institute of Engineering & TechnologyComputer Science Engg.30743
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course22960
Construction Tech & Mgmt. 
Electrical & Electronics Engg.32541
Electronics & Communication Engg.26886
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course39897
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt36116
Industrial Engineering & Production25426
Basaveshwar Engineering CollegeInformation Science & Engg.35336
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg29091
Information Technology & Engg36197
Mechanical Engg30151
BLDEA’s V.P. Dr. P.G. Halakatti College of Engineering & TechnologyMechanical Engg. Shift Course33988
Medical Electronics37862
BMS College of EngineeringMechatronics Engg.10679
Telecommunication Engineering5048
Mining Engineering2369
Aeronautical Engineering1280
Automation & Robotics Engineering1252
Aerospace Engineering1708
Automobile Engineering4289
Bio-Medical Engineering1183
Bio medical10233
Ceremics & Cement Technology3502
BMS Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering11979
Civil Engineering5895
Civil Engineering Shift Course8495
Computer Science Engg.6731
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course7785
Construction Tech & Mgmt.5495
Electrical & Electronics Engg.11336
Brindavan College of EngineeringElectronics & Communication Engg.38351
BTL Institute of Technology and ManagementElectronics & Communication Engg Shift Course40091
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt31202
Industrial Engineering & Production35974
C.M.R. Institute of TechnologyInformation Science & Engg.21470
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg9683
Information Technology & Engg14498
Mechanical Engg11128
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course13116
Medical Electronics13280
Mechatronics Engg.24489
Cambridge Institute of TechnologyTelecommunication Engineering37477
Mining Engineering35375
Aeronautical Engineering17278
Automation & Robotics Engineering24458
Channabasaveshwara Institute of TechnologyAerospace Engineering18393
Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology & ManagementComputer Science and Engg Shift Course23945
Construction Tech & Mgmt.18794
Electrical & Electronics Engg.34008
Electronics & Communication Engg.24340
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course30784
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt20416
Dayananda Sagar College of EngineeringIndustrial Engineering & Production15423
Information Science & Engg.15625
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg100
Information Technology & Engg15223
Mechanical Engg11040
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course4947
Medical Electronics8846
Mechatronics Engg.32591
Telecommunication Engineering8409
Mining Engineering6504
Aeronautical Engineering10048
Automation & Robotics Engineering18931
Aerospace Engineering7875
Automobile Engineering21907
Bio-Medical Engineering7410
Bio medical29498
Ceremics & Cement Technology13205

NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology COMEDK UGET 2016 Cutoff CLICK HERE

DON BOSCO Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering33421
Civil Engineering38809
Civil Engineering Shift Course39216
Computer Science Engg.39235
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course35821
Construction Tech & Mgmt.38943
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology,Electrical & Electronics Engg.15352
Electronics & Communication Engg.16102
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course24193
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt17237
Industrial Engineering & Production37237
East Point College of Engineering & TechnologyInformation Science & Engg.36911
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg39858
Information Technology & Engg33466
Mechanical Engg38510
East West Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engg. Shift Course299
Medical Electronics36637
Mechatronics Engg.36637
Telecommunication Engineering33489
Global Academy of TechnologyMining Engineering40718
Aeronautical Engineering36278
Automation & Robotics Engineering37506
Aerospace Engineering38121
Automobile Engineering41486
Bio-Medical Engineering41615
GM Institute of TechnologyBio medical41128
Ceremics & Cement Technology36536
Chemical Engineering33554
Civil Engineering34094
Gopalan College of Engineering And ManagementCivil Engineering Shift Course41253
Computer Science Engg.30089
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course39204
GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for WomenConstruction Tech & Mgmt.39982
Electrical & Electronics Engg.30758
Electronics & Communication Engg.38705
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course311
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt365
H.K.E. Society’s P.D.A. College of Engineering,Industrial Engineering & Production18833
J.N.N College of Engineering,Information Science & Engg.33260
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg41384
Information Technology & Engg40442
Mechanical Engg40433
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course38414
Medical Electronics41015

Siddaganga Institute of Technology COMEDK UGET 2016 Cutoff CLICK HERE

J.S.S Academy of Technical EducationMechatronics Engg.12375
Telecommunication Engineering9170
Mining Engineering9981
Aeronautical Engineering36329
Automation & Robotics Engineering11301
Aerospace Engineering34953
Automobile Engineering9902
J.S.S. Mahavidyapeetha Sri Jayachamarajendra CollegeBio-Medical Engineering31951
Bio medical28473
Ceremics & Cement Technology5460
Jain College of EngineeringChemical Engineering27333
Jyothy Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering13334
KLE Dr. M. S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and TechnologyCivil Engineering Shift Course40456
Computer Science Engg.36379
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course39923
Construction Tech & Mgmt.38192
K.S. School of Engineering And ManagementElectrical & Electronics Engg.27478
Electronics & Communication Engg.31700
K.S. Institute of TechnologyComputer Science38271
Electronics & Communication Engg.36544
Mechanical Engg.41629
K.L.E. Society’s K.L.E. Institute of Technology Civil Engg.39554
 Computer Science36085
 Electronics and Electrical27591
Electronics & Communication Engg.38837
Mechanical Engg.39717
KLS Gogte Institute of TechnologyMedical Electronics29846
Mechatronics Engg.38707
Telecommunication Engineering30554
Mining Engineering34090
Aeronautical Engineering19928
Automation & Robotics Engineering38592
Aerospace Engineering36897
Automobile Engineering52
KLS’s. Vishwanathrao Deshpande Rural Institute of Technology,Bio-Medical Engineering34609
Bio medical37778
KNS Institute of TechnologyCeremics & Cement Technology41288
Chemical Engineering35127

M S Ramaiah College of Engineering, Bangalore COMEDK UGET Cutoff 2016 CLICK HERE

M.S. Ramaiah Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering10819
Civil Engineering Shift Course6507
Computer Science Engg.4130
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course1765
Construction Tech & Mgmt.2673
Electrical & Electronics Engg.1867
Electronics & Communication Engg.8835
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course2477
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt7079
Industrial Engineering & Production2210
Information Science & Engg.13392
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg3875
Maharaja Institute of TechnologyInformation Technology & Engg41013
Mechanical Engg36575
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course386
Medical Electronics37738
Mechatronics Engg.39990
Malnad College of EngineeringTelecommunication Engineering383
Mangalore Institute of Technology & EngineeringMining Engineering27347
Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology,Aeronautical Engineering38295
Automation & Robotics Engineering38577
Aerospace Engineering41153
Automobile Engineering37401
Bio-Medical Engineering40160
NIE Institute of TechnologyBio medical39394
Ceremics & Cement Technology25240
Chemical Engineering37224
Civil Engineering13953
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering Shift Course38831
Computer Science Engg.32653
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course14288
Construction Tech & Mgmt.22300
Electrical & Electronics Engg.16757
Electronics & Communication Engg.19780
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course18690
NMAM Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering & Mgmt41562
Industrial Engineering & Production24670
Information Science & Engg.38542
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg34623
Information Technology & Engg41131
Mechanical Engg30281
P E S Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engg. Shift Course9177
Medical Electronics4017
Mechatronics Engg.868
Telecommunication Engineering1955
Mining Engineering988
Aeronautical Engineering1391
Automation & Robotics Engineering1785
Aerospace Engineering2936
P.E.S. College of EngineeringAutomobile Engineering18565
Bio-Medical Engineering22275
Bio medical20622
Ceremics & Cement Technology265

R V College of Engineering COMEDK UGET 2016 Cutoff CLICK HERE

P E S Institute of Technology and ManagementChemical Engineering19805
Civil Engineering19341
Civil Engineering Shift Course37533
Computer Science Engg.41459
P E S Institute of TechnologyComputer Science and Engg Shift Course5695
Construction Tech & Mgmt.7323
Electrical & Electronics Engg.7839
Electronics & Communication Engg.9024
R.R Institute of TechnologyElectronics & Communication Engg Shift Course38387
R.V. College of EngineeringIndustrial Engineering & Mgmt7027
Industrial Engineering & Production2726
Information Science & Engg.2230
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg556
Information Technology & Engg1114
Mechanical Engg569
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course3925
Medical Electronics963
Mechatronics Engg.2862
Telecommunication Engineering863
Mining Engineering1707
Rajarajeswari College of EngineeringAeronautical Engineering31440
Automation & Robotics Engineering38539
Aerospace Engineering37929
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of TechnologyAutomobile Engineering20254
Bio-Medical Engineering37561
Bio medical37933
Reva Institute of Technology and ManagementCeremics & Cement Technology32466
Chemical Engineering18902
Civil Engineering35819
Civil Engineering Shift Course25062
Computer Science Engg.32167
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course23800
RNS Institute of TechnologyConstruction Tech & Mgmt.6011
Electrical & Electronics Engg.9519
Electronics & Communication Engg.7277
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course9020
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt20533
Industrial Engineering & Production9195
S C T Institute of TechnologyInformation Science & Engg.40012
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg23048
S J C Institute of TechnologyInformation Technology & Engg41159
Mechanical Engg34249
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course24239
Medical Electronics34146
S.E.A. College of Engineering & TechnologyMechatronics Engg.25084
Telecommunication Engineering35427
Sahyadri College of Engineering and ManagementMining Engineering28159
Aeronautical Engineering39141

Acharya Institute of Technology COMEDK UGET 2016 Cutoff CLICK HERE

Sambhram Institute of TechnologyAutomation & Robotics Engineering39532
Aerospace Engineering35131
Automobile Engineering38148
Bio-Medical Engineering39188
Sapthagiri College of EngineeringBio medical19526
Ceremics & Cement Technology40427
Chemical Engineering23732
Civil Engineering41265
Civil Engineering Shift Course32067
SDM College of Engineering & TechnologyComputer Science Engg.38879
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course37569
Construction Tech & Mgmt.21353
Electrical & Electronics Engg.32885
Electronics & Communication Engg.24071
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course35143
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt17043
Industrial Engineering & Production28905
SDM Institute of TechnologyInformation Science & Engg.37061
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg16847
Information Technology & Engg33740
Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engg40203
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course29746
Medical Electronics9006
Mechatronics Engg.6232
Telecommunication Engineering7868
Mining Engineering6778
Aeronautical Engineering31476
Automation & Robotics Engineering8011
Aerospace Engineering17377
Automobile Engineering12505
Bio-Medical Engineering7090
Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of TechnologyBio medical27531
Ceremics & Cement Technology6591
Chemical Engineering3420
Civil Engineering5706
Civil Engineering Shift Course4111
Computer Science Engg.14539
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course4688
Construction Tech & Mgmt.44
Electrical & Electronics Engg.8406

ACS College of Engineering Comedk UGET 2016 Cutoff CLICK HERE

SJB Institute of Technology,Electronics & Communication Engg.26577
Electronics & Communication Engg Shift Course12670
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt16814
Industrial Engineering & Production13888
Information Science & Engg.16895
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg15030
Jain University-School of Engineering and TechnologyMechanical Engg. Shift Course13296
Medical Electronics22237
Mechatronics Engg.40216
Telecommunication Engineering35679
Sri Venkateshwara College of EngineeringMining Engineering14131
Aeronautical Engineering35598
Automation & Robotics Engineering35115
Aerospace Engineering40337
Srinivas Institute of Technology,Automobile Engineering9290
St Joseph Engineering CollegeBio-Medical Engineering35439
Bio medical38890
Ceremics & Cement Technology40996
Chemical Engineering36145
Civil Engineering29634
Civil Engineering Shift Course40757
Computer Science Engg.35984
Computer Science and Engg Shift Course31378
Construction Tech & Mgmt.30046
Electrical & Electronics Engg.32
Electronics & Communication Engg.40037
John Institute of TechnologyElectronics & Communication Engg Shift Course37851
Industrial Engineering & Mgmt36321
Industrial Engineering & Production22540
The National Institute of EngineeringInformation Science & Engg.4521
Instrumentation Tech/Electronics & Instrumentation Engg7543
Vemana Institute of TechnologyInformation Technology & Engg40413
Mechanical Engg39106
Mechanical Engg. Shift Course15392
Medical Electronics39857
Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & TechnologyMechatronics Engg.38794
Telecommunication Engineering36586
Mining Engineering325
Aeronautical Engineering17934
Automation & Robotics Engineering40369
Vidyavardhaka College of EngineeringAerospace Engineering32144
Automobile Engineering24080
Bio-Medical Engineering31074
Bio medical238
Ceremics & Cement Technology36668
Chemical Engineering36233
Vivekananda Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering27425
Civil Engineering Shift Course34778
Computer Science Engg.26909



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