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CAT Preparation: How to Score 99.99 Percentile in CAT 2016

Last Updated - March 31, 2017

“Spend 8-10 Hours Daily to Crack 99.99 Percentile in CAT,” Says Karishma Saini, CAT , 98.04 Percentile, NITIE.

Karishma Saini sat for CAT in the year 2015 and scored 98 percentile. She has now taken admission in National Institute of Industrial Engineering, an ivy league college for Production Management Stream.

She has been in our CAT Toppers List because of her grappling preparation efforts for the exam along with her jobs. For Many CAT 2016 aspirants Karishma’s Preparation Story will be an inspiration.

CAT 2016 Preparation Tips

Find Below Her Response to Our Questionnaire for CAT Toppers.

Q. 1 What is your five-point rule to excel CAT?

Five-point rule to excel CAT is- confidence, hard work, 6 hours a day, daily new words and vocabulary, 2 RCs per day.

Note: Read Our Official CAT Preparation Guide


Q.2 What were your strong and weak areas? how did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving weak areas ?

My strong area is quantitative aptitude, and weak area is verbal. Therefore, I focused on my weak area and solved as many RCs as possible, took personal guidance from tutors and read many books which improved my verbal skills.


Q. 3 Did you take coaching classes? if yes, how they did help in your story?

Yes, I have taken the coaching classes of Byju in Bangalore accompanied by AIMCAT (TIME Test series). Regular coaching classes help you in a way that your regular studying routine is set. you have to study daily even if you don't want to (no scope for laziness), and also I would suggest to take test series side by side to evaluate your understanding. It is a good practice to go for test series once you are well versed in topics. Before knowing the topic if you go for test series and score less marks, that will shaken your confidence.


Q. 4 Review the coaching institutes and what was their role in your story?

I would rate my coaching classes as 4 on 5. The only thing lacking was it didnt had any test series of its own so I had to take TIME test series, but the material it provided was awesome, all short tricks to solve big quant and verbal questions were solved in it, which helped me solve the answers in a fast speed in CAT.


Q. 5 What mock papers did you take?

TIME (AIMCAT), I joined this test series online where I had to give atleast one mock in a week and as time came near, mock tests increased its number


Q. 6 What are the website you followed regularly to practice free sample papers or to get updates?, (for updates),, (free sample papers)

Note: Solve CAT 2016 Latest Sample Papers with Answer Keys


Q. 7 Quantitative aptitude: Discuss your strategy for the section

Try doing the questions first which you know rather than wasting time on those you don’t know, make sure you don’t give more than 5 minutes in any question- leave it rather. Try having a reverse approach and sometimes elimination of options might work too rather than solving the entire question. Keep an eye on speed


Q. 8 List the name of books you followed for Quant

Arun Sharma, Pearson (Nishit Sinha), Quantum Cat (Sarvesh Verma)


Q. 9 Data Interpretation: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

This is a calculation intensive section so have squares and cubes of numbers up to 30 on tips. Even if you spend eight minutes in working out the entire set and the set is very clear, you can solve it immediately. Don’t be in a hurry that every two minutes you have to mark a question. Spend time on selection of the right set.


Q. 10 List the Name of Books You Followed for DI

Arun Sharma, previous year papers and mocks are enough

Q. 11 Logical Reasoning: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

LR section can be scoring if done right. Try doing it by pencil and paper and make diagrams for it. Read each and every clue properly and speed up the process by practicing it daily. If you are not getting one knot, don’t waste time solving it, solve other parts. It can be very time consuming so be aware.


Q. 12 List the Name of Books You Followed for Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma, previous year papers and mocks are enough


Q. 13 Vocabulary and Grammar: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Generally, mistakes are made in Grammar, read about it and if you are not getting don’t solve it though tempting it is. you can get good hold of Vocabulary only by practice.

Q. 14 List the Name of Books You Followed for Vocabulary and Grammar

Arun Sharma, mocks and previous year papers


Q. 15 Write some of the preparation tips for someone who is starting a month before the exam?

It is a hard time and just keep on practicing more and more questions keeping track of time. Take out 8 to 10 hours daily for 99.99 percentile. Make use of online stuffs and also apply for some time series and find and leverage your weak points


Q. 16 How was the interview in counselling? Share some of the Questions.

Interview went good. The most often asked question is- tell me about yourself, followed by some current affairs and HR questions which test the personality and confidence in a candidate.
Interview is generally taken by a panel consisting of 3 or 4 members out of which 1 will check your body language, posture, others will ask question from various field. They may also ask situation type question like what would you do if this situation arises?

I would suggest to be cool while appearing for interview. More tensed you are, more is the probability to screw it. Have some knowledge of economic terms like GDP, GNP, CAD etc on your tips, have some basic general knowledge like ministers, CMs of various states and know entirely about your city, state. Also it is very important to know thoroughly about the work ex, what you have done in the tenure and also everything about the company you have worked in- employee strength etc. If you are a fresher, then have a clear understanding on 1 subject which was your favorite and also have a good knowledge of summer internship and final year project.


Know More About Karishma Saini-

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