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How to prepare for GATE Metallurgical Engineering?

Last Updated - January 17, 2017

GATE 2017 exam will be held in a span of one week from February 4-12, 2017. Subject code for GATE Metallugical Engineering is MT. GATE 2017 MT is scheduled on February 5, 2017 from 2 PM to 5 PM. 

GATE Metallurgy is not complex, smart study is the way that help candidates to deal with its complexity. Doing a thorough analysis of previous years’ GATE Metallurgy papers can help greatly in planning GATE preparation. There are many other ways that boost up the GATE Preparation such as solving practice sets, referring good books etc.

Products made up of metals and minerals surround us everywhere every day. It is the strong dependence of our society on metals that gives the profession of Metallurgical Engineering its continuous importance in present day. Metallurgical Engineering is the science of processing materials to extract, recycle and refining of metals.

Tips for GATE Metallurgical Engineering

A good GATE score will let you enter in best college for M.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering. For getting best university/ institute, preparation must be done in a smarter way. Small tips can result in reducing negative markings. Given below are some tips that that are very useful for GATE Metallurgy preparation.

  • Do not skip any numerical problem/ examples while reading practicing any topic.
  • Cover topics such as Plastic Forming of Metals part (forging, rolling & extrusion) according to the topics mentioned in manufacturing part of GATE Metallurgy syllabus. 
  • Practice all solved and unsolved numerical problems rigorously.
  • You can skip following chapters from Corrosion Science- Corrosion Testing, Materials, Mineral Acids & Other Environments.
  • You can prefer Made Easy books for practicing Engineering Mathematics.
  • While studying from video lectures, do make notes.
  • Joining any online test series either by Pro GATE or Career Avenues is helpful.
  • For GATE Metallurgy point of view, cover only those topics that are enlisted in GATE syllabus, don’t go beyond.
  • Practice numerical problems that are directly based on formulae. This would make you better in remembering formulae.
  • Practice all previous years’ GATE Metallurgy question paper as some questions repeat every year but don’t follow the answers provided by any publication, it may confuse you. Try finding out your solution.
  • Make sure, you use only GATE virtual calculator while solving numerical problems. Enhance your calculation speed.
  • New topics related to Powder Metallurgy are added to GATE Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus this year, do focus on them.

Important Topics for GATE 2017 Metallurgical Engineering (MT)

Revision is must but it is important you choose topics wisely. Important topics for GATE Metallurgical Engineering (MT) are enlisted below:

  1. Thermodynamics & Rate Process
  1. Laws of Thermodynamics
  2. Partial Molar Properties & Elingam Diagram
  3. Reaction Kinematics
  4. Corrosion & Nernst Equation
  5. Heat Transfer & Diffusion
  1. Extractive Metallurgy
  1. Metals – Ores – Processes -  Crystal Structures
  2. Mineral Dressing Techniques
  3. Material & Heat Balance Problems
  4. Non – Ferrous Metals Extraction Process
  5. Iron Making & Steel Making
  1. Physical Metallurgy
  1. Crystallography
  2. Social Solutions & Solidification
  3. Phase Transformation & Phase Diagram
  4. Industrially Important Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
  5. X-Ray, TEM, SEM
  6. Heat Treatment
  1. Mechanical Metallurgy
  1. Stress Tensors
  2. Plastic Deformation & Crystal Deformation
  3. Dislocation Theory & Strengthening Mechanisms
  4. Material Testing
  1. Tension & Torsion
  2. Hardness & Fracture
  3. Fatigue, Creep & Impact
  1. Manufacturing Process
  1. Casting Practice
  2. Metal Forming
  3. Metal Joining (soldering, brazing & welding)
  1. Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  2. Gas Metal Arc Welding
  3. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  4. Submerged Arc Welding
  1. Defects in Welded Joints
  2. Powder Metallurgy
  3. Non-Destructive Testing

Online study material for GATE 2017 Metallurgical Engineering

Internet is a vast platform where GATE 2017 aspirants can get a lot of study material for GATE 2017 Metallurgical Engineering preparation. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning provides IIT video lectures for various engineering streams. Candidates can find IIT video lectures and pdf for GATE Metallurgy study material from the given below table:

Basic Material ScienceClick Here 
Introduction to Thermodynamics of MaterialsClick Here
Advanced Metallurgical ThermodynamicsClick Here 
Iron MakingClick Here
Iron Making Video LectureClick Here 
Steel Making Video Lecture 1Click Here 
Steel Making Video Lecture 2Click Here 
WeldingClick Here 
Powder MetallurgyClick Here

It’s challenging to find out the correct books for Metallurgical Engineering. Candidates can go through following table for recommended books:

Metallurgical Engineering  BooksAuthor’s nameISBN No.
Material Science & EngineeringWilliam D. Callister0470419970
Physical Metallurgy Vijender Singh 8186308636
Mechanical Metallurgy George E. Dieter0070168938
Introduction to the Thermodynamics of Materials David R. Gaskell1591690439
Non Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy H.S. Ray8185095639
Manufacturing Technology P.N. Rao1259062570
Corrosion EngineeringMars G. Fontana 0070214603
Advanced Engineering MathematicsKreyszig9780470458365
Powder MetallurgyA K Sinha8120332814
Transport Phenomena in Materials EngineeringDavid R. Gaskell1606503553



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