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CAT Preparation Tips by Vishal Kumar Shaw

Last Updated - November 11, 2016

Vishal Kumar Shaw who appeared for CAT 2013 got 99.2 percentile. He secured admission in Department of Management IIT Delhi. He shares his preparation strategies with us through the interview we had with him.

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Here is the questionnaire:

Ques. How was the interview? Share some of the questions

Ans. The interview was different for different colleges.
IIM K (average interview - could not convert) - Books I have read, National Song, An experience where I have showed Leadership skills, How I resolved it, States surrounding Kerala, Old name of Kozhikode, History of Calicut etc.

MDI(average interview - converted IM) - GSM/CDMA difference, base stations, significance of shape hexagon in communications etc.

XIMB (good - converted) - Why is Kolkata lacking in development, what would you do to improve it, work ex

IIT B (very good - waitlisted) - Syria issue, Mamta Banerjee governance, How different it is from CPI(M) governance, comment on her politics, books read, Teach For India, Family background, why higher studies if you have a family business

IIT D (very good - converted) - popular slogans during elections, do you ever say NO to you clients, explain your work ex, what is a cord cutter,

Didn't go for IIM Shillong interview these are some of the questions I remember

Ques. How many GDPI did you take part in?

Ans. 5

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Ques. The institutes that offered you admissions?

Ans. XIMB, MDI and IIT D

Know More CAT 2016 Participating Institutes

Ques. Apart from CAT which exams do you appear?

And. XAT and IIFT

Ques. Mode of Preparation

Ans. Classroom Coaching

Ques. Review the Coaching Institutes and what was their role in your story?

Ans. At Conduira I had the opportunity of being guided and mentored by some of the best brains. Our faculties are IIM grads and our director is from MDI. They just enthuse you with so much positive energy that you will be bound to study for hours.

They are very good in their subject areas. Very smart and excellent presentation skills. They are so helpful that they stay back for long hours after classes to clear doubts."

Ques. How did you manage CAT preparation schedule along graduation studies/working hours?

Ans. I was working with TCS while preparing for CAT. I used to attend the morning classes on weekdays. I studied for long hours during the weekends. In office hours I used to utilize every break opportunity by doing few questions.

What should be the Exam Strategy for CAT 2016

Ques. What is Your Five Point Rule to Excel CAT 2016?

Ans. 1. Solve every CAT question that came in the past 10 years.

2. Keep bookmarking the questions you get wrong and revise them every week.

3. All the formulas/tricks should be on your fingertips

4. Solve as many chapter tests and sectional tests as possible.

5. Arun Sharma/ Institute materials is all you need. Nothing else."

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Ques. What Mock Paper You Took?

Ans. CL Mock tests helped me analyze the weak areas in terms of which questions I am attempting less and how others have fared in the same exam across India. Their analysis is very deep.

Ques. Rate the role of your coaching Institute (Classroom or Online Both) in cracking CAT?

Ans. 10

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Ques. What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving your weak areas?

Ans. My strongest area is Reasoning and weakest in English section.

I employed various strategies, first of all make me understand that yes I am weak in this. I read maximum books, starting reading novels in extreme pace so that comprehension can be covered quickly, read word power made easy for improving vocabulary and also learn the meanings in classes specially designed for Vocabulary section, learn grammar concepts from grammar books. I also participated in debates and various other competitions in order to make myself more comfortable and confident.

Ques. Quantitative Aptitude: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Ans. I am strong in this section, however there were some topics which I feel is not stronger for me. I work hard specifically on those topics from Conduira material and Arun Sharma Quant book. I practice regularly and solved most of the questions. I made my own tricks, I calculate really fast for example if I want to calculate 17*8, I followed this strategy 17*10 = 170 - 34(17*2) and comes up with 136, although not everyone could follow this strategy.

Suggestions - Make your stronger sections the strongest one, so that you can solve any question and does not get it wrong and make your weaker sections into average atleast, so that simple questions from that category can be solved out. Make sure accuracy is the key here. So for example test has 40 questions, it does not mean you have to solve 40 out of 40. Make sure you can solve at least 25 but make it 95%accuracy in order to have good percentile."

Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for DI

Ans. I only followed and practice from practice material provided by Conduira, I am very strong in this section and I only prepared via mock exams after content from my coaching institute.

Ques. Data Interpretation: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Ans. This is my strongest section but make sure the questions you are solving. CAT usually have 10-15 questions on graphs, pie charts and other figures while they seems easy to solve. It require complete accuracy, speed in calculation and most importantly correct interpretation of very type of chart.

Once a student has good grasp over subject, he needs to choose the questions needs to be solves, usually 7-8 questions can easily be solved. Leave the difficult one, one should not spend more than 2 minutes on 1 question and try to find out the maximum information from graph before you start solving the questions.

Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for Quant

Ans. Arun Sharma for most of the sections especially for Time, speed questions, permutation & Combination.

NCERT Books for solving 10th class level questions like trigonometry, quadratic equations etc. These are my weaker sections, hence prepare most of the time. I did not touch geometry at all because I am not comfortable with it. So I answer 1 question only out of 3 in every mock exam which is very simple and I had a clear concept about it.

Ques. Logical Reasoning: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Ans. Again, this is my strongest subject. At first, I am not sure how to solve these questions and honestly speaking I still don't have any idea or trick for this one.

I read the whole question and took out all the points which are clearly mentioned and try to figure out the missing places. I usually picked easier sections and don't spend much time on tougher ones. I scored 97%le in DI and Reasoning.

Try to be focused while solving DI and Reasoning questions, they appear difficult at first but once you got the grasp of that particular question, it is easier to solve each one of them.

Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for Logical Reasoning

Ans. I only followed and practice from practice material provided by Conduira, I am very strong in this section and I only prepared via mock exams after content from my coaching institute.

Ques. Verbal Ability: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Ans. Ahaa! This is my weakest section and still is. I tried a lot and sometimes I failed miserably. My strategy in this section might not work for everyone. I answered every question from this section as my accuracy is on lower end. I practice a lot for this section and usually try to understand the gist for these questions.

Ques. List the Name of Books You Followed for Vocabulary and Grammar

Ans. Word power made easy - I read whole book twice in a year and learned most of the words. It is very nice book and I would recommend to everyone.

Wren n martin for grammar, sections are concisely covered and it is recommended for everyone.

Ques. Vocabulary and Grammar: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Ans. There was special trick designed by our faculty for vocabulary although honestly speaking, it does not help much.

Also, I prepare by my own by studying some books, reading novels and be attentive. However I would like to mention that vocabulary cannot be built in a year or so, it require constant efforts from childhood. So if someone is looking for extraordinary, be attentive and devote some serious time.

I am weak in grammar and does not pay much attention to it as I know I am not going to do well in this section. Although I cleared some basic concepts in classes and via books, but it is again a difficult section for novice and if roots are not strong, then it is difficult to master this section.

Ques. What should be the Strategy for Someone Who is starting just two months before the exam

Ans. Take some mock tests and then you eventually got the idea of your weaker sections and stronger sections. Don't get complacent on stronger sections and keep on improving by spending 1-2 hours a days and try to correct basics of weaker sections. Leave the weakest sections. These competitive exams tests various things and time management and ability to choose questions with great accuracy would be key here.

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Ques. How Would You Rate the Following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

Coaching ClassesNCERT Text BooksOnline Study MaterialCoaching Printed Study MaterialMock & Sample Test PapersStudy GroupsSubject Wise ClassesSelf-Study
HighModerateHighHighVery HighHighHighVery High

Ques. What will be Your Prescription for Students in the Last Phase of their Preparation for CAT 2016?

Ans. Be strong, don't get disheartened even if you score low for some mock tests.

Try to get proper sleep, don't read new topics, revise all the concepts and try to solve one mock paper exactly the same time as per our time schedule of exam. Our biological cycle will work more efficiently on particular time.



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