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NEET Paper Analysis

NEET Paper Analysis of Previous Year helps candidate’s to predict questions asked in the exam, chapter wise weightage of each subject, difficulty level of each section etc. NEET 2017 is scheduled in offline mode on May 07, 2017. 

There are questions in 10 different languages as opted by the candidate in the NEET Application Form. Candidates cannot change or opt for any other medium during the exam. Physics section in the NEET Exam is considered to be the most time consuming and difficult section in the NEET exam. However, last year Chemistry took over this position and was the most difficult section.

As per the analysis of the previous year, the maximum weightage of difficult questions were asked from Chemistry followed by Zoology. Physics had moderate difficulty level in the exam. Botany was the easiest section in the NEET Exam. Read the article to get complete analysis of NEET.

Difficulty Level in NEET 

Previous Year NEET exam was moderate level written exam with maximum scoring questions. Candidates can have a look at the sectional difficulty level. However, the paper was slightly difficult than the last years’. Hence, Cutoff for NEET was set higher than the previous year cut off. On a scale of 1 to 3, difficulty level of NEET 2016 and previous year exam has been rated below.

SubjectDifficulty level 2016Difficulty level 2015

A total of 720 Marks on scale of easy, moderate and difficult was divided as follows

  • Questions worth 220 Marks were Easy
  • Questions worth 324 Marks were moderate
  • Remaining 176 Marks were from the difficult section.

Marks-wise difficulty level

The maximum questions in NEET 2017 exam were of moderate difficulty. The easiest section in the exam was Botany while the hardest was Chemistry with the highest marks of difficult questions. Zoology was again one of the toughest sections. Given below is the graph with distribution of marks for every section as per the difficulty level:

NEET Paper Analysis

Questions wise difficulty level

The maximum number of difficult questions were from the Chemistry section in the previous year NEET Exam. The maximum niumber of difficult questions were asked from the chemistry section in the exam followed by Zoology. Though, Physics had the maximum number moderate level questions followed by Botany. Thus they were moderately difficult. Check the graph to know the number of questions in each section and their difficulty level:

NEET Paper Analysis


In case of physics,The questions were straight from NCERT syllabus. However, the questions were lengthy and involved a lot of calculations. If the whole question paper of physics is analyzed topic wise with percentage weightage, the following table could be very helpful.

TopicQuestions from the topicMarksWeight age (%)
Power Calculation in AC142.22%
Charging and discharging in capacitor142.22%
Banking in circular motion142.22%
Horizontal Circular Motion142.22%
Vertical Circular Motion142.22%
Electrical Instruments142.22%
Power Calculation142.22%
Electromagnetic Waves142.22%
Coulomb’s Law in Electrostatics284.44%
Archimedes Principle in Fluid Mechanics142.22%
Magnification in Gravitation142.22%
Escape Velocity142.22%
Gravitation Potential142.22%
Magnetic Field284.44%
Magnetic Properties142.22%
Solenoid in Magnetic Effects of Current142.22%
Vector Algebra in Mathematical Tools284.44%
Newton Law of Motion in mechanics142.22%
The Rectilinear Motion142.22%
Bohr Model of atom142.22%
De Broglie’s Principle142.22%
Photoelectric Effect in modern physics142.22%
Centre of Mass in Rigid Body Dynamics142.22%
Circuit Problems in Semiconductor142.22%
Logic Gates of Semiconductor Devices142.22%
The Transistors142.22%
String Waves in SHM142.22%
Doppler Effect of Sound Waves142.22%
Resonance Tube in Sound Waves142.22%
Adiabatic Processes in thermodynamics142.22%
The Calorimetry142.22%
Kinetic Theory of Gases in thermodynamics142.22%
Diffraction in waves142.22%
Young’s Double Slit Experiment of wave optics142.22%
Grand total45180100%

Know About NEET Paper Analysis of Last 10 years for Physics

As per the Reports, the difficulty level of physics paper is depicted through following chart:

NEET Paper Analysis

TopicsMechanicsFluidsThermal physicsSHM wavesElectro dynamicsOpticsModern electronics


In case of Chemistry, the questions were more standard in this phase as compared to phase 1. The numerical problems asked were easy and formula based. The most interesting thing was about one question Code-AA, Q.67 which had two correct options. The chemistry section had questions mostly from all the chapters.

If the whole question paper of chemistry is analyzed topic wise with percentage weight age, the following table could be very helpful.

TopicQuestions from the topicMarksWeight age (%)
Inorganic chemistry156033.33%
Chemical Bonding4168.89%
coordination compounds142.22%
D-Block elements142.22%
Hydrogen gas142.22%
Metallurgy process142.22%
P-Block elements4168.89%
Periodic Table of chemistry3126.67%
Organic chemistry166435.56%
Alcohol compounds142.22%
Aldehydes and Ketones compounds284.44%
Chemistry in everyday life284.44%
Ether compounds142.22%
Hydrocarbon in organic284.44%
Isomerism of compounds284.44%
Polymers and uses142.22%
Physical chemistry145631.11%
Structure of atom142.22%
Chemical Equilibrium142.22%
Chemical Kinetics284.44%
Gaseous State of matter142.22%
Ionic Equilibrium in chemistry142.22%
Solid State of matter284.44%
Solution and its colligative properties284.44%
surface chemistry142.22%
Grand Total45180100%

Know About NEET Paper Analysis of Last 10 years for Chemistry

As per reports, the difficulty level of chemistry paper is depicted through following chart:

NEET Paper Analysis



In case of biology which includes two sub parts, that is, botany and zoology, the questions were very standard. It covered questions from class 11 and class 12. The questions were taken in a very balanced way making it a standard question paper. The section had easy, difficult and average questions in a proper mixture. All the important and worthy chapters were given due importance. Although some questions were beyond the NCERT.

If the whole question paper of biology is analyzed topic wise with percentage weight age, the following table could be very helpful.

TopicQuestions from the topicMarksWeight age (%)
General Knowledge in Animal Diversity142.22%
Circulatory System in animals142.22%
Digestive System of animals284.44%
Respiratory System of animals284.44%
The Animal Kingdom4168.89%
 Amino Acids in bio molecules142.22%
Carbohydrate in bio molecules142.22%
Application of Biotechnology142.22%
DNA Fingerprinting in bio technology284.44%
Operon Model in bio tech142.22%
Polymerage Chain Reaction142.22%
Endocrine Glands in system3126.67%
Analogous Organs in evolution142.22%
Homologous Organs142.22%
Origin of Life142.22%
Theory of Evolution142.22%
The disease of cancer142.22%
Immunology from disease3126.67%
Nervous System in Human Physiology142.22%
Respiratory System in Human Physiology284.44%
Biological Classification of Living World142.22%
Microbes useful to human welfare284.44%
The Water Pollution142.22%
Reproduction in female284.44%
Reproduction in human284.44%
Reproductive Health284.44%
Structural Organisation of Animal142.22%
Division of cell284.44%
The Cell Organelles142.22%
Cell Biology142.22%
Cell Cycle142.22%
Cell Cycle and division142.22%
Cell: The unit of life142.22%
Cell basics142.22%
Biological Classification in living world142.22%
Kingdom of plants52011.11%
Biodiversity and Conservation3126.67%
Issues of environment142.22%
Organism and Population: ecology142.22%
molecular basis of inheritance in genetics142.22%
Principle of Inheritance and variation4168.89%
Mineral Nutrition in plants142.22%
The process of Photosynthesis52011.11%
growth and development of plants142.22%
Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants52011.11%
Anatomy of Flowering Plants284.44%
Plants Morphology4168.89%
Grand Total90360100.00%

Know About NEET Paper Analysis of Last 10 years for Biology

NEET Paper Distribution

As per the Reports, the difficulty level of biology paper is depicted through following chart:

Topi­csPlant Diversi­tyPlant anato­myMorpholo­gyCe­llBio ­molec­ulePhysiologyReproduc­tion of plantGeneti­csDO­PEcolo­gy
Har­d 1112251314
Topi­csDiversityTissueCock­roachHuman physiologyRepr­oduct­ionEvol­utionAnimal husb­andryDiseases
Har­d 00022111

Students opinion

A total of 4.7 lakh students registered them for the test at designated centers across the country. They also analyzed paper from the point of view of a student.

Opinion of students regarding NEET 2016 is mentioned below:

  • Physics was comparatively easier from last year. It offered a kind of relief to the students.
  • The question paper, this year, followed NCERT syllabus. Last year it was different. If anyone would have prepared from NCERT, the test was not a tough nut to crack at all.
  • Organic chemistry was a bit tricky. This subject is usually easy but it was tough this time.


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