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IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria 2018

Last Updated - July 14, 2017

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM-L), has released its admission criteria for admission to its management programs for the academic year 2018-20. Apart from CAT score, the admission depends upon several other factors such as past academics, work experience and performance in Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

Let us take a look at some of the highlights of IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria 2018:

  • After commencement of CAT, IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria includes 3 steps- Eligibility, Shortlisting for WAT/PI and Final Selection.
  • IIM Lucknow calculates a ‘Composite Score’ on the basis of which candidates are shortlisted for WAT and PI
  • Composite Score is calculated using factors like Class XII, Graduation Score, CAT Score and Work Experience etc.
  • There is also an insertion of Diversity Factor, which is based on gender and stream of graduation.
  • Candidates who are able to secure a place amongst top candidates in the final shortlist, are provided admission in IIM Lucknow.

IIM Lucknow offers admission to the following three programs-

  • Post Graduate Program (PGP)
  • Post Graduate Program in Agricultural Business Management (PGP-ABM)
  • Post Graduate Program in Sustainable Management (PGP-SM)

IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria 2018 – Eligibility Criteria

IIM Lucknow has lead eligibility criteria for shortlisting candidates for WAT and PI processes. If a candidate fails to clear the eligibility criteria, they will not be called for WAT and PI process, irrespective of their CAT score.

Eligibility Criterion for Admission in IIM Lucknow is different for the three types of courses offered by the institute. Candidates need to score some minimum sectional and overall CAT Cut off to be eligible for IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria 2018.

The following table represents the minimum CAT percentile required for various courses-

Category of CandidateFor PGPFor PGP ABMFor PGP SM

Candidates must also understand that this is just an eligibility criterion, clearing this will not mean that candidate will surely be called for admission.

IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria 2018 – Shortlisting for WAT and PI

After the Common Admission Test gets conducted, IIM Lucknow calculates a ‘Composite Score’ on the basis of which candidates are shortlisted for WAT and PI. Only the candidates clearing eligibility criteria are considered for Calculation of Composite Score.

A lot of factors are involved in the ‘Composite Score’ so calculated. Let us take a look at how different factors are considered for calculation of composite score-

Scaled CAT Score:

CAT Score of a candidate carries the maximum weightage of 60% in the composite score for all 3 types of courses. Scaled CAT Score is calculated by dividing the CAT Score (not percentile) with the highest possible score in CAT and then multiplying it by 60.

For example, if a candidate has scores 180 marks in CAT out of 300, the scaled CAT Score would be (180/300) * 60 = 36.

Method of Scoring: Scaled CAT Score = (Candidate’s CAT Score / Maximum Marks) X 60

Class XII Marks:

Most of the IIMs do consider the past academic scores of candidates and so is IIM Lucknow. Class XII marks can carry a maximum weightage of 10 marks in the composite score. Different percentages in Class XII carry different scores in the composite score.

Here is table representing the scores given to different percentages in Class 12 in the composite score-

PercentageScore in CSPercentageScore in CS

Graduation Marks:

Candidates can get a maximum of 10 marks in composite score on the basis of their graduation percentage. The Graduation score of the candidate is normalized for each kind of stream.

IIM Lucknow uses a mathematical formula for normalization, but the variable of that formula actually depends upon the graduation scores of other candidates who have been shortlisted.

Therefore, candidates, instead of figuring out their composite score on the basis of graduation, should just keep in mind that maximum of it can be 10 and this score is relative, not fixed.

Work Experience (WE):

Work Experience carries a maximum weightage of 10 marks in PGP and PGP-SM, but it is not taken in consideration for PGP-ABM. Candidate needs to have a work experience of at least months and 24 months for PGP and PGP-SM respectively, to get any points on work experience in Composite Score.

Candidates must not forget that work experience up to July 31, 2017 will be considered in Composite Score.

Work experience points can be calculated by deducting the minimum work experience required from the number of months of experience candidate has, and multiplying it by 0.5.

The maximum points for work experience can be only 10.

Method of Scoring:

For PGP Program, where WE is more than 6 months then WE = Min (X-6) * 0.5

For PGP-ABM Program, Work Experience = 0

For PGP-SM Program, where WE is more than 24 months then WE = Min (X-24) * 0.5

Thus, if a candidate has 36 months of experience, he will get (36-6) * 0.5 = 10 points (answer to the calculation is 15 but maximum limit is 10) for PGP and similarly (36-24) * 0.5=6 points for PGP-SM’s composite score.

Diversity Factor:

IIMs have introduced a new diversity factor for admission into their courses, on the basis of Gender and Academic Background. Female candidates will get 5 points for diversity factor for all kinds of courses, irrespective of their graduation stream.

For PGP and PGP-SM, candidates who have done their graduation in any stream except Engineering will get 5 points of diversification.

For PGP-ABM course, candidates will get 5 points of diversity factor if they belong to streams like Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Science etc.

The given below table represents the maximum weightage of different factors in the composite score, for all the courses-

Scaled CAT Score606060
Class XII Marks101010
Graduation Marks101010
Work Experience1010--
Diversity Factor (Academic)5520*
Diversity Factor (Gender)555*

IIM Lucknow Admission Criteria 2018 –Final Selection

Candidates who are able to clear the cutoff of Composite Score are called for WAT and PI round. This round form the basis of final selection of the candidate in any given course they have applied for.

They must note that appearing in WAT and PI round is necessary, and no students will be given admission in any course if they do not appear in this round, irrespective of their CAT Score.

Candidates are called on the specified venues for this round, where these two processes are performed-

Written Ability Test (WAT)

  • WAT carries a weightage of 10% in the final selection.
  • Candidates have to write an essay on a topic which will be given to them on the spot by the interview panelists.
  • The topics are generally on national and international issues or the topic can also be an abstract one.
  • This is generally done to check the knowledge of candidate on a particular issue and also the thinking level of candidate.

Personal Interview (PI)

  • PI holds the highest weightage of 40% in the final selection of candidate.
  • The minimum requirement for getting a pass in Personal Interviews is 12 out of 40 marks
  • Personal Interview is generally taken by two panelists.
  • Candidates can be asked questions about their academics, work experience, general knowledge and their personality.

The following table represents the weightage of different factors in the final selection of the candidate is taken into consideration-

Personal Interview404040
CAT Score303035
Written Ability Test101010
Work Experience55--
Class XII Marks555
Graduation Marks555
Diversity Factor555

Candidates who thus emerge to be in the list of having highest final scores are offered admission in respective courses.



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